Undefeatable – Ch114

Chapter 114 – Because You Guys Acted Against My…

Killing intent was brimming from both elders Liu and He.

Just for a Spirit grade magical treasure, they were willing to risk it all.

They believed that as long as they covered their tracks cleanly, even the Violet organization wouldn’t be able to find any clues from their investigations.

That’s why they made their move.

Using their lightning fast abilities, what they were planning to do was to make it a quick kill.

They could risk anyone surviving except for Li Xue’er and Leng Hanshuang!

In a blink of an eye…

Leng Hanshuang’s gaze sank, and her cold chill lightly dispersed further. Her figure produced a sword from somewhere that blocked in front of Li Xue’er.



Sparks were seen flashing around in the air. No one could tell who was who while they could only see the blur of figures constantly clashing back and forth. They would repeatedly bounce off each other and collide once again, creating an extremely shocking scene for the viewers.



A dark figure started falling down from the sky.

The figure went straight down before smashing into the ground next to Li Xue’er with a boom. A huge hole was formed and dust showered the area so people were unable to see who it was that fell.

The two other figures landed heavily on the ground with pale faces and some blood at the corner of their mouths.

As the dust began to settle…

Leng Hanshuang’s face was very pale and her breathing unsteady. She glanced at Li Xue’er beside her but only saw Li Xue’er’s cold look.

Li Xue’er did not even give Leng Hanshuang a single glance!

In regards to this…

Leng Hanshuang felt coldness in her heart, “I have always treated her like my own little sister. Now that I’m injured, she didn’t even glance at me. Did I really make a mistake?”

“Did I make a mistake?”

“Can she not understand that everything I’ve done was all for her?”

“Luo Tian is not right for her and will only affect her negatively. He will only become a stumbling block for her in the future. Why… why can she not understand me?”

Leng Hanshuang was defeated!

She was defeated in a miserable manner mentally and seriously wounded physically. For her, an expert at the Profound Spirit 6th rank, being able to perform so well against two Profound Spirit 8th ranks was already a show of her superior battle ability.

Those to two Liu and He only suffered light injuries.

The two Elders felt that if they were by themselves, most likely they would not be Leng Hanshuang’s opponent. This made their minds somewhat shocked as they realized the people of the Violet organization were definitely not normal.

Liu Chengfeng noticed the unmoving Li Xue’er and started smiling perversely. “Are you still going to stop us?”

Li Xue’er’s voice was like ice and even firmer than before: “Yes!”

Liu Chengfeng thought this was extremely funny. “A Profound Spirit 6th rank can’t stop us so you think you can take us on? I appreciate your beauty that’s why I haven’t killed you yet. Of course, I’m also doing this for my Azure Cloud Sect disciples and myself. For such a sweet beauty like you is something I have not enjoyed before, hahaha…”

Li Xue’er’s expression remained unchanged as she said: “You have wounded a person from my Violet organization. Since I kind of hate this person today, I won’t blame or ask for compensation from you guys for hurting her. We’ll consider it as a punishment that she deserved. I’m giving you guys one last chance – bring all your people and scram back to Azure Cloud Sect, and never take another step into this city again.”

Her tone was extremely aggressive.

The aura on her body was still like she was above them.

It was still dignified and domineering, completely not placing the Elders Liu and He, or Azure Cloud Sect in her eyes.

This made Liu Chengfeng and He Changkong pissed.

He Changkong frowned and directly said: “Brother Liu, enough of the bullshit with her. If you like her, just directly grab her and go. I will take care of everything else here.”

Liu Chengfeng faintly smiled, “This beauty is definitely going to be mine. But the good stuff on this kid, it’s best that we each take one.”

The two of them looked at each other as if they formed an agreement, and then started laughing out loud.

The moment they were laughing…

Li Xue’er said unhappily: “It looks like you two have already made your choice.”

“Very good then!”

“Then your Azure Cloud Sect disciples here, including those guarding the city gates will all have to die.”

