Undefeatable – Ch11

Chapter 11 – This Daddy Will Let You Know What Qualifications Are

Morning, the Luo family’s martial training grounds.

Ever seen the wee hours of the morning, this place was filled with people making it a lively and energetic scene.

Gathered at this huge martial training ground were the younger generation’s disciples of the Luo family. Each and every one of them was in glowing spirits and their eyes were filled with expectation.

The hunting contest that only took place once a year.

This was the most important event of the year for the Luo family, which was also the younger generation disciples’ most severe assessment.

For the younger generation disciples, this was the time to display their prowess on the stage and the best springboard for them to soar to the heavens.

Becoming a core disciple through this examination and then gaining even more cultivation resources. Gaining the Luo family’s focused grooming that would allow them to walk further in their future martial path.

In the Tianxuan Continent, martial cultivation was the most important so every martial artist would wish they could walk the furthest on that path.

The hunting contest was equivalent to the first step into their real life!

On the martial training grounds, there were groups of 3 – 5 people huddled discussing who would be the winner this year.

Around this time…

Two figures stepped onto the martial training grounds.

One was fat and one was thin. They looked like an odd pair and their walking speed was neither fast nor slow as if the surrounding scene had nothing to do with them.

As they entered the grounds, everyone turned to look at them at the same time with a weird look in their eyes.

Luo Tian’s lips curved into a light cold smile. His light smile carried a hint of endless contempt as he didn’t even give these people here a glance.

His cold smile caused endless looks of disdain and ridiculing laughs from everyone.

“Isn’t that the Luo family’s biggest piece of trash? What’s he doing here for? Could it be that a piece of trash wants to participate in the hunting contest?”



Everyone present started laughing out loud with expressions of disdain and a look where they had just heard a funny joke.

“A trash that can’t even beat a beggar off the streets wants to participate in the hunting contest?”

“Horse stables attendant, you damn lowly peasant, what qualifications do you have for entering the martial training grounds? Get out of here, this place isn’t someone like you can enter.”

“Yeah, get out and stop making the Luo family lose face.”

Everyone had a word to say as the endless voices of ridicule came one after another.

Luo Tian’s face remained calm as he ignored all their ridicules. He then coldly said: “Damn bunch of secondhand goods!”

Feng Lei was standing behind looking imposing and sturdy as a beast. Each step he took would be a heavy stomp due to his large body. He was like a lumbering elephant filled with majestic aura. Looking at the surrounding crowd ridiculing Luo Tian, his face darkened and anger flared in his eyes. His vigorous beast like aura burst out as he roared: “I dare you f*ckers to say it again!”

No matter whom it was or how strong they were, as long as they dared to insult Luo Tian, Feng Lei will fight them with his life on the line!

Extremely silly and very foolish.

Feng Lei was not one bit scared when facing so many Luo family disciples. The sturdy and matchless look on his face was similar to a General guarding at the side of his King. He was majestic, domineering, and a complete mess…

“You damn dog thing, who do you think you are?”

“A random trash master will result in a random trash servant. You’re showing no respect for your seniors… if it weren’t for the martial ground rules of not allowing personal fights, this daddy would definitely twist your head off this instant.”

“You two dare to be so haughty here, why not go look in the mirror to see what kind of trash you really are?!”

Waves of ridicule came one after another.

Luo Tian looked like someone they had great hatred for, where everyone wanted to give him a beating in passing.

Was it because of being defeated by a beggar and losing face for the Luo family?

It shouldn’t be that simple. The entire Luo family knows the strength and status of their Patriarch Luo Jianshan. Everyone knew that Luo Jianshan despised Luo Tian so they all ridiculed, insulted, and beat up Luo Tian just to be on the good side of the Patriarch. Everyone did it.

Luo Tian’s personality was where if you treated him good, he will repay 10 times the kindness.

If you treated him badly, then sorry, this daddy will find a chance and pay you back 100 times to 1000 times!

Feng Lei’s anger reached the heavens as his large body made a move. He rushed out like a tank and his eyes looked like a wild beast’s.

Feng Lei had a nickname called Crazy Lei.

As long as there was a minor issue regarding Luo Tian, he would immediately rush out in defense. There were plenty of times he struck out in the martial training grounds.

But it was different today…

There were over a hundred Luo family disciples here so if he really came to blows, the consequences might be quite serious.

