Undefeatable – Ch108

Chapter 108 – Danger Everywhere

This was wild arrogance that knew no bounds!

It was so wildly arrogant that no one could understand anymore.

If Luo Tian was a madman in the beginning, he was now considered a complete and utterly raving mad lunatic that was an existence who didn’t give a shit about his own life.

After being called out by name for a duel, Chen Tianyao coldly sneered while stepping out. He then leapt up into the air and landed heavily onto the ground. The momentum he exuded was similar to flames as he angrily said: “I really didn’t expect you to choose me for a one on one fight. Are you just really dumb or do you simply not have any brains to begin with?”

“But this is good too.”

“The enmity of my son should be avenged by me personally.”

As he was saying these words, Chen Tianyao’s rage increased little by little filled with pure hatred.

Luo Tian stood motionless in place as he was crushed by the aura Chen Tianyao was releasing. He then said with an uncomfortable feeling: “Your son killed others so I killed your son. All the Azure Cloud Sect disciples were personally killed by me so it has nothing to do with others; I shall shoulder all the responsibilities.”

“I’m sure everyone here is aware that your cultivation exceeds mine by a huge amount.”

“The reason I called your name out for a duel is very simple: No matter what the outcome of this battle is, I’m hoping that you can let the Luo family and the common people of Jade Mountain City off. They are all innocent and have nothing to do with this.”

Chen Tianyao coldly harrumphed as he said: “Luo Tian, you want to sacrifice yourself to protect the others? This old man will directly tell you that everyone from your Luo family and Jade Mountain City will accompany my son in burial.”

If the entire Jade Mountain City doesn’t perish, the rage in his heart will never be extinguished!


Luo Tian wasn’t even looking at Chen Tianyao as he said those words, and was actually looking at Liu Chengfeng. He then coldly glanced at Chen Tianyao and sneered: “Don’t inflate your own importance because your words cannot represent the Azure Cloud Sect!”

Chen Tianyao’s expression become rather ugly looking at this time.

Liu Chengfeng faintly smiled and said: “You’ve killed so many Azure Cloud Sect disciples so the reputation of our sect has been damaged by you. Do you think your death alone can restore our Azure Cloud Sect’s reputation?”

Luo Tian started talking to himself in disdain: “What sort of reputation does a crappy sect like yours have?”

There was a smile on Luo Tian’s face as he asked: “Then what are your intentions?”

Liu Chengfeng replied: “My intentions are very simple: If you lose, everyone in Jade Mountain City will have to die with you. If you win, then everything gets a clean slate.”

Luo Tian immediately said: “Good, we’ll do it according to your words!”

Liu Chengfeng was startled by this as he never imagined Luo Tian would agree so candidly.

One needs to understand that his opponent was Chen Tianyao, an expert at the peak of the Profound Grandmaster realm. The difference in strength between the two was like a distance of 108,000 miles apart, so how could Luo Tian be Chen Tianyao’s opponent?

Could the item on his person be powerful enough to kill Chen Tianyao?

He Changkong was also shocked by this.

The moment Luo Tian directly resisted Wang Yuanqiao’s strike; those two guessed that Luo Tian must have some time of magical protective treasure. And the grade of this magical treasure shouldn’t be low at all.

At this moment of time, greed arose in their hearts!

A magical protective treasure; this type of item was something that was rare in the Azure Cloud Sect as well.

If the magical treasure was of high grade… Liu Chengfeng started revealing an evil smile.

After clearing his throat, Liu Chengfeng looked at Chen Tianyao and asked: “Elder Chen, what do you think about this?”

Chen Tianyao respectfully replied: “Elder Liu, rest assured that I will kill him and certainly massacre the entire city!”

Liu Chengfeng lightly smiled, “That’s good then, I hope that you don’t let me down.”

