Undefeatable – Ch105

Chapter 105 – Angry To The Max

This loud roar caused the entire Luo manor to shake violently.

Inside the main hall.

Luo Tian walked to the entrance of the main hall and his eyes tightened. He then said: “Dispatch my orders: Everyone of the Luo family needs to try their best to escape. You all in here also need to find a way to get away while I go out and delay them as long as I can.”

“Enough of the nonsense and quickly go!”

After ordering them, Luo Tian then shouted: “Shadewind Steps!”

Like a shadow blending with the wind, his speed was raised to the maximum as he rushed towards the Luo family’s main entrance.


Feng Lei followed without hesitation.

Song Yannan faintly smiled and said: “My life was given back to me by the Luo family. If I were to escape at a time like this, would I still be considered a human being?”

Song Yanqun started laughing out loud and shouted: “So what if I die? It’s not like I haven’t died before! The day our Song family was annihilated was the day I’ve already died once. This half a month I’ve lived is already considered extra! Today this daddy will experience an enjoyable battle to the death, hahaha…”

At this moment…

Everyone in the main hall followed in Luo Tian’s step and rushed towards the Luo family’s main entrance.

It wasn’t only them.

The entire Luo family including the outer sect disciples, the core disciples, the women and the elderly all came.

This was their home, their Luo family.

Even if the enemy was stronger and their forces larger, they still wouldn’t bend a knee to them. And they would never escape with the tails between their legs because this place was their home.

This was the cohesive strength of a united family!

Everyone had witnessed the actions of Luo Tian for the past month. They were thoroughly convinced by Luo Tian and had sincerely viewed him as the patriarch of the Luo family.

Now that the Luo family was experiencing a crisis and Luo Tian wanted to shoulder everything alone, how can they agree to it?

Luo Tian was their pillar so there’s no way they would allow him to shoulder this alone. If they were to die, they would rather die together!

Elderly people, women, children, and even the disabled were coming from everywhere armed with various weapons. Some had hoes on them, some with wooden sticks, and some even took the ladle from the latrine that was usually used to scoop out the shit. They were similar to the ocean tide converging towards the main entrance.

Their momentum shook the heavens!

Luo Tian turned around to look at his clansmen and his body tensed up. He then said with heartache: “Why did you all follow me to your death?”

“Patriarch, the Luo family is encountering a crisis so we shall meet it together.”

“Boss, aren’t they just the Azure Cloud Sect? What’s so great about them? A sect that grooms an asshole murderer like Zhu Changfeng can’t be a good sect.”

“Let’s fight it out with them!”

Luo Tian was moved by them but he clearly understood the Luo family’s situation. There’s a high chance that the entire family will be annihilated!

The main entrance of the Luo family was in ruins as both sides of the walls were pretty much torn down. Outside stood all the Azure Cloud Sect disciples with cold and proud expressions like they were superior to everyone.

Seeing how the entire Luo family had come out like an ocean tide, the Azure Cloud Sect disciples were briefly surprised before revealing a cold sneer of disdain.

“Senior brother, do you see that one holding a spatula? Hahaha…”

“Look over there, there’s one that has a crippled leg!”

“Damn man, they’re all crackpots! Could this place be where all the trash hangs out?”

“This is too funny, hahaha…”

Voices of ridicule and scorn were continuously heard.

These people were looking down at everyone in Jade Mountain City from the bottom of their hearts. Even if some of those Azure Cloud Sect disciples had come from small cities like this, their hearts had completely been changed by living in the sect.

This kind of mentality was similar to city dwellers looking down on those that come from the rural villages.

The disdain they felt came from deep inside their heart!

Zhu Mei noticed Luo Tian come out and immediately spoke up: “Elder Chen, he’s Luo Tian, the murderer that killed big brother Chen Wu and Chen Zhong.”

Chen Tianyao’s eyes tightened as his clenched jaws gave off cracking sounds. He then stepped out with a stomp.


Below his foot was a mass of white energy that was visible to the naked eye. The powerful white energy rippled out and made a “bzzzt” sound before his body disappeared into thin air.


