Undefeatable – Ch110

Chapter 110 – Void Piercing Dragon Technique

The Wild Blade’s strongest esoteric?!

In an instant…

It was similar to Luo Tian grabbing onto a life-saving straw in the middle of an ocean. He was extremely excited and said: “Wild Blade, this brother will be placing his life in your hands now.”


“Just do whatever I say!” Shouted Wild Blade.

Luo Tian immediately replied: “Fine!”

Wild Blade paused for a bit before saying: “This set of blade skill is called the Void Piercing Dragon Technique. It has the power to pierce through the nine heavens and beheading those proud dragons with millions of years of life.”

“This set of blade skill is a method for one to survive against all adversities; to struggle against the heavens the moment before you die, and to have a heart to destroy everything on your last breath.”

“The stronger your heart is bent on killing on your last breath, the stronger the powers this blade skill will become.”

“Your body is almost at the brink of collapse, so this blade skill’s power will increase under these conditions.”


“Once you activate the Void Piercing Dragon Technique, the pain you are experiencing will temporarily disappear. But the moment you are able to kill your opponent, all the pain you were supposed to feel will appear again at multiple times the severity. This pain is worse than death and it may even kill you in the process, so you need to think it through before utilizing it!”

Wild Blade said this in a very serious tone!

Because he didn’t want to lie to Luo Tian.

The Void Piercing Dragon Technique was extremely powerful but was also extremely dangerous. If one hadn’t reached the point of life and death, one should definitely not carelessly utilize it!

Pain that was worse than death?

Luo Tian had no hesitation as he directly said: “Wild Blade, do you think I have any other choices?”


Luo Tian had no more choices left.

Chen Tianyao’s attack would arrive soon. Even if he could resist this one as well, but what about the next? What the hell was he going to use to resist it?

Once he dies, everyone in the Luo family will die as well. There were also over a hundred thousand common citizens of Jade Mountain City; there was Fatty Lei; and also An Chunchun who he had promised to look for her mother…

All of these reasons had forced Luo Tian to a dead end without any choices left.

When facing this huge behemoth known as Azure Cloud Sect, he had no path of retreat.

Since this was the case…

Then he can only use his life to fight, to struggle, and to kill. He will dig a hole to find his own exit!

If it’s yours, then it’s yours. If it’s not yours, it will still never be yours even if your force it!


Luo Tian’s heart for killing on his last breath had reached an unprecedented level. Even the Blood Devouring Wild Blade was secretly happy about this.

With a super firm heart that possessed this type of determination, the Void Piercing Dragon Technique will be able to display even more of its power!

Immediately after…

Wild Blade’s voice started reciting something inside Luo Tian’s mind.

It wasn’t fast and it wasn’t slow.

Luo Tian has holding onto the handle of the blade while forcing his mind to calm down. His body arched forward, his head bowed down and his breathing restrained. The power fluctuation from his body disappeared and he looked like a dead person that hadn’t quite completely slumped over yet.

“What is he doing?”

“What kind of weird posture is that? It looks like a dead person.”

“I think this kid has really given up on defending this time.”

“Even if he gets stronger, there’s no way he can be stronger than Elder Chen.”

The hearts of everyone in the Luo family was filled with dead silence as they felt they had sunk into a deep abyss.

Li Xue’er was still in the process of rushing out like her life depended on it. A heart-wrenching scream was heard from her: “No, no, no! Big brother Luo Tian, quickly run! Run…!”


No one was paying attention to her right now and she wasn’t able to prevent things from continuing its course.

Chen Tianyao’s attack instantly arrived!

Leng Hanshuang was still standing in a corner without moving. Her eyes were very calm and still very cold, like everything happening before her eyes had nothing to do with her.

In the center of the grounds…

Chen Tianyao’s super attack kicked up a burst of wind. The wind was raging and twisting around until an image of a wind dragon appeared.

The dragon’s head had a ferocious look as it roared into the surrounding as if it wanted to trample everything in its path.