Her imposing manner could not be shaken!

Liu Chengfeng gave a scoff and shouted: “Little beauty, you think we’re that easily scared? Wait until I get rid of this bunch of trash, then I can start giving your some love and tender care, hahaha…”

Before his laughter could fade…

There was a flash in the sky and a crack appeared.

Speaking more accurately, this was sword qi!

An extremely sharp sword qi filled with power beyond words! Just like a bolt of lightning, it contained an inexhaustible amount of power!

Like silence descending…

Right afterwards…

A small line appeared on Liu Chengfeng’s neck and some blood started seeping out. He touched the wetness before looking at his fingers.

Suddenly, his eyes widened while he clamped onto his neck.

Blood started spraying out of his mouth and nose but Liu Chengfeng continued clamping onto his neck tightly.

Blood then started gushing out from between the gaps of his fingers. In just a few breaths of time, Liu Chengfeng’s body was soaked in his own blood and his face extremely pale.


His two hands weakly dropped to the side and his head fell off his body.

His headless body stayed upright for half a second before toppling over.

It was only a single sword strike!

Liu Chengfeng at the Profound Spirit 8th rank had died. This scene was simply like a dream because he didn’t know how he died or who initiated the sword strike!

But this dream to him was a dream that showed his death!

Everyone raised their head to look up at the sky. The faces of the Azure Cloud Sect disciples paled, their bodies started shaking and their legs became soft.

Cold sweat started pouring down He Changkong’s back. With a pale face, he started sweeping out with his spiritual senses but no matter what, he couldn’t detect the other person’s aura.

Liu Chengfeng’s death was too bloody and terrifying!

But Li Xue’er looked like she was used to this as her expression remained unchanged. She then softly said: “Kill them all, leave no one behind.”

Very casual…

A great amount of rage that was ice cold.

Li Xue’er looked like she had become a completely different person.

She was like a demoness that had killed countless people in the past, and was intimidating to the max. However, Feng Lei was grinning foolishly from ear to ear from this.

Out of everyone present, he was the only one that could laugh so happily. He then started shouting: “Sister-in-law is so domineering; sister-in-law is so mighty, hahaha…”

The rest of the Luo family members could only stare at Li Xue’er’s back, their eyeballs unmoving and their mouths agape.

As Li Xue’er’s voice faded…

He Changkong immediately knelt on the ground and kowtowed: “Please spare this dog life of mine, I don’t dare anymore! I will immediately take my disciples to leave Jade Mountain City and will never take another step in here, never ever! A great person is magnanimous so I beg you to spare my life!”

“We beg you, please spare us!”

“It was all Liu Chengfeng’s fault and has nothing to do with us.”

In an instant…

All the Azure Cloud Sect disciples knelt down and started kowtowing. In Azure Cloud Sect’s thousand year history, there has never been a case such as today.

Was this how an overlord in a radius of 100,000 kilometers acted?

We can only say that the Violet organization behind Li Xue’er was simply too powerful.

Greed had overcome their judgment and only now have they awoken from it?

Li Xue’er’s expression was still calm and remained unchanged, but her voice became a notch colder as she said: “Did you not hear what I said?”

“Kill them all for me!”

As her voice faded…

He Changkong’s complexion darkened. Li Xue’er was only a few meters away from him so as long as he grabbed her; no one would dare to touch him anymore.

He laughed coldly inside his heart. His eyes slightly glanced up before whoosh sound was heard and his body had already pounced forth.

The sword was on a few centimeters away from Li Xue’er’s eyes when it abruptly stopped. A thin vertical line with blood seeping out suddenly appeared in-between He Changkong’s brows.

He was split into two!

Instantly killed!

Li Xue’er’s brows lightly twitched as she faintly said: “Do you know why you have died? Because you guys acted against my man, which has made me extremely unhappy!”

Leng Hanshuang was startled by these words.

The unconscious Luo Tian started smiling like a blooming flower…

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