Undefeatable – Ch100

Chapter 100 – The Ancient Scroll

The inter-family competition had concluded.

And the Luo family had won everything.

The Song family only existed in name now, and the Zhou family that withdrew from the competition was not the Luo family’s opponent.

The moment when Luo Tian used his Blood Devouring Wild Blade to chop Zhu Changfeng in half, Zhou Tairan knew he wasn’t Luo Tian’s opponent anymore.


The Zhou family didn’t quickly leave Jade Mountain City as if they were waiting for something.

There was still some time before the sky gets dark…

That’s why Luo Tian could only hold in his temper while he waited.

Midday, inside the Luo family’s main hall.

Luo Tian was sitting at the highest position with an imposing expression. Although they had won this time, they also paid an extremely heavy price for it.

Feng Lei was seriously injured, Luo Kunshan was seriously injured, and there were many disciples that had died.

This was undoubtedly considered one disaster after another for the Luo family.

A while later, a Luo family disciple rushed into the main hall and said: “Patriarch, the Third Elder’s injuries have been stabilized after taking your Fire Dragon pill. As for brother fatty, he is…”

Luo Tian frowned, then stood up to ask: “How’s fatty doing?”

The disciple scratched his head and said: “Brother fatty is snoring… the doctor said his sleep is so deep that he won’t wake up.”

Luo Tian felt like a rock had been removed from his heart as he waved his hand: “You can withdraw for now.”

If something bad were to really happen to fatty, Luo Tian would go to hell and pull him back up. It’s not easy to meet a brother that one’s willing to go through life or death with so Luo Tian will treasure it with all he’s got.

Since Feng Lei and Luo Kunshan were both fine, Luo Tian was finally able to feel at ease. He then looked over at Song Yannan and asked: “Elder brother Song, do you have any plans for the future?”

Out of the four major families of Jade Mountain City, the Zhu and Song family only existed in name now. Wanting to re-establish themselves was an impossible task.

Whatever choices Song Yannan chose, Luo Tian will support him the best he can.

The Song family being destroyed was more or less connected to him, that’s why Luo Tian has been feeling guilty about it. This was the reason he handed Zhu Yaozong over to the Song family to deal with in the end.

An expert at the Profound Master 9th rank was quite a bit of experience points, but Luo Tian understood that there’s certain tasks one must do personally in order to let go of the weight in one’s heart.

The enmity of the Song family must be resolved by their own people.

Having Zhu Yaozong die in their hands could be considered giving an account to all those Song family members that had died.

Song Yannan bitterly laughed before saying: “Today I was determined to fight until my death, yet I never imagined I would muddle my way through and survive the ordeal. As for future plans, I haven’t even thought about them.”

“Oh right!”

Song Yannan suddenly stood up and turned to the six Song family members and said: “Song family members listen up! Kowtow to our benefactor!”

As his voice faded…

All seven Song family members kneeled down and said in unison: “Thank you benefactor!”

Luo Tian rushed forth and supported Song Yannan up while frantically saying: “Elder brother Song, what are you guys doing? Quickly get up; are you guys not treating me as a friend?”

With Song Yannan’s cultivation at the Profound Master 9th rank, Luo Tian wasn’t able to lift him off his knees that long. Song Yannan heavily landed on his knees again and said: “Luo Tian, without you, it would be impossible for us to avenge the deaths of our four hundred plus clan members. I am representing the Song family members alive and dead, in sincerely thanking you.”

After saying that, he heavily kowtowed on the ground.

A loud “bang” was heard making the tiles seemed like they were about to crack.


“A C-rank quest has been triggered – Recruit Song Yannan. The reward will be 200 experience points.”

Song Yannan’s act of kneeling would even kneel out a C-rank quest? The experience reward was so little that Luo Tian didn’t even care about it.

Luo Tian supported Song Yannan up and said: “Elder brother Song, how about you all stay at my Luo family for now? If you’re willing, our Luo and Song family can even become one and you be the Patriarch. What do you think?”

It would be best if Song Yannan could become the Patriarch.

Jade Mountain City was simply too small and Luo Tian would eventually leave it. And Song Yannan will certainly not have any selfish motives based on his personality. Under his leadership, the Luo family will certainly become the ruler of Jade Mountain City without a doubt.

The Luo family didn’t have any good candidates.

Luo Kunshan’s abilities were limited while the others were still young and inexperienced. Song Yannan was the best candidate at this point in time.

Song Yannan was shocked but touched by this idea, and said: “How can I be the Patriarch? Absolutely impossible. As for the Song family and Luo family combining into one, I don’t think it will work.”

“Our lives were saved by you, so from here onwards, we will join the Luo family. We will provide our greatest dedication to the Luo family’s prosperity!”

Right after…

Song Yannan turned around and asked seriously: “What do the rest of you think?”

Song Yanqun stood out and laughed loudly: “Joining the Luo family would be the best, so what kind of thoughts would we have?”

Luo Tian’s strength had gained their admiration.

In this world where the strong ruled, anyone would be willing to follow the footsteps behind a powerful person. It was the same for the Song family.

Luo Tian was extremely happy and solemnly said: “All Luo family members listen up! From here onwards, Song Yannan will be the Great Elder of the Luo family. If I’m not around, everyone must listen to Elder brother Song, understand?”


The Luo family members all shouted in unison. The Song family had won the hearts of the Luo family when they came to back them up this morning, so they would naturally welcome them if they wanted to join.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for completing the quest. You have gained 200 experience points as a reward.”


“Player Luo Tian’s actions have moved Song Yannan, gaining 1000 favorability points from him.”


“There are even favorability points? And a thousand points? What’s the system planning on doing?”

“Damn your sister system, this daddy isn’t into men.” Luo Tian was shocked and perplexed at the same time. Why the hell did he need favorability from another guy?

At the same time…

Song Yannan pulled out an old scroll made of sheepskin from his possession and handed it over. “This will be considered a gift for joining the Luo family. This is an ancient scroll our Song family has been guarding for many generations. Hidden within this ancient scroll is a secret we don’t know of because the Song family has studied this for over a century yet have found nothing.”

“Rumor has it that whoever manages to decipher the secret of the scroll will gain an ancient magic.”

“Patriarch, please accept this!”

Luo Tian was dumbfounded.

Luo Tian’s eyes had glazed over from looking at the ancient scroll in Song Yannan’s hand.

This thing had a golden glow to it!

The golden glow was so flashy that it could blind a person’s eyes!

Even a divine item may not be this flashy.

Could an ancient magic really be hidden inside?

An ancient magic that’s basically an invincible existence… even Gods would be afraid of this magic!

Luo Tian was excited as he realized why the system would suddenly give him a C-rank quest. This was basically him holding out his hands and having a hidden quest drop into his palms.

Luo Tian suppressed his excitement and received the scroll. He then carefully unfurled it looked at the mysterious runes before his eyes. It was as if the runes possessed some type of special power that caused Luo Tian to become captivated by it.


Wild Blade’s voice suddenly shouted inside Luo Tian’s mind: “Hey brat, there’s something strange about the ancient scroll! Be careful of being hypnotized by it!”


“Universal Array?!”

“How could an extinct array appear on a sheepskin scroll? Could it really be a record of some sort of ancient magic?”

Wild Blade’s voice immediately made Luo Tian wake up.

Hearing Wild Blade say that, Luo Tian became even more excited and quickly asked: “Wild Blade, is there a way to crack it?”

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade then smugly responded: “Of course! Don’t you realize who this daddy is? I do not hold the title of the world’s greatest domineering blade in vain.”


With an ancient magic in hand, who the f*ck will dare to block this daddy’s path?!

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