9HTM – Ch378

Chapter 378 – Chaos Era Ten Thousand Years

Being under the control of Lei Yu, the Snow Wolf King and the Ancient Gray beast couldn’t move at all. It was fortunate for them that Lei Yu had no intention of killing them. If it weren’t for the Snow Wolf King looking like Big White, Lei Yu might actually have the opposite thoughts.

Upon letting those two loose, Lei Yu took a few steps back and asked: “Do you want to try again?”

The current Lei Yu naturally gave off an intimate feeling to others but at the same time, had a sense of sacredness that could not be violated. The Snow Wolf King and the Ancient Gray Beast glanced at each other before slowly receding their killing intent and giving up their desire to retaliate. When Lei Yu grabbed them back then, it was almost instantaneous and didn’t seem like it was difficult at all. But for them, they couldn’t move a single bit. Upon revisiting this scene did those two finally start to get scared and feel fortunate that Lei Yu had spared them.

“Out of the six great demonic beasts, how come there are only you four left?” Lei Yu asked while crossing his arms and standing on the snow capped mountain.

The Snow Wolf King replied: “All the divine and demonic beasts had a huge battle thousands of years ago. Out of all the divine beasts, only the Five Colored Divine Bull was left alive while the other five great divine beasts had been killed. From the demonic beast camp side, two out of the six great demonic beasts had died.”

“Where is the Five Colored Divine Bull now?” Lei Yu anxiously asked. He actually had a theory that the Five Colored Divine Bull might be Minotaur Linos, but could it be such a coincidence? That’s why Lei Yu figured he’d try finding its location.

The three of them shook their heads at the same time. The Snow Wolf King continued saying: “Ever since our leader the Ink Beast killed the Qilin, we’ve lost all news of the Five Colored Divine Bull.”

“When did the Ink Beast kill the Qilin?”

“Ten thousand years ago!”

“What you’re saying is… the Chaos Era was only ten thousand years ago?” Asked Lei Yu with eyes wide.

Lei Yu recalled watching a scene where the sky meets the earth, and the Qilin fighting the Ink Beast.

“That’s exactly right” The Snow Wolf King had confirmed Lei Yu’s thoughts, which explained why this place was so unfamiliar to him. So he had once again travelled back in time.

Lei Yu started thinking to himself: “Why did the earth’s vein test bring me here? What is it exactly testing me on? Why aren’t there any hints for me?” Thinking back and forth, Lei Yu still couldn’t figure out what was going on.

“I will look for each of you separately in the future. Remember – don’t let me know that you’ve harmed human lives or else I won’t let you guys off lightly.” Lei Yu didn’t bother staying longer and immediately disappeared from the spot. By the time those three demonic beasts at the late Soul Splitting stage looked up, Lei Yu was already a black dot off into the horizon.

“He’s not killing us so why does he need to look for us later?” The Ancient Gray Beast asked in confusion.

“I somehow feel there’s an intimate feeling coming from this person to me, but I have no idea where this feeling is from.” The Snow Wolf King muttered while watching Lei Yu’s disappearing figure.

“Who cares what he’s up to; we’ll each lead our own lives and see what he does later. Little sister, let’s go; I’m going to stay at your palace to enjoy myself for a few days.” The Ancient Gray Beast then transformed into a youth with red hair.

The Snow Wolf King didn’t want to leave so the Viper Queen left with the Ancient Gray Beast. The Snow Wolf King was left alone while he was deep in thought on how there was that strange intimate feeling he felt.

Lei Yu figured that since he didn’t know what he was supposed to do, he might as well not doing anything then. He’ll just wait for whatever it is to come finding him instead so he wouldn’t have to worry over it. But wasting time like this made Lei Yu a bit anxious. He could afford to wait a month or two but what if it was a year or two? Even if he wasn’t anxious, his lovers and brothers in the Southern Wild Lands would probably go crazy from anxiety.

“Ying Ying and Nami are waiting for my decision so I hope I won’t be here for too long.” Lei Yu muttered to himself while flying in the air.

Where should he go now? Lei Yu didn’t have any plans so he figured he’d go to Silicon Town with people he knew there and see how everyone was doing. Lei Yu was still quite fond of that guy Zhou Jun Sheng.

In order for the people to not recognize him, Lei Yu used his internal energy to modify his facial muscles a bit. There wasn’t a huge change to his looks but if someone didn’t observe carefully, there would be no way for them to figure who he really was. This method wasn’t considered special and was quite easy to perform.

Silicon Town maintained is lively atmosphere and there didn’t appear to be any changes since Lei Yu left a few days ago. If one was forced to describe a change, then the once powerful Chen Manor was now abandoned. Although the manor was extremely spacious and contained many structures and rooms, no one dared to live in it anymore. In case the prefectural government swung by to check up on it, anyone living inside would be courting trouble for themselves. That’s why everyone avoided it at all costs.

Strangely though, Liu Da Fu couple, Zhou Jun Sheng and his mother weren’t around. Lei Yu couldn’t find them anywhere until he asked a passerby.

Zhou Jun Sheng had listened Lei Yu. He had given a portion of crystal stones that Lei Yu gave him to Li Da Fu. Those two grateful guys took all their belongings and travelled to a larger city about 400 kilometers away. Their goal was to initiate a big business transaction in order to pay back Lei Yu’s favor.

Since this was the case, Lei Yu was a bit relieved. If any trouble came looking for them because of Lei Yu’s previous actions, leaving this place would be a much safer choice.

Lei Yu then went to investigate the prefectural office. The Magistrate seemed to have repented and was now seen chatting and laughing with the common citizens. This was a great improvement for this government official and it seems like he was given quite a scare that day.

As for those villagers that Lei Yu had sent here later, the purple crystal stone he had given them allowed them to become quite prosperous. They started their own small business and even rented Li Da Fu’s previous manor to stay in.

Seeing all of this, Lei Yu felt an emotion of fulfillment. At least he was able to make this small piece of land experience some peace and quiet. But Lei Yu knew this wasn’t the purpose of him arriving to this place, and wondered what was he being tested on exactly?

Luo Tian flew off into the direction of a place called Phoenix Cloud City which was about 400 kilometers away.

As he flew by several places, Luo Tian could see this world had good weather and the citizens appear to be living in peace. Lei Yu felt that the current weak emperor was extremely fortunate because of this. If there were any wars or rebellions, most likely the emperor would not keep his position for long.

But such periods of peace cannot be indefinite because stable times would still create jealousy inside human hearts. Especially when Empress Guo was so malicious in the way she did things and would often interfere with politics, who can predict what would happen in the future?

Halfway to his destination, Lei Yu suddenly sensed a caravan of people heading towards Phoenix Cloud City. But when his senses locked into that group, he immediately went crazy!

A large burly guy was blocking in front of an elderly woman, and a rich looking middle-aged male was blocking in front of a carriage trying to protect his wife that had just recovered. Those two were staring at a scary looking creature completely covered in flames!

Lei Yu’s eyes widened but no matter how fast he was, he wouldn’t make it in time because the distance between them was too far!

Lei Yu watched the demonic beast covered in flames burn those two alive. He then screamed hysterically: “Nooooooooo!”

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