Undefeatable – Ch102

Chapter 102 – Ice Cold Beauty

Nightfall had arrived.

Lanterns were lit on the streets, and the entertainment venues were brilliantly illuminated.

The girls of the Joyful Spring Courtyard were waving silk handkerchiefs to attract customers walking by. Many young men stopped with an uncertain attitude, yet were pulled into the business by girls in skimpy outfits.

Humans were more mischievous during nighttime.

Using the words from a television host in his past life: Spring time (night time) has arrived, so it’s time to copulate (pak pak).

Luo Tian took a bath, changed into clean clothes, and combed his hair. His whole person now looked very lively and quite handsome.

He looked in the mirror at himself and exclaimed: “Who the f*ck is this? How can he be this handsome? How can other guys keep living with you around?”

With smooth white skin, a face with defined edges exuding a cool handsomeness, a pair of refined eyes that had a trace of irresoluteness, and a gentle curve to his lips that showed a mysterious and promiscuous smile that could make any girls intoxicated.

Luo Tian’s appearance was truly not bad; at least it was much better than what he looked like in his past life.

After carefully dressing up, it was able to reveal his elegant and charming bearing even more. This made Luo Tian even more attractive to others.

This was all prepared for tonight.

A virgin’s special night was too motherf*cking exciting!

Luo Tian made all of this preparation to hide the excitement in his heart. It would also allow him to leave a good memory for the first time of his life, which was also the only time of his life.

After finishing up everything, Luo Tian left his courtyard and walked towards Li Xue’er’s courtyard.

The two courtyards weren’t far from each other and would only take a few minutes to walk. Luo Tian was in a hurry and had actually activated Shadewind Steps to get there in less than a single breath.

His little brother couldn’t wait any longer.

Upon arriving at the entrance of Li Xue’er’s courtyard, Luo Tian cleared his throat and formed a smile before entering.

An Chunchun was squatting in a corner playing with a frog that appeared from some unknown place, occasionally speaking in a strange language to it.

One person and one frog were conversing in a mysterious manner.

An Chunchun turned around and saw Luo Tian enter the courtyard. She immediately leapt up and ran over, creating an image of an adorable cute girl. When she was still three steps from Luo Tian, she jumped up and directly landed in Luo Tian’s embrace. She then rubbed her face on his chest before saying in a clever manner: “Big brother, you look very handsome tonight.”

Luo Tian was hugging onto An Chunchun and looked at her eyes that contained a trace of pure and charming aura. He then said to himself in startelement: “She’s so young yet can already charm people with a look, it will be even more troublesome given a few more years…”

The Fox Demon race were born with charming eyes, a single look by them were capable of shooting off electricity to seduce people.

An Chunchun’s charm coupled with her even more powerful seductive eyes… It’s fortunate that she was still young and the electricity voltage wasn’t powerful enough, or else Luo Tian will truly be unable to hold back.

Luo Tian smiled and said: “Where is you big sister Xue’er?”

An Chunchun replied: “Big sister Xue’er is inside talking to someone in black clothing. I don’t know what they’re talking about but it looks like it’s a serious matter. Big brother, you’re here to look for big sister Xue’er right? Do you want me to go call big sister out?”

“She’s talking to that mysterious expert?”

“Could it be that she’s talking about doing the bowchickawowow with me tonight with the expert?”

“That can’t be a good thing…” Yet Luo Tian inside showed an I like it expression.

That expert in the black cloak was an existence that made Luo Tian uncomfortable. In case he was just about to climax tonight, that guy might suddenly show up creating an everlasting psychological shadow to appear in his heart whenever it was pak pak time.

“That girl is very thoughtful in her matters, hahaha…” Luo Tian started lecherously praising in his heart.

After half a minute…

Li Xue’er started coming out of the house.

An Chunchun quickly jumped off Luo Tian and whispered: “Big sister Xue’er doesn’t let me hug you because she says you’re a big scoundrel. But Chunchun thinks big brother is a good person and doesn’t look like a bad egg at all.” She then stuck her tongue out and said: “Please don’t tell big sister I hugged you.”