Liu Chengfeng had alternative plans in his mind: “If the protective magical treasure can’t even resist Chen Tianyao’s Profound Grandmaster strength, then it would be useless to me and the kid’s death will serve our purpose. If the kid manages to win, then the magical treasure on his person must be something incredible…”

Of course, He Changkong off to the side was also thinking the same thing!

The crowd started spreading out to make room for those two.

Luo Tian looked over at Chen Tianyao who was about a dozen meters away from him.

Chen Tianyao’s voice that was filled with rage, arrogance, and disdain said: “This time, I will not give you a chance to continue living!”

“I will shatter your soul so that you can’t even become a ghost!”

Luo Tian smiled and scoffed in disdain: “Psh, I’m a person that loves doing good deeds. Your son is waiting in hell for you so I’ll let you two reunite there.”

At this moment…

Luo Tian made a thought as he said: “Wild Blade, I’m going to borrow you for a bit.”

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade was awestruck by Luo Tian’s wild arrogance. He started laughing like mad as he loudly said: “You brat, you are truly wild and unrestrained! Too f*cking spirited! This daddy is starting to like you more and more, hahaha…”

Although Wild Blade was at the critical time of his recovery, he didn’t want to be left out of such a huge scene. “Hey brat, you are crazy enough. Even when facing such a powerful enemy, you’re still so wildly arrogant. Not bad, not bad at all. This daddy likes it! The heavens haven’t sent the wrong person to me, hahaha…”

Luo Tian said in his mind: “Enough of the bullshit, are you lending yourself to me or not?”

Wild Blade replied: “Of course I’ll lend it, how can I be missing in such a huge scene? But little brat, you are facing an elder from the Azure Cloud Sect, someone at the peak of the Profound Grandmaster realm. His strength is much much higher than Zhu Changfeng so you need to think this through carefully! This old life of mine can still handle it, so if you require it…”

Luo Tian was secretly grateful and said: “There’s no need for you to make a move, I have my own plans.”

Wild Blade had over exhausted his true energy already so forcing him to use it again; most likely he would really disappear. The Blood Devouring Wild Blade would then became a dead blade without a spirit and be completely useless.

Luo Tian would never endanger Wild Blade’s life like that.

“You brat, don’t over think things. I’m just afraid that if you died, I will follow your footsteps and disappear as well. I’m solely doing this for myself.” Said Wild Blade who was resorting to sophistry. It then recalled not long ago when Luo Tian was buried in rubble, an ice cold voice was transmitted into his mind so he asked: “What was that ice cold voice talking to you about?”

Luo Tian replied: “You will know later.”

Wild Blade was starting to look forward to it!

Immediately after…

There was movement inside Luo Tian and the Blood Devouring Wild Blade disappeared.

Right after that, a huge blade covered in blood was now floating inside Luo Tian’s mind. The Blood Devouring Wild Blade then started moving according to his will.

With just a thought…

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade appeared in Luo Tian’s right hand. The long blade was touching the ground while emitting a ghastly killing intent as if it was dripping blood.

It was a very strong and very thick killing intent.

The resonance between the killing intent from the blade and the demon core inside Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness was just enough to resist the oppressive pressure from Chen Tianyao.

Once the Blood Devouring Wild Blade appeared, nearly everyone from the Azure Cloud Sect had an expression of horror on their faces!

“What a violent blade!”

“The killing intent is very strong; it’s almost like this blade was born from the depths of hell.”

“The grade is also extremely high; the blade is just too handsome!”

The pupils of Liu Chengfeng and He Changkong slightly shrunk as their eyes narrowed. They were both staring at Luo Tian and saying to themselves: “I didn’t expect this kid to possess such a good blade on him, heh heh…”

The greed in their hearts started getting stronger!

Inadvertently, those two glanced at each other and both revealed a cold smile filled with a trace of greed.

Regardless of the outcome of this battle, they were still going to devour Luo Tian whole!

Chen Tianyao was indeed a dangerous person.


The danger he represented was not even 0.001 of Liu Chengfeng or He Changkong!

Danger was everywhere and killing intent hidden all around!

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