A roar sounded out from the void: “Luo Tian, give me back my son’s life!”

Before the voice even faded, Chen Tianyao’s extremely powerful punch struck forth.

The air was immediately compressed followed by an explosive power slamming forth. The power of this force was too fierce since the strength of a peak Profound Grandmaster was at a terrifying level. Luo Tian was unable to even react at all.

His pupils shrunk and he unconsciously protected his mind.


The punch slammed onto Luo Tian’s chest.

The internal organs behind his chest immediately suffered pain as if the world was ending, and both his mind and his sea of consciousness were shaking from the impact. Luo Tian was similar to a bullet leaving the barrel as he flew off dozens of meters before smashing against a wall. The wall had caved in and spider web cracks quickly spread to the surrounding.

In just a breath of time…

The section of the wall collapsed and Luo Tian was buried in rubble.


Very painful; extremely painful!

This punch to Luo Tian was simply too powerful!

The huge difference in strength had pissed him off. The flames of rage inside him instantly lit up while cracking sounds were heard from him clenching his jaws so hard. He was now angry to the max! It was also at this time an ice cold voice was heard in his mind…



“Big brother Luo Tian…”

Chen Tianyao’s strength at the peak of the Profound Grandmaster realm was simply too strong. No one present was able to react at all until the wall had collapsed. Only then did everyone feel like their hearts had risen to their throats before numerous people rushed towards Luo Tian.


“Killing you with a punch will be considered letting you off lightly.” Chen Tianyao was confident in himself so he only used 80% of his strength on the punch. This was more than enough in killing Luo Tian who was at the Profound Master 6th rank.

Immediately after…

Chen Tianyao’s anger didn’t diminish at all as he angrily shouted: “All Azure Cloud Sect disciples listen up! Kill every single Luo family member for me! Kill them all and burn them all! I want the entire Luo family and everyone in Jade Mountain City to be buried along with my son! Not even a blade of grass will be allowed to re-grow!”

Killing aura; an unparalleled amount of powerful killing aura!

The pain of experience his son’s death and made him completely crazy! Who was he?

He was an elder of the Azure Cloud Sect!

He had absolute power over everyone in this small Jade Mountain City. Destroying a small city like this was considered nothing to him but a wave of his hands.

He wanted to kill; he wanted to make Jade Mountain City become a city of the dead!

For a brief moment, the entire city had entered a crisis!

“Hold on!”

A voice was suddenly heard.

Within the rubble, Luo Tian patted off the dust on his body and slowly stood up. One step at a time, he walked away from the collapsed wall. His face was a bit pale but he maintained a calm expression on his face.

“He didn’t die?!”

“He actually managed to survive?!”

“This kid was able to directly resist Elder Chen’s attack head on? What the hell is going on?”

Everyone’s expression was distorted and ugly looking like they had just swallowed a fly. Even they, as proud disciples of Azure Cloud Sect wouldn’t be able to resist Chen Tianyao’s punch head on.

Chen Tianyao’s expression was the ugliest of them all. The flames of rage inside him was similar to someone pouring gasoline onto it as it directly burst from his heart to his mind. “This is absurd!”

Luo Tian walked forward with eyes flashing killing intent as he shouted: “Your son was killed by me, your nephew was killed by me, and your dogshit Azure Cloud Sect’s number one disciple of the outer court Zhu Changfeng was also killed by me. Because they all deserved death!”

“Indiscriminate killing of the innocent – that’s the reason why they deserved to die!”

“I laugh in the face of your Azure Cloud Sect, the so called overlord within the radius of a hundred thousand kilometers. You are all nothing but dogshit! You think you’re hot shit walking around with an expression that everyone is beneath you? Did your mothers get f*cked and not get paid? Hahaha… what a complete joke!”

Rage; complete and utter rage that rose to the heavens.

Every single person from the Azure Cloud Sect were enraged to the max. They all coldly glared at Luo Tian with thick killing intent rippling out of their bodies.

What was Luo Tian planning on doing?

No one knew, except for an inconspicuous person in the corner. A brief light flashed in the eyes of that person dressed in a black cloak with an icy cold expression.

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