Undefeatable – Ch106

Chapter 106 – It Should Be This Daddy’s Turn Now

Did he lose his mind?

He was spouting these presumptuous words at such a time… had Luo Tian become nuts?

He lost his mind right?

He really went crazy!

Everyone was thinking that he had become a nut job.

The Luo family had been surrounded to the point where not a drop of water could get through, yet Luo Tian would act so rampantly? If he hadn’t gone crazy, what else could it be?

When Luo Tian finished speaking, his facial expression and his mannerism was arrogant to the extreme. He was simply not putting Azure Cloud Sect in his eyes!

This made everyone from Azure Cloud Sect pissed off!

Every one of them had an ugly look on their face as they locked their eyes on Luo Tian. They were all showing expressions that they wanted to swallow him alive.

He had scorn Azure Cloud Sect to the point that it wasn’t even worth a penny, and the disciples of the sect were good for nothing useless things.

This was an insult, a gigantic insult.


A disciple at the Profound Master 8th rank rushed out and leapt towards Luo Tian before cursing: “You’re the dogshit! Azure Cloud Sect isn’t a place you can curse…”

Before he could finish…

Luo Tian sneered ferociously as he roared in his mind: “Level 2 Berserk!”

Four times the attributes exploded forth.

He stomped down and burst forward. His pair of fists were like cannons as he bombarded out with a cold humph: “Die for me!”


That Azure Cloud Sect disciple had no clue Luo Tian would suddenly strike. This move was similar to how Chen Tianyao had suddenly struck Luo Tian flying.


Luo Tian survived but that Azure Cloud Sect disciple was directly instakilled by him!

Not an ounce of strength was withheld as that disciple was killed by a pair of fists!


The system’s alert tone sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.

That disciple fell down onto his own pool of blood. His chest was smashed opened and splatters of flesh flew everywhere. His eyes were still wide open with an expression of not knowing how he died.

This punch that instant killed the Azure Cloud Sect disciple was a huge slap to their faces. The slap had caused everyone’s faces to feel a burning hot sensation.

This caused their raged to rise to the heavens!

Luo Tian stood his ground with an arrogant expression while cursing: “F*cking hell, who else isn’t satisfied? Come at this daddy if you have the guts!”

His imposing aura had reached the heavens!

The killing intent coming from Luo Tian’s body had stormed into the skies while causing some of the surrounding people to be filled with fear.

For a brief moment, maybe only a short one second, everyone from the Azure Cloud Sect was overawed by Luo Tian. Even those two inner court elders who looked at Luo Tian in disdain felt a slight startelement in their minds.


His madness had no restraints!

Everyone from the Luo family was dumbfounded; their hearts were surging and their blood was boiling.

They were excited from seeing an Azure Cloud Sect disciple being instant killed by a punch, so their momentum instantly skyrocketed.

“Completely crazy and unrestrained!”

“Let’s see if you can continue acting wildly in a bit.” Someone walked out from the crowd of Azure Cloud Sect members.

The crowd started becoming rowdy.

“Senior brother Wang Yuanqiao!”

“Wang Yuanqiao, the person who’s the closest to reaching the Profound Grandmaster realm. No matter how strong this kid Luo Tian is, his only outcome would be death with senior brother coming forth.”

“Senior brother Wang, kill him!”

Wang Yuanqiao – he was only eighteen years old and was Azure Cloud Sect’s inner court disciple. The second day he entered Azure Cloud Sect, he had already become an inner court disciple.

His strength was powerful; especially when it came to martial skills because of his high talent in comprehending them.

He was an invincible existence when comparing to those on the same level.

Even those in the early stages of the Profound Grandmaster realm would have a hard time dealing with him.

He was an absolute genius whom Azure Cloud Sect focused their grooming on.

The moment he stepped out, many people started shouting and becoming rowdy.

Wang Yuanqiao’s breathing was very calm as he approached with a cold smile: “You should have never, ever, ever offended our Azure Cloud Sect. Just based on your age and your talent, you could definitely have become an inner court disciple of our sect. But unfortunately… you have to die now.”


“You should consider yourself lucky because you will die by my, Wang Yuanqiao’s hands. This is your honor.”

His voice wasn’t very loud but it was brimming full of wildness. This was a kind of disdain that wasn’t shown on his expression, but a contempt for Luo Tian that came seeping out from his bones.

