Undefeatable – Ch112

Chapter 112 – They Are All Shameless!

The stronger the Void Piercing Dragon Technique’s powers were displayed, the stronger the rebound effect would become.

Those two conditions were proportional.

Luo Tian’s body was already seriously injured prior. Under those conditions, he activated Void Piercing Dragon Technique’s most powerful force and smashed Chen Tianyao into fine powder. Now he had to endure the pain that had increased exponentially.

The strongest esoteric of the Wild Blade… was indeed awesome, but it was also very painful.

It was a pain that Luo Tian almost couldn’t handle!


He didn’t regret it.

Even if he was given countless other chances to revisit his choices, he would still choose the same path.

Chen Tianyao’s arrogant stature and the disdain plastered onto all the Azure Cloud Sect members’ faces pissed Luo Tian off endlessly.

What he wanted to do was slap these people until the point that their own mother’s wouldn’t recognize them.

He was now able to accomplish that.

Even though he had to die now, killing Chen Tianyao was similar to giving Azure Cloud Sect a vicious slap to the face. This kind of feeling was simply too awesome to describe!

As the pain kept on multiplying, his life was fading away bit by bit. Luo Tian clenched his teeth and stubbornly held on. He continuously reminded himself: “I cannot die, I cannot die, this daddy absolutely cannot die!”

“I still haven’t returned An Chunchun’s mother to her, I still haven’t beaten Leng Hanshuang’s ass to the point of blooming flowers. The most important thing of all – this daddy is still a freaking virgin!”

“You vile heavens, how could you make a cool guy like me die a virgin twice? Your sister! Do you really have the heart to do this?!”


An unbearable pain.

Luo Tian’s eyes were partially closed while his body was shaking.


His body started falling to the ground.

The moment he fell, countless Luo family members rushed forth.

At the corner of his eyes, he was able to notice Li Xue’er rushing over with tears. This caused a faint smile to appear on Luo Tian’s lips.

This type of rebounding pain was something Wild Blade at his peak powers could barely endure, let alone Luo Tian who was only a Profound Master 6th rank.

“F*ck man, this daddy is about to die!” Luo Tian bitterly smiled in his mind as he gradually fainted. He was going to die soon.

It’s unknown if the heavens were moved by Luo Tian, or the heavens really had a sister and that sister didn’t have the heart to see Luo Tian die again.

The moment when Luo Tian had one foot into the gates of hell…

The system gave off an alert tone.


Like the sound of heavenly music…

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Scarlet Flamed Wolf. You have gained 200 experience points, 20 profound energy…”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. You have currently at Profound Master 7th rank!”

This voice was simply too beautiful.

So beautiful that Luo Tian almost moaned in orgas…

What does leveling up mean?

Leveling up means all his attributes would instantly be refilled to the brim, just like being resurrected on the spot. Accurately speaking, leveling up was better than being resurrected because his strength would also have increased!

Even if he was on his last breath, as long as the system alert sounded off, Luo Tian will not die. This was the power behind the mysterious system!

Why would his experience suddenly increase?

Before Luo Tian left the Ghostly Mountain Range, he had left behind three puppet soldiers there. The purpose was to prepare a location in the mountain range for the Luo family to hide at.

He never imagined that it was not needed.

Since he was able to kill those two Azure Cloud Sect disciples, Zhu Changfeng, Zhu Yaozong, and over a hundred elite disciples of the Zhu family, his experience bar was close to being full.

Killing Chen Tianyao had instantly given him 30,000 experience points and he only needed a little bit more to level up.

It was at this moment…

A Scarlet Flamed Wolf was sending coal to him during a snowstorm, and was killed by one of his puppet soldiers. That’s why Luo Tian was able to level up at such a time.

This was all a coincidence!

Of course…

Luo Tian didn’t know that beside him was a fox demon lolita with a max luck stat.

An Chunchun was really powerful, extremely powerful!

Her strength was not about her cultivation level, but pointed towards her special attribute!

