Undefeatable – Ch113

Chapter 113 – Sister-in-law Is So Mighty!

Every large clan or sect will have their own unique looking token.

That token was the symbol of their status.

Yet the Azure Cloud Sect, the overlord in the radius of 100,000 kilometers was not qualified to develop their own unique token.

Because they were not qualified!

Because their rank was not high enough!

But every one of the Azure Cloud Sect members knew about all the unique tokens out there.

The token of the Violet organization was one of them. They were strong, extremely strong, to the point that upon seeing it, the minds of those disciples immediately sank and they didn’t dare to move another step forward.

The token in Li Xue’er’s hand was too dazzling!

The token was similar to a purple butterfly that exuded a gold and purple light containing a terrifying power. Because of this, all the Azure Cloud Sect disciples immediately stopped their advancement and stared at Li Xue’er with an ugly look on their faces.

“The Violet organization…”

“The Violet organization’s jade token!”

“Why would people of the Violet organization appear in such a crappy place?”

“Even if there’s a battle arena belonging to the Violet organization here, we’ve never offended them so why would they suddenly intervene in this?”

Everyone from the Azure Cloud Sect was carefully discussing this amongst them. Their voices stayed low since they didn’t dare to raise them. The reason being that Azure Cloud Sect was less than a fart when compared to the strength of the Violet organization!

People of the Luo family were dumbfounded.

Upon seeing Li Xue’er, the felt her back seemed very large and reliable.

Feng Lei grinned foolishly and shouted: “Sister-in-law is so mighty!”

Right after that, many younger generation of the Luo family also shouted: “Sister-in-law is so mighty!”

Li Xue’er tried to hold it back but couldn’t anymore. Her lips slightly curved into a smile as sweetness oozed from her heart.

Being greeted as sister-in-law by everyone, her heart had already silently acknowledged that position.

Back then whenever she heard those words, she would always pretend to be angry while being secretly happy. Now she didn’t pretend to be angry anymore and truly revealed her happy demeanor.

Li Xue’er recovered her usual look while her eyes carried a strong majestic aura. She glanced at Liu Chengfeng and He Changkong before coldly saying: “Now scram the hell out of Jade Mountain City for me.”

Her majestic and domineering tone brought out her unshakeable intent.

This was the aura of someone with a powerful status!

Liu Chengfeng’s face underwent a big change. Looking at Li Xue’er’s dazzling token from the Violet organization, his heart secretly felt fear. “What kind of status does this woman have with the Violet organization?”

“Why would people of the Violet organization appear in a place like this?”

He Changkong hiddenly clenched his fists. His eyes couldn’t help but drift towards where Luo Tian was lying down and the greed within him became even stronger.

Just a sentence from Li Xue’er and the Azure Cloud Sect disciples started shaking silently. Their eyes all turned towards the two elders for directions.

Liu Chengfeng had a respectful face while saying: “Miss, the Luo family killed people of my Azure Cloud Sect…”

Li Xue’er didn’t wait for him to finish as she shouted with a chilled expression: “Do you want your sect to be annihilated?!”

Without bothering with pleasantries!

She directly asked if they wanted their sect annihilated!

What level of awesomeness was this on?!

Not to mention the Azure Cloud Sect disciples being scared, even the Luo family was dumbfounded. They realized this beautiful sister-in-law capable of suffocating others with her beauty, who had always giggled in front of them, who always looked gentle in front of them, would unexpectedly be such an awesome existence. She dared to face the huge entity known as Azure Cloud Sect and ask if they wanted their sect to be annihilated?

Too awesome!

The awesome level of this was a complete mess!

Too powerful!

The blood of the Luo family members started boiling with excitement.

Everyone once again shouted: “Sister-in-law is so mighty!”

In front of the Violet organization, the Azure Cloud Sect was really considered nothing. Having the Azure Cloud Sect annihilated would probably be a very casual matter to them.

