Undefeatable – Ch109

Chapter 109 – Being Played With

In the center of the grounds…

Chen Tianyao was also surprised by this, but it was only slightly. He then coldly sneered: “Even if you have a Divine grade weapon in your hands, you still won’t be able to escape your death!”

No matter how strong the magical treasure was, it was difficult to display its power when someone with a weak cultivation was wielding it.

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade was the world’s most domineering blade.

Its power was extremely strong, but Luo Tian’s Profound Master 6th rank cultivation would make it difficult for him to display its true power.

This was something the Blood Devouring Wild Blade knew as well.

His strength was being suppressed by Luo Tian’s low cultivation level. The higher Luo Tian’s cultivation becomes, the stronger the power he could explode forth!

Luo Tian calmly smiled and said: “Oh? Really? Then what are you waiting for? Come here and bite me!”

Chen Tianyao’s gaze changed. The aura on his body also abruptly changed as the profound energy gushed out of his dantian like a geyser while he firmly clenched his fists.


The space around his body gave out a dull sound of air exploding.

In an instant…

Chen Tianyao was adjusting the profound energy within his body to the most enhanced state. This next attack of his will definitely not allow Luo Tian to stand back up again.

He had to die!

“Die for me!”

As his voice faded, Chen Tianyao’s figure shot out in a straight line. His pair of fists seem to be dragging behind an illusory line as it blinded the eyes of onlookers.

Combustion of profound energy?

“This is a unique attack that only Profound Grandmasters have!”

“Why is Elder Chen making a mountain out of a molehill? Does he really have to use such an attack on a trashy Profound Master 6th rank?”

“He probably doesn’t want to lose face anymore and wants to quickly kill Luo Tian off. He could then start massacring the entire city afterwards.”

“Let’s see how unbridled this kid can continue acting; he’s finished this time.”

The Azure Cloud Sect disciples were all beaming with a proud sneer.

Chen Tianyao’s attack was able to demolish a person to the point of nothing remaining, so Luo Tian was definitely going to die!

Luo Tian hiddenly tightened his muscles as he glanced over towards an inconspicuous corner. He then said internally: “I really hope you will do what you have said.”

At the same time…

Luo Tian shouted in his mind: “Level 2 Berserk!”


Four times the attributes exploded out and his strength started surging. Luo Tian then circulated all his power to protect his mind and his sea of consciousness. At the same time, he moved a portion of his energy to activate the Evil Blood Armor’s ability.

Since the beginning, Luo Tian had no intentions of fighting head on.

The difference in strength between them two was like a bottomless abyss. It’s not like he would win even if he fought with his life on the line.

Luo Tian was fully planning on defending!

As long as he could block Chen Tianyao’s attack, it will be considered his win.

Of course…

Activating the Evil Blood Armor’s main ability will naturally be able to block the attack, but Luo Tian didn’t fully trust that woman.

If he had a choice, he would definitely not choose to trust her.


Luo Tian will only get ready to activate the Evil Blood Armor’s main ability, and not actually use it. This was his last piece of insurance and he didn’t want to use it unless absolutely necessary.


Once the Evil Blood Armor’s main ability was activated, the armor’s defensive property will restart and become a Grade 5 magical item.

There’s no way such a grade is capable of blocking a single attack from a Profound Grandmaster!

“Why is this kid not moving?”

“Is he planning another sneak attack?”

“He overestimates himself. Does he even realize who he is facing? Our Elder Chen is an expert at the peak Profound Grandmaster realm, yet this kid thinks he’s dealing with another Wang Yuanqiao?”

“I think he gave up and is just waiting for his death.”

The Azure Cloud Sect disciples were all discussing this.

The hearts of the Luo family members felt like it was scrunched up as their looked at Luo Tian without blinking. They had even forgotten to breathe at this moment.

Off in a corner…

A beautiful but cold smile was seen beneath a black cloak.

Beside her was Li Xue’er with a very anxious look on her face. She then repeated herself: “Big sister Shuang, big sister Shuang, hurry up and make a move. I’ll do what I promised you, I’ll do what I promised.”

