Undefeatable – Ch115

Chapter 115 – Murong Wanjian

Li Xue’er was really unhappy!

To the point where she became pissed.

Ever since Luo Tian was bullied by the Azure Cloud Sect, she was unhappy. Then Leng Hanshuang broke her promise made her even more unhappy. Luo Tian being crushed by Chen Tianyao’s power made her unhappier, and Liu Chengfeng’s sinister and despicable means finally broke the straw.

To her, there were too many things today that made her unhappy.

That’s why she became enraged.

But it wasn’t obvious when she was enraged since her expression doesn’t undergo that much of a change.

This was only the second time in her entire life to become enraged!

The first time was when some people in her family setup a marriage engagement against her will. This made her extremely unhappy so she drew a line between them and intended to ignore them for the rest of her life.

Today was the second time.

Her rage was because of Luo Tian.

Luo Tian was unconscious but his mind was still very clear. Upon hearing Li Xue’er say those words, he was smiling from ear to ear.

He, on the other hand was very happy!

Once He Changkong died, the Azure Cloud Sect disciples immediately ran with their tails behind their legs

Li Xue’er coldly looked at them with an unchanged expression: “Leave no survivors!”

Immediately after…

A burst of sword ringing sounds was heard in the sky.

Right after that…

Countless sword qi’s started coming together and spinning like a tornado. It was as if a myriad of sword qi’s had decided to fuse into one.

In the center of the countless sword qi’s flying around was a rather ordinary looking black sword.

The blade of the sword was covered in rust without any crease lines. The iron sword looked like it had been sealed away for many millenniums and had no sharp edges to it.


When the black sword heard Li Xue’er’s command, it rose up higher into the sky and seemed to explode. All those countless sword qi’s then shot out like homing missiles.



Mournful screams were continuously heard while blood blossomed into the air. Everyone watching this had fear striking deep into their souls.

After a few minutes…

Hundreds of Azure Cloud Sect disciples all died from those sword qi’s. They were crushed in an absolute manner with no ability to retaliate.

After this…

The black sword slowly descended. The moment it landed, a man dressed in a black robe appeared.

He had no aura about him and seemed as cold as iron. It was like he wasn’t even human but a sword that had been sealed away for over ten thousand years. There was absolutely no trace of breath coming from this person to show he was alive.

The man in the black robes kneeled down and respectfully said: “Greetings to Miss, Jiannu¹ has come late and made you suffer from fright.”

Li Xue’er gently supported the man up and faintly smiled. “Uncle Jiannu, you came just in time.”

The black robed man stood up and stood next to Li Xue’er in a natural manner. His gaze landed on the pale looking Leng Hanshuang with a weak aura. His eyes didn’t show any surprise and his face didn’t show any particular expression.

Li Xue’er started walking towards where Luo Tian was before stopping. Her eyes lightly closed while she exhaled a breath of air. Her body loosened up before saying: “Uncle Jiannu, please help big sister Shuang recover.”

She finally decided to let it go.


A slight estrangement had already appeared in her heart.

It’s possible that their relationship will never be able to become like before.

Leng Hanshuang understood this point as she smiled bitterly inside her heart. She could only sigh helplessly in her heart and say to herself: “Maybe I really shouldn’t have done that.”

After saying that, Li Xue’er still didn’t give Leng Hanshuang a glance and continued walking towards Luo Tian.

Feng Lei was already holding Luo Tian up as he asked in a worried tone: “Sister-in-law, my boss should be okay right?”

All the Luo family members watched as Li Xue’er approached. Their eyes were filled with respect but there was also a trace of fear.

Back then, they knew nothing of the Violet organization, but today they’ve started understanding it.

Li Xue’er had a solemn look on her face as she carefully examined Luo Tian’s body for injuries. She then realized she couldn’t find any, and noticed his face was rosy and his heartbeat strong. The thing that made her speechless was… when Li Xue’er placed her right hand on Luo Tian’s chest to examine him, his crotch area started rising up!


Li Xue’er’s face immediately became red as she softly cursed out: “You stinky rogue.”

Her mind did relax though.