She then started skipping away.

Luo Tian chuckled in his heart before looking at Li Xue’er’s direction. He then realized her eyes were a bit red like she had just cried recently. His mind was startled as he walked up to ask: “Hey girl, who bullied you?”

Li Xue’er made a shallow smile that exposed her two small dimples, “Who would dare to bully me? With big brother Luo Tian around, I don’t think anyone would dare to, heehee…”

Her smile was rather forced.

Luo Tian could naturally see it, but since Li Xue’er was not saying it, it wasn’t good to keep asking.


This matter should be related to the expert in the black cloak.

Luo Tian started saying to himself: “Motherf*cker, don’t let this daddy’s cultivation surpass yours or else one day, I will definitely teach you a good lesson.”

Last time, he almost had a chance to push Li Xue’er down if it weren’t for him. This injustice has been deeply etched into Luo Tian’s heart.

“Big brother Luo Tian, why are you looking for me?” Asked Li Xue’er.

Luo Tian’s eyes changed as he thought to himself: “Could she be deliberately asking me this so I would take the initiative? Right, that should be the case. Girls are more shy so I should be the one to take the lead.”

As a man, he had to take the initiative.

Although Luo Tian wanted to play a passive role in this matter, when dealing the little sisters of those oneesan type girls, he had to take the initiative when dealing with those pure innocent girls like Li Xue’er.

Luo Tian showed a very calm, collected, and casual look before saying: “Weren’t you going to give me a mysterious reward tonight?”


Li Xue’er was surprised and suddenly laughed out and said: “I almost forgot about this matter.”


“How could something like this be forgotten that easily?” Luo Tian said to himself.

Li Xue’er’s sudden laughter caused the black shadow inside the house to suddenly shuffle a bit.

Li Xue’er turned her head towards the house and said: “Big sister Shuang, shouldn’t you honor your agreement?”

“One must honor their bet when they lose.”

“You’re not planning on escaping right?” Li Xue’er deliberately said.

If someone at the Profound Spirit 6th rank wanted to disappear without a trace, it would simply be too easy.

The moment Li Xue’er laughed out was the moment Leng Hanshuang remembered the gambling stakes. She wanted to escape right that instant, and it happens to be the first time she had wanted to run away in her entire life.

Just thinking of those words she had to say made a flood of nausea rise in her heart.


She still walked out of the house in an unhurried manner.

Luo Tian had no clue what was going on. Could Li Xue’er’s mysterious reward be to assign this expert to him?

What on earth was going on?

Leng Hanshuang walked towards Luo Tian and stopped when she was about three steps away from him. Her eyes showed a complicated look as she slowly took off the cloak and the black robe.


Luo Tian stared in a dumbfounded manner.

Even in his dreams would he never imagine beneath the cloak was a peerless beauty!

Very beautiful, exactly like those ice cold beauties he had watched in movies.


Leng Hanshuang was completely dressed in tight clothing that fully outlined her curves; she was as hot as they could get. Her large protruding twin peaks looked like they wanted to break out of her shirt, and her hips and the curve of her ass was filled with mind numbing seductive charm. This scene was simply trying to steal one’s life away!

Luo Tian was extremely shocked. Looking at Leng Hanshuang, his mind couldn’t help think of League of Legend’s Frost Archer – Ashe.

Leng Hanshuang’s expression was even colder than Ashe’s, just like an iceberg that hadn’t melted in over a millennium.

Especially cold were her eyes; just a glance from them and one would feel a chill attacking their whole body.

The mysterious expert turned out to be a peerless ice cold beauty; what was Li Xue’er planning on?

Could the mysterious reward at night be…

A threesome?!

Oh my f*cking god!!!


The Princess Archer of Ice: Ashe

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  1. Konpeki says:

    I have to say, his imagination is amazing lol
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