Undefeatable – Ch99

Chapter 99 – The Reward Can Only Be Given At Night

The Evil Blood Armor had to absorb killing intent in order for it to increase its defensive properties.

And its defensive ability could be considered perverted.

Feng Lei’s powerful raw strength couldn’t break through the Thousand Year Zombie King’s defense at all. From this alone we can see how extraordinary it was.

Ever since the Evil Blood Armor exploded out as loot from the Thousand Year Zombie King, Luo Tian hadn’t actually worn it yet because he was hoping to fill up with killing intent first.

Activating two Myriad Thunder Roars had taken care of over a hundred elite disciples of the Zhu family, and the Evil Blood Armor had completed its absorption.

Each person was worth 100 points of killing intent, and a hundred people were equal to 10,000 killing intent. That means so far, the Evil Blood Armor has absorbed the maximum of 10,000 points of killing intent.


Was somewhat of a shock!

After opening up the system, the attributes of the Evil Blood Armor was displayed.

Item: Evil Blood Armor (Spirit)

Grade: Spirit Armor (+5)

Item Description: The Evil Blood Armor is an item the Thousand Year Zombie King created by absorbing the blood essence of those it killed. It contains countless evil beast auras and has a very strong defense.

Description 2: Once the Evil Blood Armor is completely filled with killing intent, its grade will increase by five levels reaching the rank of a Spirit Armor.

Description 3: When the Evil Blood Armor is completely filled with killing intent, it will trigger a special property: Being able to withstand a single strike by someone below the Profound King realm. Once the special property is used up, the Evil Blood Armor will return to its original property and once again start absorbing killing intent.

“Oh shit!”

“Ten thousand points of killing intent will allow the Evil Blood Armor to directly reach the Spirit grade, and it even came with an invincible defensive skill!” Luo Tian was truly scared by this.

What kind of concept was withstanding a strike from someone below the Profound King realm?

This meant he would have a second life when encountering someone at the Profound Grandmaster or Profound Spirit realm!

This was a great item in protecting one’s life!

Not even mentioning Spirit grade equipment, the entire Jade Mountain City probably didn’t even have a single Grade 4 item. How can Luo Tian not be excited with a Spirit item as a sudden windfall?

“How strong is it exactly?”

“It’s a Spirit grade item so it should be very strong.” Luo Tian wondered to himself. A Spirit grade item was something that exceeded a Grade 9 item, but exactly how strong was it?

Luo Tian had no clue.

In order for him to know how strong the defensive properties were, he had to find someone to test it out on.

Luo Tian looked at the pale looking Zhu Yaozong with eyes filled with hatred. He then grinned and said: “Old Zhu, since this brother killed so many of your people in an instant, you must hate this brother a lot right? This brother is quite happy today so I’ll allow you to punch me ten times and I’ll guarantee that I won’t retaliate, how about it?”

Zhu Yaozong at the Profound Master 9th rank was considered a peak expert in Jade Mountain City.

Using him to test out the defensive powers of the Evil Blood Armor was the ideal solution.

“Did Luo Tian lose his mind?”

“Hey boss, what sort of nonsense are you saying?”

“Isn’t this kid acting a bit too wildly? Is he deliberately courting death by receiving ten punches from someone at the Profound Master 9th rank?”

A Profound Master 6th rank allowing a Profound Master 9th rank to punch him ten times and not retaliate? This was truly a bit too crazy!

Luo Tian looked at the crowd of Luo family disciples and couldn’t help but ask: “Am I acting too wildly?”

All the Luo family disciples quickly nodded.

Luo Tian grinned foolishly while scratching his head. He then said: “The eyes of the observers can see much clearer, so it looks like I am acting a bit too wildly. How about this: Old Zhu, I will reduce the amount by one punch so you can punch me nine times and I won’t retaliate. This way I’m not acting wildly then, right?”


Acting wildly?

This was quite wild! Luo Tian wasn’t even putting Zhu Yaozong in his eyes anymore. With a playful expression on his face, everyone was unhappy with how Luo Tian was acting.


So what if they were unhappy? If they had the guts, go bite him! But no one dares!

Zhu Yaozong’s face went through many different shades of color. He then took a step forward and his Profound Master 9th rank power completely exploded out. His right hand clenched into a fist and his eyes in a blaze as he cursed out: “Luo Tian you damn mix-breed dog, go and die for me!”

The wind from his fists was like knives, and his strength had reached ten thousand jins!

This punch was extremely powerful!

Watching the arrival of Zhu Yaozong’s punch, Luo Tian’s heart started feeling a bit unsure. He then mumbled to himself: “I really hope it doesn’t fail or else it’s not funny anymore.”

