Undefeatable – Ch101

Chapter 101 – Girl, This Brother Is Coming Now

Luo Tian was experiencing humongous emotional waves with the appearance of the ancient scroll.

As long as he was able to unlock the secret of the ancient scroll, he will be able to uncover the veil and see its first layer of information.

If he could really obtain it, then…

Then it would really be too awesome! Luo Tian was extremely excited. He had arrived in this world for several months already but neither in books or from powerhouses has he heard of magic being mentioned. And this was even ancient magic we’re talking about!

Luo Tian was completely clueless looking at the runes on the scroll.

It was fine if he didn’t understand it, but he was almost lost his mind in the process.

It’s fortunate that Wild Blade appeared!

When Luo Tian heard the Blood Devouring Wild Blade say it had a solution, his heart felt like flowers were blooming. He then quickly said: “What are we waiting for? Hurry up and crack the Universal something Array.”

“Cough, cough~…”

“Hey brat, this morning we just had a huge battle and this daddy’s true energy is almost used up.”

“Do you even know how powerful this Universal Array is? Based on the usual grading level, this array is most likely at the 9th grade or higher. The person who inscribed this array is extremely amazing since they were able to put this powerful array onto a small piece of sheepskin. Even I can’t help but admire this person.”

“Looks like the person that inscribed this array is some sort of godly expert in ancient times.” Wild Blade’s voice seemed to be softer at this time.

Those words made Luo Tian surprised.

What type of existence was the Blood Devouring Wild Blade?

He was the world’s greatest domineering blade yet he actually admired a person?

A person he admired most certainly would be an awesome existence. If this scroll was really left behind by some ancient godly expert, then whatever was hidden in the scroll would definitely be a treasure that shook the heavens.

The excitement inside Luo Tian was increasing as he asked: “Then how long do we have to wait for before we can unlock it?”

Wild Blade replied: “It’s impossible to unlock the Universal Array just relying on me alone. You need to first find demon cores with gold, wood, water, fire, and earth elements. With those five elements and my Shura Death God skill, only then can we hack the array apart.”

“Demon cores of the five elements?”

“Those are all considered elemental demon cores!” Luo Tian’s mind couldn’t help but feel pressure as those demon cores can be chanced upon and not deliberately sought out. A majority of the demon cores found were normal ones without attributes, so wanting to find ones with elemental properties was extremely difficult.

Wild Blade then said: “That’s your business then since it’s out of my control. If you can find them, then I can crack the Universal Array on the scroll so that you can gain the secrets within it. If you cannot find them, then there’s nothing else I can do.”

The Wild Blade seemed to be putting on an expression that it had nothing to do with him.

Luo Tian then said unhappily: “You don’t have any damn ways to deal with this? I can still be considered a host for your existence so if I have bad encounters in my travels, you will also lose face right?”

The Wild Blade replied: “What the hell do your bad encounters have to do with me? If it weren’t for you agreeing to enter my path of slaughter, I would’ve taken over your physical body already by now.”

Luo Tian started yelling: “You damn old undying fogey, come at me if you have the guts! You think I’m afraid of you?!”

After absorbing the killing intent demon core, Luo Tian was no longer afraid of the Wild Blade in his world of slaughter. He could easily clear his mind now so it’s pretty much impossible for the blade to take over the host.


It appears that the Blood Devouring Wild Blade was suppressed by some kind of force. Otherwise, Luo Tian’s words and its bad temper would have certainly made its flames of rage bursting out already.

“You are driving me mad.”

“You damn brat… your granny… pissing me off. Cough, cough…” The Wild Blade was coughing while sounding like a breathless old man about to die.

Luo Tian felt his tone was a bit too thorny so he said: “Fine, my words were a bit too harsh so don’t take it to heart. I will gather the demon cores of the five elements. I’m sure you’re curious about what’s hidden inside the ancient scroll too, right?”

The Wild Blade didn’t respond.

Luo Tian continued saying: “Damn, don’t be like this. I was only joking with you.”

Still no response.

Luo Tian then said in a cheeky manner: “Brother Wild Blade, elder brother Wild Blade, it’s my fault okay? I shouldn’t have lost my temper at you, it’s my bad.”

No response.

This made Luo Tian lose face, so he angrily said: “Wild Blade, you’re not giving me any face? This daddy lowered his voice in apology already so you should at least make a squeak or something right?”

Before Luo Tian had finished his words, a sound came from inside him. The sound was precisely: Squeak.


“Your damn sister Wild Blade! I asked you for a squeak and your sister, you actually made a single squeak noise?” Luo Tian was speechless right now.


The Wild Blade violently shouted: “You damn brat, did the heavens send you here to kill me? Every single sentence this daddy says will consume true energy. If I keep talking, this daddy will basically lose his life! Do you know this daddy is using his life to talk to you right now? Do not even say a word to me unless you have managed to gather all five elemental demon cores!”

Luo Tian’s eyes showed surprise after surprise. He waited until Wild Blade was finished before he softly said: “You’ve wasted 5 points of true energy.”


Wild Blade had the urge to kill Luo Tian right now.

Luo Tian grinned before laughing: “It’s good that you’re not angry at me. Seeing how bad your temper is, I’m sure you must have vigorous life energy. Don’t worry; this brother won’t bother you until you have recovered.”

Afterwards, Luo Tian couldn’t feel the Wild Blade’s aura in his body.

Most likely it had withdrawn to its world of slaughter in order to recover faster.

A while later…

Luo Tian determined the Wild Blade wasn’t around anymore before saying with disdain: “Shit man, and you claim to be the world’s greatest domineering blade? You couldn’t even handle your shit after killing Zhu Changfeng at the Profound Master 9th rank? What a disappointment, how can you follow this big brother in his travels in the future?”

Luo Tian despised the Blood Devouring Wild Blade and was happy at the same time.

The Wild Blade’s personality was very similar to his.

The same overbearing manner, the same craziness, and the same hot blooded nature.

It was also this reason that Wild Blade had settled with Luo Tian.

And Luo Tian had given up the idea of subduing the Wild Blade.

The two of them could be described as birds of a feather flock together.

Luo Tian looked up at the sky and noticed it was dusk already. It would only be another hour before the sky darkens and his heart started becoming itchy.

Mysterious reward?

I can only receive it at night? Is Li Xue’er sending me some type of signal?

Luo Tian started laughing in an evil manner.

Thinking of Li Xue’er’s beautiful face and curvaceous figure, Luo Tian couldn’t help having an evil flame start burning in his heart.

He would soon be engaging in an awesome relationship with her, and he would soon be able to say goodbye to his virginity.

Luo Tian was getting extremely excited.

There was a trace of hesitation in his excitement that made him overwhelmed and his mood unable to be described with words.

Luo Tian took several deep breaths before saying to himself: “Luo Tian, you are completely useless. Isn’t it just some pak pak pak time? Do you really need to be that excited?”

Soon after…

Luo Tian got on the ground and did over a hundred push-ups in a single breath. His mind would think of a different position in bed with each push-up he did. His little brother in his pants gradually rose up and became erected. Add that he was in an X shape doing push-ups on the ground; his actions looked just like he was practicing his wretched thoughts.

Seconds and minutes slowly went by.

Luo Tian felt like he was sitting on pins and needles as he counted the passing time.

He was having trouble holding in the excitement in his heart.

He was looking forward to night time arriving so he could do some bowchickawowow thing…

After a long time, this was the longest waiting period Luo Tian had ever felt in his entire life.

The sky finally darkened.

Luo Tian suppressed the excitement in his heart and lightly grinned: “Girl, this brother is coming now!”

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