Profound Master 9th rank, yet his strength was above Zhu Changfeng’s!

Luo Tian clenched his fists tightly as his lips formed a cold sneer: “Quit bla bla bla’ing and come forward and play me to death if you have the guts. Stop acting wildly in front of this daddy when you can’t even kill me. You lack the qualifications to act wildly in front of this daddy, so scram!”

Acting wild?

This daddy will act even more arrogant than you!

Wang Yuanqiao’s expression dramatically changed before he shouted coldly: “You’re courting death!”

Immediately after…

His palms started moving and an aura exploded out from his body. His powers burst forth as his figure pounced forth at the speed of lightning.

“Eight Desolate Palms!”

“Die for me!”

As if his voice reverberated from the void, Wang Yuanqiao’s oppressive pressure accompanied the explosive aura energy.

Luo Tian became extremely uncomfortable as if a mountain was now crushing down on his mind.

Luo Tian was standing there motionless and his sneer actually didn’t decrease but turned into a huge smile before laughing into the air.

He was laughing in a wild and unrestrained manner!

The crowd present couldn’t understand what was going on.

No one knew what Luo Tian was trying to do by just standing there.

No one could figure out what he was thinking.

Was he scared silly?

Waiting for his own death?

Or did he really go crazy?

Wang Yuanqiao also didn’t know what Luo Tian was doing but he was getting pissed by Luo Tian’s laughter. The strength of his Eight Desolate Palms was raised by a single level and the energy became even more vigorous. No matter what, Luo Tian won’t be able to dodge this palm strike and the only outcome by not dodging was death!

The Azure Cloud Sect disciples were all smiling; an extremely smug smile.

The Eight Desolate Palms is a martial skill that senior brother Wang has been cultivating for many years. His research on this set of martial skill was so advanced that even Elders couldn’t compare with him.”

“This kid is still laughing so he’s definitely been scared silly.”

“A rural villager like him? At the most, he could probably walk sideways in a small city like this. But no matter how strong he is, it’s impossible for him to be senior brother Wang’s opponent!”

The twin palm strike was similar to simultaneous strikes from eight different directions containing peerless might. Even someone at the Profound Master 9th rank would most likely turn into meat paste by this strike.


Luo Tian finally ceased his wild laughter as he excitedly said: “This set of palm skills isn’t too bad, this big brother wants it!”

“Level 2 Berserk!”

3000 profound energy instantly disappeared and four times the attributes exploded forth.


Luo Tian still stood there unmoving while he suppressed the surge of force within his body. He circulated the energy towards his arms yet his arms didn’t swell up, but his veins did start popping out. The green veins started turning red and exuding white mist as if the force was combusting.

Unmoving like a mountain.

Even though Wang Yuanqiao’s oppressive pressure was crushing down causing him uncomfortable pain, Luo Tian’s heart was becoming perversely excited. He was absolutely no different from a madman right now.

There were some Luo family members who didn’t dare to continue watching.

Everyone’s heart felt like it was suspended in midair by anxiety. Since none of them could do anything about the incoming strike, their hearts were feeling extremely uncomfortable.

“F*cking hell, it would be great if my cultivation level was at the Profound King realm. I would definitely kill all these people right now.”

“Those people from the Azure Cloud Sect are so detestable.”

“Their damn grannies…”

Everyone in the Luo family was firmly clenching their fists filled with self-blame for being unable to share the burden with Luo Tian. At the same time, they were reminding themselves that if given the chance of surviving this crisis, they would definitely cultivate like crazy so that something like this will never happen again.


Wang Yuanqiao’s Eight Desolate Palms landed.

It accurately slammed into Luo Tian’s chest.

Luo Tian’s face instantly paled but he stood his ground without moving. Since the Evil Blood Armor was filled up with killing intent, the defense on a Spirit grade treasure was extremely powerful. That’s why Luo Tian could take this palm strike head on, and why he managed to survive Chen Tianyao’s previous attack.

At the same time when Wang Yuanqiao’s twin palms landed, Luo Tian grinned ferociously and then said with disdain: “Is that all the strength you’ve got? Too f*cking weak and no different from scratching an itch.”

“Grandson, it should be my turn now!”

“This daddy will let you experience what is called power!”

Both of Luo Tian’s arms sank down…

Before it shot out like a nuclear missile!

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