9HTM – Ch377

Chapter 377 – Fire And Ice Attack

“Why does Immortal know of our leader?” Lei Yu unconsciously patted his body and wondered if the Ink Beast was still within his body. He was wondering where this place was and why would there be another Ink Beast existing here?

“Less nonsense; do you know where he is?” Asked Lei Yu.

“The Snow Wolf King and the Ancient Gray Beast might know, but our leader always disappears to unknown places so we rarely see him.” Replied the Viper Queen.

“Then where is the Ancient Gray Beast?”

“He’s inside a volcano not too far from here.” Said the Viper Queen.

Lei Yu shook his head, “He has already left there. I went back there twice to look for him but he has disappeared somewhere.” The Viper Queen didn’t think too much of it and said: “Immortal needn’t worry too much, that fiery thing is probably just hungry. He should have slept for around a thousand years now and should be just out hunting for food. I believe he should be returning soon since he’s inseparable from that volcano’s magma.”

“Then where’s the Snow Wolf King?” Lei Yu asked.

“You wish to meet him?”

Lei Yu nodded. The Viper Queen then brought Lei Yu flying in a northern direction. Based on her tone of voice, Lei Yu believed it shouldn’t be far away and shouldn’t take long with their flying speed.

The speed of them two weren’t slow at all, but they still used up a whole days of time.

“We’ve arrived; this is the place!” Said the Viper Queen as she pointed to a tall mountain.

Lei Yu looked over and noticed the mountain was encased in ice and snow. It was entirely white and the clouds had covered the half of the upper part of the mountain. Lei Yu sent out his spiritual senses and clearly sensed there were two demonic beasts there. And one of them was the Ancient Gray Beast that had left the volcano!

“What a coincidence! The Ancient Gray Beast is here!” Lei Yu coldly said.

The Viper Queen was surprised by his words because she couldn’t understand how Lei Yu knew. But it wasn’t difficult to see that Lei Yu was very strong, and was an existence she couldn’t deal with based on her strength.

Sure enough, standing at the peak of the ice mountain was one white and one red figure. “My two brothers!” Shouted the Viper Queen when they were still quite far away.

Those two demonic beasts that were about the same size looked over at the same time and grinned. But when they saw Lei Yu, they started frowning.

Lei Yu landed on the peak and was a bit stunned while staring at the Snow Wolf King. A long time passed and Lei Yu still couldn’t find any words to say.

“Immortal? Immortal?” The Viper Queen shouted twice.

Lei Yu gave her the cold shoulder and said: “What are you shouting about?”

The Viper Queen quivered in fear and didn’t dare to say anything more.

“Why are you so afraid of him? Can it be that if three of us combined our strength, we still aren’t his opponent?” The Ancient Gray Beast still managed to ignite the fire in his body in this icy environment and didn’t fear Lei Yu at all.

The Snow Wolf King’s black claws slashed at the icy grounds and asked: “Why have you been staring at me the entire time?”

Lei Yu lightly exhaled and said: “If the three of you wish to give it a try, it’ll be great since I haven’t had a good exercise for a while.” Lei Yu started cracking his neck with a smile.

Lei Yu was actually very shocked because the Snow Wolf King in front of him was practically the replica of Big White! Even if it wasn’t Big White, they must be from the same beast family because their appearance was exactly the same. The only difference was this Snow Wolf King didn’t have the red ruby on its forehead.

“Such boastful words!” The Snow Wolf King then continued slowly: “Let us give it a try then! Little sister, activate your illusion! Old Fire, let’s fuse our ice and fire into one!”

“Understood! I already wanted to vent my anger. This guy was so boastful in my territory back then but I was by myself so I endured in case I wasn’t his opponent. Now let’s give him a taste of what it means to be unruly!” Fire was coming out of that Ancient Gray Beast and the fire coming from his body was getting more intense. What made Lei Yu confused was that the surrounding snow and ice didn’t melt. Could it be that its flame wasn’t that strong?

When Lei Yu was still confused about the flames, his environment started becoming distorted. The last thing he saw was the Snow Wolf King who looked like Big White cause the surrounding snow and ice to rise up. And the Viper Queen had a ferocious look in her eyes.

The snowy mountain had disappeared and was replaced by a flat plain. The Snow Wolf King and the Ancient Gray Beast had disappeared, and the Viper Queen who activated the illusion was gone as well.

Lei Yu sent out his spiritual senses and carefully probed the area. Only then did his lips form a sneer, “Your bodies can disappear but your auras cannot!” After shouting that, the Sky Devouring Sword appeared. He then slashed towards a certain direction shooting out a white light containing purple lightning filled with devastating power. That aura hastily dodged as it didn’t dare to be reckless.

The reason the Viper Queen created this illusion was to deceive Lei Yu’s senses. Transforming the peak of a mountain into a flat plain will definitely cause one to fall off if they weren’t careful. Although accidentally falling off the edge wouldn’t cause Lei Yu any injuries, it would still create an opening when one was suddenly surprised.

A green fireball appeared in the air and shot towards Lei Yu rapidly. His Sky Devouring Sword was reversed before slashing out and slicing the fireball into pieces. Lei Yu was able to sense that this green fireball not only had heat, but it also contained a chilling sensation. It looks like the fireball is what the Snow Wolf King who looked like Big White mention, the so called fire and ice fusion attack.

The power behind the attack wasn’t something that could take Lei Yu’s life, but he still couldn’t be careless. Suffering an attack will definitely cause some injuries and lowering his abilities. Lei Yu locked his senses at two separate directions. The first was the aura of the Viper Queen, and the second location was the aura of both the Snow Wolf King and the Ancient Gray Beast. Lei Yu’s thoughts were on overdrive before making a decision. He suddenly turned around and flew off. Lei Yu’s speed was practically like lightning and wasn’t something those three could compare with.

Lei Yu raised his hand and looked like he was gently slapping down. One could hear a trembling wail before the body of the Viper Queen appeared. Right after that, the surrounding environment changed back to the snowy mountain peak and the flat plains completely disappeared.

“There’s no use displaying these useless tricks in front of me!” The lightning energy had invaded the Viper Queen’s body so she wouldn’t be able to move for a short time. And the most prominent thing she was showing in her eyes was the increased fear of Lei Yu.

Lei Yu’s ability to perceive everything around him was the biggest nemesis of experts that were proficient at altering the environment. They couldn’t hinder Lei Yu no matter what they did.

“If you guys want to fight, then fight me in a serious manner. It’s no use using these unorthodox methods, so why bother?” As Lei Yu’s voice faded, his figure had already disappeared from his spot. The next moment, those two beasts staring at the scene saw Lei Yu’s terrifying looking eyes, causing their own eyes to be filled with absolute fear. Lei Yu’s Sky Devouring Sword had disappeared while his hands opened wide about to grab a demonic beast in each hand.

The Snow Wolf King and the Ancient Gray Beast were shocked by this. At the same time, they both forced the energy in their bodies to rise up to the max.

Cold and bitter chilling intent! A heat that could melt everything in its surroundings!

But Lei Yu didn’t place those moves in his eyes and didn’t stop his action. He allowed the icy coldness to cover one hand while the hot flames covered his other.

A powerful lightning energy then shot out from of his hands. The body of those two beasts trembled once before completely losing their ability to move.

Was Lei Yu really that strong?

The Boundary Transition stage was no laughing matter. Ever since Lei Yu killed the Demon Roc Emperors from the Forest of Fog, reaching the Boundary Transition stage made him an expert that those in the Soul Splitting stage cannot compare with!

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