9HTM – Ch379

Chapter 379 – ************ Dies

Before Lei Yu could arrive, the large middle-aged male was fully covered in flames and didn’t even have time to scream. Veins popped out from Lei Yu as he screamed. His fist fiercely smashed into the head of the fire demonic beast with a loud “bang!” It was then sent flying a few hundred meters away.

With his hands covered in internal energy, Lei Yu used it to force the flames away from the struggling burly youth. Although that youth didn’t die, there was not a single area of skin unburnt. His whole body was burnt black and if he wasn’t treated right away, most likely he would not live for long.

Tears could be seen in Lei Yu’s eyes as he fiercely screamed out: “What kind of hatred do they have with you?!”

The fierce beast shook off the impact and stood up. When it finally realized who had arrived, it anxiously asked: “Immortal, how come it’s you?”

“Answer my question!” Lei Yu shot out his hand and a beam of purple lightning landed less than a meter away from the beast.

“No… none!” Said the beast while shocked by the sudden lightning Lei Yu shot out.

“Since there’s none, why are you trying to kill them?” Lei Yu then continued asking with uneven breaths: “I’ve said it before that you if guys harmed humans again, you will have to pay a heavy price for it!”

“But they possess a large amount of crystal stones on them. Immortal should know that I’ve just woken up and require large amounts of energy to replenish myself. Those crystal stones are the best source!”

This beast covered in flames was none other than the Ancient Gray Beast that Lei Yu had dealt with previously.

Lei Yu flipped his palm and a sword appeared in his hand. “Then… you should go sleep forever!”

As his voice faded, Lei Yu’s figure turned into a black blur. Under the circumstances where the Ancient Gray Beast couldn’t even react, the Sky Devouring Sword in Lei Yu’s hand had already sliced downward in the air. A crescent moon attack with five glittering starry lights shot down. This was the first combination of the Thirty-six Lunar Star Technique!

Lei Yu already used such an attack on his first move. Using this attack when Lei Yu had already reached the Boundary Transition stage, on a demonic beast that was only at the Soul Splitting stage was practically giving the beast a high evaluation!

The Ancient Gray Beast couldn’t understand what was going on. It could only see a white light flash by and then felt his body unbalanced. The next moment, it was already split into two halves! Neither blood nor the disgusting looking internals came out. Lei Yu took a closer look and noticed an infant like nascent soul wrapped in flames. It didn’t even have time to escape when Lei Yu had already captured it by using his internal energy.

Below the throat of the Ancient Gray Beast was a chestnut like object, and nestled inside the object was a translucent red ball. Lei Yu then put away both the nascent soul and that red ball.

After that, he immediately took off the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost and put it on the charcoal-like guy. Two beams of white energy shot into the air before descending onto the burly guy.

His life was stabilized for the time being but wanting to restore his original looks wouldn’t be that easy. His eyes all red, Lei Yu looked at the middle-aged man lying on the ground completely burnt. His fist smashed into the wooden carriage and a piece of wood broke off.

If it were other people involved, perhaps Lei Yu would just give the Ancient Gray Beast some type of light punishment. But these two people were different. One was a person he first met after arriving in this new world – Zhou Jun Sheng. The other person that died was someone he befriended – Liu Da Fu.

“I really deserve death!” Lei Yu said fiercely as he hated himself for getting here too late.

At this time, sounds of crying were heard from the carriage. A woman then jumped off the carriage and ran towards her burnt husband on the ground. She didn’t care as she picked up the burnt body while crying her eyes out. Lei Yu felt his nose turn sour and didn’t know how to comfort the woman.

An elderly woman stuck her head out of the carriage. When she saw that her son had turned into such an appearance, she almost burst out crying as well. Lei Yu quickly ran over to support her and said: “Auntie, he’s currently being healed so don’t disturb him.”

As Zhou Jun Sheng was healing on the ground, his mother was waiting to the side with red teary eyes. Lei Yu went to the forest a little way from the main road and easily opened up a pit. He then helped the woman fill the hole with Liu Da Fu’s corpse that had half turned into ashes already.

“I am to be blamed for coming too late!” Lei Yu apologized. If he knew they were going to leave Silicon Town, he wouldn’t have gone off to his little adventure. And this incident would have never happened. But everything was too late now and the Liu Da Fu’s wife had become lethargic from crying so much.

While leaning against the wheels of the carriage, Lei Yu was quietly waiting. Not long after, a painful groan escaped from Zhou Jun Sheng’s mouth. Lei Yu looked over and noticed his life wasn’t in danger anymore except his entire body was still burnt black. If Lei Yu hadn’t intervened with the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost in time, most likely his fate would be just like Liu Da Fu.

Lei Yu took the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost off from Zhou Jun Sheng’s wrist because using internal energy was the best treatment for his skin now. Lei Yu condensed his internal energy and combined it with Xue Yu’s healing abilities before injecting it into Zhou Jun Sheng’s body. At this time, the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost gave a bright flash and a beauty appeared next to Lei Yu. Xue Yu appeared silently and watched on because she was afraid some unknown danger might approach Lei Yu while he was concentrating on healing.

The sudden appearance of Xue Yu made Zhou Jun Sheng’s mother and Liu Da Fu’s wife jump up in fright, where they even forgot to continue crying.

“Don’t worry auntie; master will definitely save your son.” Xue Yu had a beautiful gentle smile on her face that shouldn’t appear on humans. This actually made the elderly woman feel slightly better.

Time continued flowing by. When Lei Yu was nearing the end of his treatment for Zhou Jun Sheng, he suddenly felt his body tremble. Lei Yu then said with shock: “What’s going on?”

Lei Yu’s body continued trembling, and the Universal Pouch on his waist was shaking as well. It felt like something inside the pouch wanted to rush out! Lei Yu retrieved the last bit of energy he was going to inject into Zhou Jun Sheng and instead, sent his sense into the Universal Pouch. Suddenly, three different items shot out!

Lei Yu observed carefully and noticed out of the three items, one of them was the reddish transparent bead that came from killing the Ancient Gray Beast. The other item was the red ruby that Big White had given him.

As for the third item, if it hadn’t appeared this instant, Lei Yu would’ve forgotten about it by now.

This was the white bead that Romon received after killing the vampire Primus Hogue in the Mortal World. Lei Yu remembered back then he was being restrained by Primus Hogue. If it weren’t for Romon quickly killing Primus Hogue, most likely a few more people close to him would’ve died. Afterwards, Lei Yu had a weird feeling so he descended down the abyss and borrowed Romon’s staff to find that white crystal like bead. Back then, he felt this bead was very similar to the Spiritual Bead of Longevity but he didn’t know how to use it.

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