Undefeatable – Ch104

Chapter 104 – The Army Arrives

Outside Jade Mountain City.

The army of Azure Cloud Sect members had arrived.

Not only were the elders of the outer court, there were even inner court elders who had extremely high statuses in the Azure Cloud Sect.

The reason why they came here was because of Zhu Changfeng and Chen Zhong.

Those two disciples were people the Azure Cloud Sect were going to groom in the future. If anything happened to those two, it would be considered a small blow to the sect.

Another reason was to strengthen their image!

They were showing to the world how powerful the Azure Cloud Sect was, and they were the absolute overlord in the radius of a hundred thousand kilometers. No one is allowed to cause a disturbance because there’s only one outcome when offending the Azure Cloud Sect – death!

Three elders and more than two hundred elite outer and inner court disciples had surrounded the eastern gate. The huge aura exuding from them made it so no one dared to approach.

There were hundreds of similar looking rank 3 demonic beast mounts that were snorting out white mist in arrogance. They looked no different to a demonic beast army that intimidated anyone who laid eyes on them.


Lightning streaked across the sky and dark clouds started accumulating. The humidity in the air started increasing and the environment becoming ominous as if a storm was about to arrive.

“I cannot sense the aura of those three.”

“Could they be dead already?”

A white-bearded man was sitting on top of a giant crane with his eyebrows frowning, and a slightly irritated look on his face.

Next to him was another old man who shouted: “Impossible! How can anyone in this little Jade Mountain City be capable of hurting our Azure Cloud Sect’s disciples? Who would have the guts?”

The two of them were both inner court elders. The one riding the crane was called Liu Chengfeng who had chosen Chen Zhong as his legacy disciple. The other old man was called He Changkong, and he was the one planning on accepting Zhu Changfeng as a personal disciple. This was the reason why they would both rush here today.

Behind those two was the outer court elder Chen Tianyao.

Chen Tianyao had an imposing expression on his face. His powerful senses swept out and covered the entire Jade Mountain City, continuously searching and searching…

Jade Mountain City had a few hundred thousand in population. With such a large population density, his senses was still able to sweep pass every single one of them, demonstrating how terrifying his cultivation level had reached.

A while later…

Chen Tianyao’s brows slanted a bit to a frown as he said: “My two elders, the auras of them three are indeed not inside the city. Could it be that my son has…”

His voice was shaking a bit.

Chen Tianyao’s eyes tightened as the flames of rage in his heart started rising.

Liu Chengfeng’s complexion darkened as he coldly eyed Jade Mountain City. A powerful aura then exploded forth from him as he coldly said: “A rural town like this dares to challenge our Azure Cloud Sect’s mighty presence? They are simply courting death!”

“They dare to kill disciples of our Azure Cloud Sect? I really want to see who these people are.” He Changkong angrily harrumphed.

Chen Tianyao shook his head with a confused expression as he mumbled: “The strongest person in Jade Mountain City is only at the Profound Master 9th rank and there’s no way he can be Changfeng’s opponent. Could the person who killed them have already fled?”

“It doesn’t matter if the killer had escaped or not, disciples of our Azure Cloud Sect aren’t people that anyone can kill. I don’t think this city needs to exist anymore.” Liu Chengfeng softly said.

As he was saying this, killing intent started spreading out – it was thick and filled with brutality.

Slaughtering an entire city was like nothing to him.

“Enter the city!”

“We’ll first go to the Zhu family to check on the situation.”

“Azure Cloud Sect disciples listen up! Take over all north, south, east and west entrances. People may enter but none may leave!”

“It doesn’t matter if my disciple’s killer is in the city or not, everyone inside will be buried along with them!”

The overlord within the radius of a hundred thousand kilometers!

Their dominance was absolute so who dares to go against it?

The mounts were exuding a fierce aura while the Azure Cloud Sect disciples showed expression of disdain and contempt, as if they were all superior to the common people.

They quickly rushed towards the Zhu family with a powerful momentum.

Anyone on the main streets that dared to bump into this group would only have one outcome – instantly killed!

Dozens of people died beneath their swords along the way. They were absolutely inhumane because these people weren’t humans in their eyes; they were just ants blocking their path.