Leng Hanshuang didn’t move and faintly replied: “My agreement with you was that Luo Tian had to block one move, and this one move hasn’t finished yet.”

Li Xue’er had an unhappy look on her face.

A brief flash of light passed through An Chunchun’s charming eyes as she giggled. She then pulled on the corner of Li Xue’er’s clothes and softly said: “Don’t worry big sister Xue’er, big brother will definitely be able to block this move.”

Li Xue’er looked down and caressed An Chunchun’s head, “En, big brother Luo Tian will definitely be okay.”

In the middle of the grounds…

Chen Tianyao’s attack came smashing over like a tsunami, and his profound energy swept over which was similar to a raging wind crushing down.

Luo Tian’s gaze tightened as he condensed all his energy while standing still. He then laughed into the air and shouted: “Come at me!”

It was just like when he was dealing with Wang Yuanqiao.

Was he looking down on Chen Tianyao?

As if Chen Tianyao suffered the greatest insult in his life, he roared out: “You damn dog thing, this daddy shall shatter your soul!”

As his voice faded…

Chen Tianyao’s attack landed.

Luo Tian’s heart was rather calm right now, to the point as if no sound was heard. The moment Chen Tianyao’s heavy fist slammed forth, he still didn’t activate the Evil Blood Armor’s main ability.

The reason being none other than him not trusting Leng Hanshuang!


Luo Tian felt he could handle this punch.



The sound shook the heavens similar to a bomb exploding. Numerous gravel and debris was sent flying everywhere as a powerful force fluctuated outwards. Many Luo family members directly fainted from the aftershock.

Luo Tian’s chest was almost torn into two. His internal organs were shuddering non-stop while his clothes were blown to shreds. Countless wounds appeared on his chest and within half a second, blood started squirting out.

In that instant…

The Evil Blood Armor Luo Tian was wearing started flickering as if it almost couldn’t resist anymore!

Severe pain started spreading from Luo Tian’s chest to the rest of his body. It was as if every single one of his bones were currently being fractured. The pain was so extreme that he had no words that could describe how he was feeling.


Luo Tian had clenched his teeth and forcefully endured everything!

His pale face was the color of ash.

His eyes were bloodshot and the pain had distorted his face.



Luo Tian then started laughing in a sadistic manner and said: “You old fogey, looks like your attack is merely so so as well and cannot kill me, hahaha…”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian looked towards a corner and shouted: “Leng Hanshuang, this daddy blocked the move so isn’t it time for you to make an appearance?”

Leng Hanshuang didn’t move.

“F*ck!” Luo Tian immediately cursed out.

Li Xue’er also urged her on but Leng Hanshuang still didn’t move.

The moment Chen Tianyao’s attack landed, her face showed a slight surprise while there was a trace of delight in her eyes. She then stood there motionless and turned a deaf ear to Li Xue’er’s urging.

Seeing that Leng Hanshuang was not responding, Li Xue’er pulled out a purple and gold jade token before running out like her life depended on it…

Did Leng Hanshuang deliberately do this?

What on earth just happened?

Luo Tian had no clue!

All he knew was that he had been played with, completely played by a woman. If he manages to survive this, he will definitely pay her back ten thousand times!

Chen Tianyao had a really ugly look on his face right now. That punch was thrown using all his strength yet Luo Tian didn’t die!

He was pissed, extremely pissed!

A look of anticipation appeared in both Liu Chengfeng and He Changkong’s eyes as a cold greedy smile appeared on their faces.

“This daddy will see how many moves you can block!”

Chen Tianyao’s body flew forward in a crazy manner.

Luo Tian’s face darkened as dead silence filled his mind.

Wild Blade knew Luo Tian had been played with, and the dead silence in his mind made it anxious. It then quickly asked: “Hey brat, can you block his next attack?”

Luo Tian bitterly smiled, “So what if I’m able to block it? There’ll be a third strike, and a fourth…”

Wild Blade angrily shouted: “You only need to reply whether you can block his next attack or not?!”

“I can!”

“Good, then listen to me carefully. I will impart upon you the strongest esoteric of the wild blade…”

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