Li Xue’er had no idea that all the acupoints in Luo Tian had burst apart. Her current thoughts were that she had no clue why Luo Tian didn’t show any heavy injuries which was contrary to what everyone witnessed. This was probably something no one would be able to understand, but she only knew Luo Tian was her big brother Luo Tian.

He was big and strong, and he once said he would marry her. He was the big brother Luo Tian that was going to protect her for the rest of her life.

It was as simple as that.

Li Xue’er’s expression went back to normal as she said: “Don’t worry; big brother Luo Tian is fine. Most likely he overexerted himself so after resting, he should wake up by himself.”

“Oh right…”

“Fatty, carry big brother Luo Tian to my room.”

Feng Lei was surprised and asked: “Sister-in-law, young master has his own room so why am I carrying him to yours?”


Luo Tian started cursing up a storm, wishing he could start kicking the fatty’s ass until it bloomed flowers. “Why the hell are you asking so many questions? Stop bothering with my affairs and manage your own shit! Just do as you were told! You damn fatty, wait until this daddy wakes up, I will definitely teach you a good lesson!”

Li Xue’er’s cheeks went red again as she replied: “So that I can take care of him.”

Feng Lei finally came to a realization before smiling in a foolish manner: “I understand.”

After saying that…

Feng Lei easily picked up Luo Tian and started walking towards Li Xue’er’s courtyard.

Luo Tian started imagining some awesome stuff in his mind…

While Li Xue’er was leaving the area, she glanced at the spot where Leng Hanshuang had crashed down. Seeing that Jiannu was no longer around, she mumbled: “I hope you will be okay.”


Late at night, the weather was somewhat cooler.

Lights were brightly lit in the Luo family as everyone was busy with the reconstruction.

There were constantly noble and large families of Jade Mountain City visiting with gifts to show their respects.

Luo Tian’s actions were known to all. In order to protect Jade Mountain City, he fought with his life on the line. Even though some didn’t appreciate what he did, they still understood that if it weren’t for Luo Tian blocking Azure Cloud Sect, most likely Jade Mountain City would have become a city of the dead.

What surprised everyone was…

The Zhou family had quickly packed up and migrated to another place. They were seen rushing out of the city and most likely will never return to Jade Mountain City this lifetime.

When it came to the territories of the Zhou family, Song Yannan had sent out Luo family disciples at the first chance to take them all over, and no one dared to voice their objection!

As for the Zhu family, there was no one left there.

Zhu Mei was planning on running away, but was surrounded by a group of Zhu family disciples and beaten to death.

Her death was extremely tragic.

The Zhu family disciples had beaten her to death because they were clear that if it weren’t for this woman, there wouldn’t be so much trouble being stirred up. And they wouldn’t have to be all exiled and drifting around as vagabonds now.

The current Luo family was undergoing full scale reconstruction.


Luo Tian was now the absolute overlord of Jade Mountain City, the boss position that no one could shake. As long as Luo Tian doesn’t die and the Violet organization stands strong, he will become the overlord for all eternity.

As stars dotted the skies, the area around Li Xue’er’s courtyard was very quiet.

Some disciples passing by would even start tiptoeing afraid that they would interfere with Luo Tian’s recovery.

In the middle of the courtyard…

Li Xue’er was standing there silently with a serious look on her face.

Standing three meters away from her was someone in white. His face was slightly blurry like an immortal’s where people couldn’t see through clearly, and his temperament alone would tell people that he was definitely extraordinary.

Murong Wanjian!

The young master of Shattered Sky City, a peerless genius that has never appeared in the human race before, and a man that possessed the blood of the legendary dragons!

The two of them stared at each other.

They were staring at each other for a full hour.


Murong Wanjian faintly laughed before taking a step forward.

The moment he took a step forward, Li Xue’er took a single step back maintaining the three meter distance between them.

Murong Wanjian laughed out once again. There was a trace of embarrassment in the laugh and also a trace of anger. He then coldly said: “I want to kill him!”


¹ – Jiannu means Sword Slave, and it feels weird to keep his name in English. Uncle Sword Slave?

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