They were being stomped to death beneath their feet.

The Azure Cloud Sect went through the city in a brutal manner, causing turmoil on every street they passed. The whole city had suddenly turned quiet at this moment.


A huge lightning streaked across the sky, and the sudden brightness revealed the faces of the Azure Cloud Sect disciples they were filled with contempt and cold-bloodedness.

Main hall of the Luo family.

Everyone was sitting up straight with an extremely nervous look on their faces.

They didn’t expect the Azure Cloud Sect would really send people here. They had arrived too sudden and quickly.

And they even sent out three elders! This type of circumstances was something rarely seen!

Luo Tian’s brows were locked in a frown and his thoughts running fast forward. He was trying to come up with a solution so that the Luo family could escape this incoming disaster.


He couldn’t come up with anything.

It all came down to one thing: He lacked the motherf*cking strength!


“Reporting to the Patriarch: Most of the Azure Cloud Sect members have arrived at the Zhu family. The four main city gates have been taken over by their disciples – people may enter but cannot leave.”

Luo Tian’s brows scrunched up, “Even our escape route has been blocked off…”

Song Yannan’s brows sank as he looked around at the people of the Luo family. He made up his mind and said: “Patriarch, let me shoulder this matter!”

Everyone looked at Song Yannan.

Song Yannan faintly smiled and said: “My cultivation level is currently the strongest in Jade Mountain City, so I’m the most suitable candidate to assume all responsibilities.”

“Moreover, only I have a good enough reason to convince them that I killed their disciples. Since their Azure Cloud Sect disciples destroyed my clan, I killed the three of them for vengeance. I believe even the elders of the Azure Cloud Sect should be reasonable people.”

Being reasonable?

This world was a place where one’s fist determined what was reasonable.

You’re going to try being reasonable with the Azure Cloud Sect elders? Are you seriously joking?

Of course, Song Yannan knew the truth of things. He was only saying these words in hope that Luo Tian would agree to let him assume all responsibilities.

Just when Song Yannan finished speaking, Luo Tian already stood up and said: “No way!”

“I am the Luo family’s Patriarch, so if someone had to shoulder this, than I should be the one.”

“Moreover, they were all killed by me which was witnessed by the entire city. Elder brother Song, I cannot allow you to risk your life over this.”

One should always bear the consequences of what they have done, and Luo Tian was never a timid person afraid of trouble.

He did not feel any fear even if he had to face the Azure Cloud Sect.

Luo Tian had to shoulder everything and not back away because he was the pillar of the Luo family.

Song Yannan wanted to continue arguing when suddenly a loud noise was heard from the Luo family’s main entrance.


The Luo family’s main entrance was smashed into pieces. The four disciples guarding it were now being stepped on by four Azure Cloud Sect disciples. There were dozens of wounds on their bodies; blood was pouring out and their faces extremely pale.

They’ve come so quickly!

“This is the so called Luo family?”

“They are nothing more than a bunch of trash.”

“I bet their patriarch is definitely a piece of trash as well.”

Those four Azure Cloud Sect disciples started speaking with disdain.

One of the Luo family disciples being stepped on roared out like an enraged lion: “Our Patriarch isn’t trash, you’re the trash! You’re entire Azure Cloud Sect are trash!”

In their hearts, Luo Tian had become a supreme existence and wasn’t someone people were allowed to insult.

Once he finished saying that, the Azure Cloud Sect disciple sneered in disdain before using strength in his foot and directly burst his head with a stomp. “You damn dog thing, are you even qualified to mention those three words – Azure Cloud Sect?”

Chen Tianyao had an extremely angry look on his face as he coldly looked at Zhu Mei. “Are you sure Luo Tian is inside?”

Zhu Mei nodded her head that was wearing a white flower wreath. With her eyes filled with tears and her face filled with heartache, she replied: “I’m sure. I’ve sent someone to keep an eye on the Luo family just to wait for you to avenge my elder brother, Chen Zhong, and big brother Chen Wu.”

Chen Tianyao eyes changed as his Profound Grandmaster peak aura exploded out. His profound energy roiled as the killing intent from his body immediately enveloped the entire Luo manor. He then shouted in rage: “Luo Tian, give me back my son’s life!”

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