“If I can’t even withstand a single punch, then this joke would have gone too far…”

“If I really can’t withstand it, the first thing this daddy does afterwards is to burn the dog fart armor into ashes.”

Luo Tian grumbled in his heart. He then relaxed his entire body and suppressed the aura that he was releasing. We could describe Luo Tian now as having no defense whatsoever except for the Evil Blood Armor.

“Does he really not care about Zhu Yaozong’s attack?”

“Did Luo Tian lose his mind? Is there such a crazy ass person in this world?”

“Does he take a Profound Master 9th rank as a joke?”

Everyone in the square was dumbfounded.

They thought Luo Tian was making a joke at first, and never imagined he would really stand there and not move.

Seeing that Zhu Yaozong’s fist was about to smash into him, many people felt their hearts rise to their throat.

Leng Hanshuang’s eyes showed some surprise before coldly sneering and saying to herself: “What a retard, this guy is absolutely looking to die. I can’t believe I actually compared him to Murong Wanjian, which is basically insulting Murong Wanjian in the worst possible way.”

Leng Hanshuang really hated this unrestrained arrogance from Luo Tian.

This wasn’t arrogance but overconfidence – the overconfidence that comes from a retard.

At this moment…

Zhu Yaozong’s right fist that contained a vigorous amount of profound energy bombarded onto Luo Tian’s chest.


The moment the fist touched Luo Tian’s chest, a burst of profound energy exploded out like an eye catching firework.

The crowd in the square was all startled by this which showed how powerful the explosion of light was.


Luo Tian slowly opened his eyes and glanced at his chest. He then started laughing out loudly: “Hahaha… haha… this daddy is completely fine! You damn trash; you need to use a little more power!”

Luo Tian was even more excited inside, “F*cking awesome! This Evil Blood Armor is simply too overpowered!”

A full powered punch from a Profound Master 9th rank was easily resolved like that, and Luo Tian didn’t suffer the slightest injury. This was truly worthy of being a Spirit grade treasure.

Spirit items were even more powerful than what Luo Tian had imagined.

Even a big sect like the Azure Cloud Sect would rarely come across a Spirit grade item, so for it to block the attack of a Profound Master 9th rank would naturally be an easy task.

Luo Tian was completely fine but Zhu Yaozong was injured. His right arm had dislocated from his shoulder, skin was missing from his knuckles, fresh blood was dripping down and his hand bones could be seen from the wound.

The punch landed on Luo Tian’s body yet also landed on Leng Hanshuang’s face. It was fiery hot and an extremely unpleasant sensation.


Did he just see a ghost?

The rage in Zhu Yaozong’s heart had reached the sky as he once again attacked.

This time he attacked continuously.




His pair of fists was like torrential rain that instantly punched out over ten times.

This continuous attack was like scratching an itch to Luo Tian, but he was still unhappy about the situation. He then shouted: “Old Zhu, that should be enough now right?”

Zhu Yaozong didn’t stop and continued attacking Luo Tian like a madman.


Luo Tian raised his right palm and slapped down, “I gave you face yet you’re unwilling to accept it!”


Zhu Yaozong was smashed into the ground by Luo Tian’s slap.

Because this slap came out of the blue, Zhu Yaozong wasn’t prepared for it. He had also lost the ability to resist because his arms were already broken and he was forcing himself all this time.

Beating someone to the point where one’s arms becomes broken? Most likely this was the first time in history for it to ever happen.

Zhu Yaozong was sprawled on the ground yet his eyes were glaring at Luo Tian while he cursed: “Don’t act so proud Luo Tian. You will die today, a death more miserable than mine. Your entire Luo family will also die a death my miserable than mine. The Azure Cloud Sect’s army is about to arrive soon, hahaha…”

Luo Tian’s eyes turned cold as he said: “Whether I die a miserable death or not is something you won’t get to see. But whether you die a miserable death or not is something I’ll definitely witness.”

After saying that, he kicked Zhu Yaozong off the stage and made him land near Song Yannan’s feet.

“Elder brother Song, consider it a present from this little brother.” Luo Tian lightly smiled.

Song Yannan was extremely grateful as he stepped on Zhu Yaozong’s head. “Listen up all Song family disciples! Let him suffer the pain of being hacked up into a thousand pieces…”

After receiving a flurry of slashes, Zhu Yaozong started crying out like a pig being slaughtered.

Luo Tian then lightly leapt off and landed next to Li Xue’er. He then said in a serious manner: “Hey girl, shouldn’t you be giving me that mysterious reward now?”

Li Xue’er’s cheeks blushed while she pulled An Chunchun ahead a few steps. She then turned around with a playful expression and said: “The reward can only be given at night.”

“At night?”

“So awesome…”

Luo Tian’s imagination started turning impure!

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