Chen Tianyao noticed Luo Tian’s head hanging down like he was asleep, and the huge blade in his hand becoming quiet. Even the bloody aura it had exuded in the beginning was now gone, as if it was just a large piece of scrap iron right now.

Was he treating me in contempt again?!

The old flames in Chen Tianyao’s heart were about to gush out as he clenched his teeth and roared: “This daddy will like to see how many more times you can block this!”

“Die for me!”

His pair of fists landed, once again targeting Luo Tian’s chest wound.

At the same time…

The wind dragon roared out once before its huge body descended.

The sky darkened and the entire Jade Mountain City seemed to be enshrouded in death. This punch was clearly a level stronger than the previous punch!

Luo Tian’s body still hadn’t moved.

Wild Blade’s voice was still saying something inside Luo Tian’s mind.

“Activate the main ability!”

Luo Tian made a thought before continuing to emerge himself in Wild Blade’s world of slaughter.



A huge noise shook the heavens and extremely powerful ripples of energy surged outwards. The temporary battle ground was now in ruins but Luo Tian still hadn’t moved. There was no change with his expression as if nothing had happened.

On the other hand, Chen Tianyao’s heart was extremely shocked.

That punch of his clearly slammed into Luo Tian’s chest, but why did it feel like he had punched a shield made of light?

The main thing he couldn’t understand was that Luo Tian was completely unaffected by it. This was an outcome he couldn’t accept at all.

Liu Chengfeng and He Changkong’s eyes were both frozen.

A Spirit grade treasure!

It definitely is a magical treasure of the Spirit grade!

Their hearts started laughing maniacally with greed. Never would they have imagined that a remote city like this would have a Spirit grade magical treasure! This was truly unexpected!


“Boss didn’t die, boss is the mightiest!”

“What did this kid do?”

“This is too unbelievable.”

“What did I just witness? A Profound Master 6th rank took on two attacks by a peak Profound Grandmaster? I must be hallucinating!”

A clamor of discussions erupted.

Chen Tianyao had an extremely ugly look on his face. After attacking twice with all his power, the profound energy in his dantian had already been depleted by half. Yet somehow he still couldn’t kill Luo Tian, which was something he couldn’t accept.

His eyes changed as he started pushing out a large amount of profound energy from his dantian. Chen Tianyao once again rushed forth and this time he wasn’t aiming for Luo Tian’s chest anymore, he was aiming for his Gate of Life meridian! (dantian area)

Luo Tian had just escaped a dangerous event yet another wave had arrived.

Li Xue’er’s heart almost couldn’t handle it anymore. Her tears were like rain as she bawled her eyes out. But there was nothing she could do, and that feeling caused her to have difficulty breathing.


Chen Tianyao’s attack swept over again…

The speed was extremely fast!

Luo Tian’s figure was still motionless and the crowd felt like their hearts had risen to their throats.


Luo Tian’s eyebrows slightly twitched while the Blood Devouring Wild Blade in his hands started giving off a ringing sound. This type of blade ringing sound seemed to be transmitting from the nine heavens…

Feng Lei started grinning, “Boss is about to make his move!”

Before fatty was able to say more, Luo Tian’s eyes suddenly opened and the corner of his mouth curved. He started smiling in a cold manner while the huge blade starting giving off a red bloody glow.

In merely an instant, the bloody light burst into the sky.

All the pain inside Luo Tian had completely disappeared.

His right foot moved slightly and a white gas emerged from his body with a “psshhh” sound. Luo Tian raised he huge blade up into the air and the red bloody light started spreading out and covering the entire sky.

The sky had been dyed entirely in red!

The earth was being crushed!

At this moment, Luo Tian felt like he was similar to a God that ruled over everything – a God of Killing that rose up out from the depths of hell. He was able to slash through the nine heavens, and even cut up those mythical dragons that roamed the nine heavens into 18,000 little pieces!

“Void Piercing Dragon Technique, first form!”

“Exterminate The Heavens!”

“Slice him up for me…”

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