The Luo family rules clearly stipulate that fights weren’t allowed on the martial training grounds. Whoever makes the first move would surely be heavily punished.

Feng Lei didn’t care about those things but Luo Tian had to. He stepped forth and blocked Feng Lei and his lips curved into a cold smile, “Don’t get worked up over a bunch of retards. I will remember every single line of ridicule from them. Just watch, one day they will get their retribution.”

After saying that, Luo Tian went to the registration stand and said: “I want to sign up for the hunting contest.”

In charge of registration was the old housekeeper Luo Qingchan.

Luo Qingchan raised his head and glanced at Luo Tian, then reminded him out of the goodness of his heart: “Luo Tian, this isn’t the place for you to cause trouble. Hurry up and leave.”

“Yo, the Luo family’s biggest piece of trash wants to participate in the hunting contest.”

There was movement in the crowd and suddenly a path opened up.

Luo Yue had one hand around Zhu Mei’s waist and the other hand holding onto a fan. His face was filled with disdain as he walked up, glanced at Luo Tian, and then ridiculed: “Are you even qualified for it?”

Zhu Mei on the side smiled cynically: “A piece of trash that can’t even beat a beggar, how could he be qualified?”

Luo Qingchan stood up and smiled towards Luo Yue, before lowering his voice: “Luo Tian, in order to participate in today’s hunting contest, you need a minimum cultivation of the Profound Pupil 3rd rank. Just let this go and quickly leave.”

“Your dantian is crippled and you won’t make any breakthroughs your entire life, so what qualifications do you have to participate?”

“Go and scram, stop losing face in front of everyone.”

“Go take a piss and look at your reflection, someone like you should have been kicked out of the Luo family a long time ago.”

Once again, voices of ridicule rose from the crowd.

Feng Lei let out a low growl similar to a wild beast giving a warning.

Anger couldn’t help but rise up through Luo Tian’s heart before he looked at Luo Qingchan, “Housekeeper Luo, I believe there’s a provision in the Luo family’s rules that says the Luo family’s young master is qualified to participate in all contests. He could even directly become a core disciple as well right?”

The Luo family’s young master, the future Patriarch.

This was an established privilege for the young master, and participating in any events or contests was part of this privilege.

Luo Qingchan was surprised by this and became anxious. He kept giving Luo Tian some signals with his eyes but Luo Tian pretended he didn’t see a thing.

Luo Qingchan hadn’t said a thing yet when the surrounding crowd erupted into laughter.

“Luo family’s young master, hahaha…”

“Did he become nuts? He thinks he’s the Luo family’s young master? This is too funny, this is probably the funniest joke I’ve heard this year…”

Luo Yue pointed at Luo Tian’s nose and said: “What sort of crap do think you are? Saying you’re the Luo family’s young master? You want special privileges? Wake up you big piece of trash!”

Luo Tian looked over and pressingly asked: “Housekeeper Luo, is there such a provision in the Luo family’s rules?”

Luo Qingchan shook his head and sighed, “Yes.”

Luo Tian asked again: “When my father was still alive, he faced the ancestors and all the Luo family Elders and declared that I was the Luo family’s young master, and no one was qualified to abolish my status as the young master. That means I am still the Luo family’s young master. So let me ask, am I qualified to participate in the Luo family’s hunting contest?”

There were witnesses and the logic was reasonable, there was no way to refute it!

Luo Qingchan glanced at Luo Yue before nodding, “What you’ve said were all facts, but now…”

Not letting him continue, Luo Tian interrupted: “I’m going to ask again, am I qualified?”

“There’s nothing I can do if you seek your own death.” Luo Qingchan thought to himself helplessly before smiling and nodding, “Yes!”

“Yes your mother!”

Luo Yue cursed out: “What dog fart young master? Our young master is big brother Luo Lin, what sort of crap do you think you are?”

“You are not qualified for the hunting contest, NOT QUALIFIED, do you understand?”

“You damn trash, get the hell out of the martial training grounds!”

Repeatedly being ridiculed and insulted, Luo Tian’s anger had reached a point that he could no longer hold back. Luo Tian raised his right hand and pointed at Luo Yue before heavily saying: “F*ck your mom, you want qualifications?!”


“This daddy will let you know what qualifications I have!”

After saying that…

Luo Tian clenched his fists and roared internally, “Berserk!”

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