Undefeatable – Ch12

Chapter 12 – F*** Your Ancestors



After the low rumble, Luo Tian’s eyes changed. Visible lines of power rippled out of his body as a huge force raged inside.

Level 1 Berserk!

Consumption of 300 points of profound energy. Those 300 points were half of what he had, making Luo Tian’s heart ache.

But since he had to demonstrate his might, he might as well make it big so everyone can take a good look!

Once Berserk was activated, his power doubled, his speed doubled, and all stats doubled as well.

There was originally no need to activate Berserk when dealing with Luo Yue who was at the Profound Pupil 5th rank. Just the level 2 Thunder Tiger Fists was enough to kill him.


Being repeatedly humiliated and repeatedly losing face on what qualifications he had…

Since this was the case, Luo Tian might as well let him see what qualifications he had. This was also a good chance to let everyone see that he was no longer the piece of trash Luo Tian.

Everyone was surprised!

The aura on Luo Tian’s body had a visible changed.

Feng Lei crossed his arms and took a few steps back. He had a smile on his face as he mumbled: “Young master is finally making a move!”

Luo Yue’s eyes showed hesitation before staring at Luo Tian and lightly saying: “Zhu Mei, step back a bit and watch how I teach this trash a lesson on how high the heavens is.”

Zhu Mei smiled charmingly and in a flighty voice: “Big brother Luo Yue, just kill him with one punch. Seeing his presence upsets me greatly.”

Just as poisonous as a scorpion!

“Don’t worry, he was lucky last time at the stables, this time I will definitely send him to heaven.” Luo Yue laughed out loud and started loosening his fists. He took one simple step forward and his speed dramatically changed. Just like a ghost, there was a mirage of his body like it was trailing behind him.

“Ghost Steps?!”

“Grade 1 martial skill Ghost Steps?”

“Waaa, it’s a Grade 1 martial skill. Big brother Luo Yue actually cultivated a Grade 1 martial skill. Even if that piece of trash Luo Tian had ten lives, it still wouldn’t be enough.”

Luo Tian was wondering and then said to himself: “Is a Grade 1 martial skill supposed to be strong?”

Luo Tian didn’t move as he watched Luo Yue rush towards him with an expression like this was a joke.

“That trash must have lost his mind from being scared stiff.”

“Hahaha… he doesn’t even dare to move, this trash is definitely dead.”

“The speed of the Ghost Steps was too fast so how can a piece of trash have time to react? He can only await his death.”

The surrounding crowd thought that Luo Tian was so scared that he didn’t dare to move. The only one that had a smile becoming brighter was Feng Lei.

“Piece of trash, go die!”

Luo Yue yelled out. His fists became palms and he roared out once again, “Tiger Palm!”

“Waaa, it’s another Grade 1 martial skill!”

“Heavens, young master Luo Yue actually cultivated two different Grade 1 martial skills. He…”

“He’s dead, Luo Tian is definitely dead!”

Some of those witnessing Luo Yue continuously displaying two sets of Grade 1 martial skills had started rambling incoherently.

In the Tianxuan Continent, martial skills were extremely rare.

The number of graded martial skills in the Luo family could be counted on one hand. And Luo Yue instantly displayed two sets of martial skills, so how could everyone not be excited?


Luo Tian still didn’t move as his lips curved into a cold smile, “You dare to show off in front of me with a Grade 1 martial skill? This daddy will show you what a divine skill is capable of!”


The strength inside his body came out like a tidal wave. Under the enhancement of Berserk, this strength was even more powerful than before.

Facing Luo Yue’s Tiger Palms that kicked up a burst of wind, Luo Tian finally made a move!


Luo Tian had disappeared from his spot without a trace.

Luo Yue’s eyes were turning cold and was just about reveal a proud smile while cursing out a string of ridicule when a burst wind blew at him. Without having time to react, a sharp impact pain was felt on his chest.


A single punch was thrown without any martial skills behind it; it was just all pure strength!

His chest ruptured and fresh blood sprayed out. Luo Yue’s body flew into the air, his face was pale and his eyes were filled with extreme fright.

Also at this time…

As Luo Yue’s body was in the air, Luo Tian’s right leg stomped down as he leapt into the air as well. A chilling light flashed in his eyes as he roared out: “Qualifications? Is this daddy’s qualifications enough now?!”

Once that sentenced ended, Luo Tian smashed another fist down!


Luo Yue’s body caved in like a cooked shrimp. Blood sprayed from his mouth as his body rapidly shot down to the ground.

With a “boom,” he landed on the ground. His face was extremely pale and he no longer had the previous arrogant expression. His body twitched a few more times before he fainted.

Luo Tian landed heavily. He was so excited that he became a bit dazed. “Berserk… Berserk is too f*cking awesome!”

With the strength of a Profound Pupil 5th rank and two sets of Grade 1 martial skills, Luo Yue was knocked unconscious to the point that it was no different than an instant kill.

This fact before their eyes was difficult for them to accept. Some people were even rubbing their eyes until they went red, as if everything before them was an illusion.

Was this still the crippled dantian piece of trash that was forced to become a stable hand?