Li Xue’er’s remark may seem casual on the surface, but she was extremely pissed inside.

She was mad that Leng Hanshuang broke her promise!

She was mad at Azure Cloud Sect’s unbridled arrogance!

She was mad that the one she loved was beaten unconscious!

The flames of anger was originally smoldering in her heart about many things. But she felt that there were many beautiful things in this world so she shouldn’t dwell on her anger and ruin the good things.

But now, she was really unhappy, to the point it turned into rage!

She didn’t know if Luo Tian was going to survive this or not. If he does die, no matter what, no matter if even the Gods appear, it won’t stop her from truly annihilating the Azure Cloud Sect!

With his words being interrupted and hearing such overbearing words from Li Xue’er, Liu Chengfeng was extremely unhappy.

As an inner court elder of the Azure Cloud Sect, his powers was enough to the cover the heavens. Who would ever dare to interrupt his words? Who would ever dare to say such tyrannical words to him?

At such a moment…

Liu Chengfeng narrowed his eyes and a trace of cold light briefly flashed in them. He then coldly said: “Aren’t you being a bit too overbearing?”

He Changkong walked out and smiled fiercely: “You are alone and your cultivation is nothing but trash in front of us. If you were to die…”

“If everyone in the city dies…”

“Who would know our Azure Cloud Sect was the perpetrator?”

“If you know what’s good for you, scram far away or else… heh heh…”

He Changkong started chuckling in an unsightly manner while Liu Chengfeng also started laughing coldly.

A magical treasure at the Spirit grade was something they weren’t going to let go of that easily.

It was because of this that they decided to risk it all. As long as they massacred the entire city in a clean fashion, they believed that no one will ever suspect them.

There’s a Spirit grade protective treasure involved!

There’s also a super strong wild blade!

As long as they gained them, their strength will definitely increase by multiple levels. Anyone would have their hearts moved because their powers might even reach an entirely new realm!

Greed – something that’s capable of causing people to lose their ability to make sound judgments.

It could make a person go crazy because of it.

It could definitely make a person’s desire to kill skyrocket…

At this moment…

Li Xue’er was in an extremely dangerous position but her expression remained calm without any panic. She coldly smiled and asked: “You want to kill me as well?”

Liu Chengfeng took several steps forward.

These several steps were actually very important.

Because these steps were exactly the distance where he could instantly kill Li Xue’er. Liu Chengfeng was afraid Li Xue’er would try to escape, that’s why he went closer several steps. His eyes were staring at Li Xue’er while his lips formed a faint evil smile. “We have no intentions on offending the Violet organization, but if you dare to stop us… heh heh…”

“You are very beautiful…”

“I believe that any man seeing you would be mesmerized by you. That includes me, and the Azure Cloud Sect disciples behind me. If we captured you… heh heh…”

Liu Chengfeng had an evil perverted smile on his face. The Azure Cloud Sect disciples behind him were stunned for a second before they also started revealing perverted smiles.


A chilled voice shouted.

Leng Hanshuang in a black cloak descended behind Li Xue’er. She then coldly glared: “Are you guys courting death?”

A Profound Spirit 6th rank exuding a chilled aura.

With the appearance of Leng Hanshuang, the surrounding felt like an iceberg had appeared causing the temperature of the immediate area to decrease.

Li Xue’er didn’t even give her a glance.

Liu Chengfeng and He Changkong was briefly surprised, but then mockingly smiled: “The people of the Violet organization are too arrogant. A mere Profound Spirit 6th rank dares to act presumptuously in front of us?”

“We’re courting death?”

“I think you are the ones courting death!”

As his voice faded…

The wind and clouds underwent an immediate change.

The figures of both He Changkong and Liu Chengfeng instantly disappeared. Power capable of overturning rivers and seas came surging from all directions.

Killing intent rose up and enshrouded both Li Xue’er and Leng Hanshuang!

Extreme danger!

But Li Xue’er still looked very calm without panicking.

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