It was due to her strong attribute that caused her fox demon clan to experience a clan annihilation! (This is something for the future and will not be talked about yet!)

Having a fire attributed demon core explode from the loot was also her credit!

Luo Tian had revived and the pain in his body had disappeared. But he was still in a strange condition where the body fainted while his mind was awake, and was temporarily unable to wake up his physical body.

Wild Blade was surprised at first, and then started laughing crazily in excitement. His laughter gradually turned softer before disappearing.

Luo Tian didn’t plan on bothering him further.

Wild Blade’s true energy had been depleted to a scary level. The current him was extremely weak and most likely wouldn’t be able to talk anymore.

Wild Blade needed a long amount of time to recover.

Luo Tian made a resolution to himself – until he found all five elemental demon cores, he wouldn’t disturb Wild Blade anymore.

He couldn’t keep relying on others all the time and needed to take care of things himself!

“Big brother Luo Tian…”

“Boss, boss…”


Like a swarm of bees, the Luo family all rushed up and surrounded the bloody Luo Tian.

Also at this moment…

Liu Chengfeng coldly smiled and waved his right hand. He then lightly said: “Bring that kid’s corpse over to me and kill this crowd of trash!”

His words were like a bolt from a blue sky!

The faces of everyone from the Luo family changed dramatically.

Song Yannan stepped out and said in a tone that was neither humble nor pushy: “Elder, you previously promised our Patriarch that if he won, you would let our Luo family and the people of Jade Mountain City off.”

Liu Chengfeng smiled evilly and said: “Did I say such words? Did I promise that? How come I don’t know anything about it?”

Right after that, he turned around to look at his own people and asked: “Did you all hear me say anything like that?”


“You did not promise them anything.”

This Azure Cloud Sect…

The entire Azure Cloud Sect were motherf*cking shameless bastards! They were all f*cking treacherous, despicable and filthy scumbags!

Luo Tian started cursing at them. He wanted to wake up but his physical body was over exhausted so he couldn’t!

Song Yannan’s face darkened as he said: “You have the status of an Elder in Azure Cloud Sect, so how can you go against your own words? If news of this spreads out, it would definitely affect your reputation negatively, right?”

Liu Chengfeng laughed coldly and said: “How can dead people talk? If they can’t talk, how would this be spread out?”

He Changkong was becoming impatient as he stared at Luo Tian’s corpse. He then greedily said: “Brother Liu, enough of the bullshit with them. Just directly kill them all so we don’t waste anymore of our precious time.”

“That sounds good.”

“We’ll do it according to brother He.” Liu Chengfeng faintly smiled.

For people like them, annihilating a clan or a small city was as simple as eating a meal.

Luo Tian was victorious and the Luo family saw hope in that. But that hope only lasted for half a minute before they were plunged into despair. The Luo family had once again entered the depths of misery.

The Azure Cloud Sect disciples began moving forward.

Every one of them had an arrogant sneer on their face.

Song Yannan eyes tightened as he shouted: “All Luo family members listen up! Killing one is one less opponent. Even if we die, we still cannot let them have a good life!”

Feng Lei took a step forward to be at the front and shouted: “Motherf*ckers, come then!”


He Changkong coldly humphed and said: “Just a mob of useless rabble.”

“Attack for me!”

Luo Tian had a Spirit grade protective treasure and a super powerful blade on him, fueling the greed inside of those two. So what if they were going to massacre the entire city?

In just an instant…

A large amount of Azure Cloud Sect disciples started charging.

Feng Lei glared at them with wide eyes. His body started exuding a red bloody glow while he waved the huge tang blade, “Kill!”

The moment when all the Luo family members were about to rush out…

A white figure floated down amongst the crowd.

With a white flash like a Goddess descending from the heavens, Li Xue’er stared coldly while taking out a purple and gold colored jade token.

Everyone from the Azure Cloud Sect immediately stopped as if they had encountered their greatest enemy!

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