Was he still the laughing stock of the Jade Mountain City, the Luo family’s outcast?

Everyone’s mind seemed to have lost its function where they just couldn’t process what was going on. They looked at Luo Tian like they were looking at a monster. The atmosphere of the large martial training grounds had become oppressive and eerily quiet.

Several hundred pairs of eyes were staring at Luo Tian while Luo Tian’s eyes were sharp and filled with cold arrogance.

His two heavy punches announced to the world that the genius Luo Tian was back!

Luo Yue was defeated with two punches. Even someone at the Profound Pupil 6th rank would not be able to accomplish that, so how did Luo Tian do it? Was he a piece of trash with a crippled dantian or has his cultivation reached a terrifying new level?

No one could tell!

The majority of the people present had ridiculed Luo Tian and felt disgraced by his presence. Now that they were staring at Luo Tian’s cold eyes, a burst of panic welled inside them as a trace of inexplicable fear rose up.

Feng Lei ran over with a silly grin and scratched his head, “Young master, are we too high profile like this?”

“High profile?”

Luo Tian lightly smiled as his eyes swept through the crowd and loudly said: “This was just a casual show of my power; I want everyone to know that this daddy is back.”

His voice was like thunder as it spread throughout the martial training grounds.


A strong voice came from the outer area, “What a good ‘daddy is back’ phrase.”

Before the echo of the voice even dissipated, a figure flashed through the crowd and almost instantaneously arrived by the side of Luo Tian. The figure glanced at Luo Yue’s body lying on the ground unconscious and his eyes changed. His majestic profound energy burst forth as his two eyes glared at Luo Tian while angrily roaring out: “You dare to hurt me son? Die for me!”

In a blink of an eye…

Luo Xiaoshan’s right palm made a move and a tiger’s roar was heard. The strike went straight for the top of Luo Tian’s head, a vicious move that showed the person was not holding back.

Luo Xiaoshan was the father of Luo Yue. He was one of the five great Elders of the Luo family, acting Patriarch Luo Jianshan’s younger brother, a person at the Profound Master 2nd rank.

The Profound Master realm was extremely powerful and wasn’t something that could be compared to with the Profound Pupil realm.

Luo Tian spaced out but quickly retreated a few steps.

A powerful pressure blew against his face. His mind, his thoughts, everything was being suppressed. Luo Tian was only at the Profound Pupil 5th rank so there’s no way he could resist it.

He kept retreating until he hit a dead end.

Luo Xiaoshan mournfully roared out: “You mix-breed dog, this old man will see where else you can escape to!”

With a stomp, the ghostly movements were accompanied with the Tiger Palm skill. Someone on the Profound Master realm demonstrated these martial skills several times stronger than Luo Yue.


Feng Lei stepped out and pounced forth. Before Luo Xiaoshan’s palm strike arrived at Luo Tian, he tensed up his strength and his muscles almost ripped his clothes apart. Feng Lei’s eyes were glaring at Luo Xiaoshan as he roared out: “Run young master!”

“Quickly move aside fatty Lei!” Luo Tian exclaimed in shock, not expecting Feng Lei to suddenly rush here.

“Get the f*ck away!” Luo Xiaoshan roared as his palm strike landed on Feng Lei’s chest.


A force like 30,000 catties slammed into his chest, and Feng Lei’s back caved out. He continuously sprayed out several mouthful of black blood and his rosy face paled. The severe pain almost made him faint but he didn’t move at all, he stood there like King Kong blocking in front of Luo Tian. He then opened his blood filled mouth, “Y… young master, q… quickly run…”

“F*ck your ancestors!”


Berserk’s violent power burst forth again. Luo Tian couldn’t restrain his rage anymore and ferociously ran forth…

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  1. hokonoso says:

    Cliche story is so cliche. Is there ever going to be a xianxia where the non MC characters don’t act like 12 year old girls? I mean, no one acts like this in real life, making the stories seem so unrealistic that they just lose all immersion. I don’t know a single father that would attempt to kill someone who beat up their son, not a single one! My dad would simply laugh at me and call me weak for losing to someone my age, at no point would he try to kill a kid! This is just so stupid and ridiculous that I’m tired of reading it in 99% of all xianxia.

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    • omgitsaray says:

      yea, it’s tough to find a xianxia without cliche, at least this one is like ranked up there with the amount of cursing lol

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    • lol stop looking at it from a modern point of view. there are still people who will kill others for disrespecting them, they just don’t do it openly, for obvious reasons. anyway, this isn’t a modern story, its set in ancient times. status, face, seniority are still important in china, now go back to ancient times and you can multiply it by a 100. families had (some still do) very real power and disrespecting someone above you (power, status, seniority, wealth) held very real consequences. they COULD and PROBABLY DID kill people for it. i remember deathblade talking about face and seniority before and saying how people still very much care about it today and that he encounters it all the time while living there. anyway, just look at how barbaric japan was during world war 2, china probably had times like that too.

      this was mainly for future readers, since hokonoso probably isn’t going to read it.


  2. RedKaiser says:

    300 point of berserk make he feel painful to use it but give 150 point recovery pill to his slave


  3. I hope Feng Lei dies, fucking idiot.


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