Undefeatable – Ch116

Chapter 116 – Departure

His voice was extremely cold and filled with killing intent.

Li Xue’er’s eyes sank as she stared at Murong Wanjian, “You’ve already tried killing him once but you didn’t succeed.”

“It was you who ordered big sister Shuang to not make a move, right?”

Murong Wanjian expression showed hidden shock as he faintly smiled. He didn’t deny the accusation and replied: “Xue’er, you are still so intelligent.”

Upon hearing the words Xue’er, Li Xue’er’s brows lightly frowned and her expression underwent a slight change. All of this was noticed by Murong Wanjian’s eyes.

Another strand of fiery rage appeared inside his heart.

Li Xue’er then said: “After all, big sister Shuang is a person of your Shattered Sky City and her heart will always be pointed towards you. Even though I treated her like an elder sister all these years, she still obeyed your words in the end. Inside big sister Shuang’s heart, she actually…”

Murong Wanjian didn’t wait for Li Xue’er to finish and interrupted: “She is merely a servant of the Shattered Sky City, so she has no rights to do what she wants.”

“The moment she was born, her life did not belong to her.”

In Murong Wanjian’s eyes, Leng Hanshuang was even lower than a servant.

He had already guessed what the rest of the words Li Xue’er was going to say. He felt that if those words were spoken out, it would be considered a great insult to him so that’s why he interrupted them.

He possessed an extremely noble bloodline.

He had unmatched wealth, power, and status. Most importantly, he possessed what only existed in legends – a true dragon’s bloodline.

He was born with it!

That’s why he felt like he was a Monarch that looked down on the entire world.

Ignoring cultivation, the next most important thing in his heart was Li Xue’er in front of him.


He felt like Li Xue’er was drifting further away from him. Especially because of some kid with the surname Luo in Jade Mountain city; he felt like she was becoming beyond his reach.

This made him extremely unhappy from the bottom of his heart!

This kind of unhappiness was suppressed inside his heart so it didn’t show on his face, all because Li Xue’er was present.

Li Xue’er bitterly smiled and shook her head. “I really pity you. Such a beautiful and perfect girl like big sister Shuang and you don’t even cherish her properly.”

Murong Wanjian was hiddenly annoyed. He thought that if he interrupted Li Xue’er’s words, she would stop talking about it yet he didn’t imagine she would persist with the topic.

He silently exhaled a breath of air before saying: “Xue’er, I only have eyes for you in my world.”

Li Xue’er didn’t bother with being tactful and said outright: “I’m sorry, there’s no you in my world. My world only has my big brother Luo Tian.”

Murong Wanjian’s eyes widened.

And an invisible aura surged out of his body! Within the nine heavens, if sounded like a real dragon had suddenly started roaring in the sky!

He was enraged!

Truly enraged!

Just when it seemed like he was about to explode, Murong Wanjian suddenly retrieved his aura and coldly smiled. “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill him?”

Li Xue’er replied: “You won’t dare.”


Murong Wanjian felt this was kind of funny and said: “Is there anything in this world that I, Murong Wanjian would not dare to do?”

Li Xue’er said: “This is something you wouldn’t dare to.”

Her face looked calm with a trace of emotion.

She was actually a bit nervous in her heart, but she was able to cover it up well. Even Murong Wanjian wasn’t able to sense it.

Murong Wanjian looked at Li Xue’er without moving.

Li Xue’er also stared back at Murong Wanjian without moving.

A while later…

Li Xue’er’s body gently shook, and a magical bird appeared behind her that seemed to be condensed by the stars from the sky – the legendary Phoenix!

The stars started dispersing and Li Xue’er’s chest seem to show her breathing quickening.

Murong Wanjian calmly smiled and said: “Xue’er, it looks like your cultivation hasn’t improved by much these days.”

Li Xue’er didn’t respond and only glared at Murong Wanjian.

Another period of time passed…

Murong Wanjian took a step back, turned around, and started walking out the courtyard. He then lightly said: “Follow me back.”

Li Xue’er replied: “I will go back, but I will not follow you!”

Murong Wanjian’s lips curved into a cold smile before he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Half an hour later…

Inside Azure Cloud Sect, on top of Azure Cloud Mountain…

Murong Wanjian’s eyes were filled with anger. His sword struck out and the entire Azure Cloud Sect was shrouded in a sword qi filled with killing intent.

In a single night, blood flowed like a river in the Azure Cloud Sect.

In a single night, out of a thousand plus Azure Cloud Sect members, not one person survived

In a single night, Murong Wanjian went crazy with rage and massacred everyone like a demon.

On this night, it was the first time he had ever lost all rational thoughts.


At the edge of dawn, Murong Wanjian was sitting on one of the many steps of Azure Cloud Sect. He was surrounded by corpses that had all died by a single sword strike. Murong Wanjian coldly stared at the mix of dark night with the sun’s dawning light. He then said to himself: “No one is allowed to act against my woman.”

“Luo Tian, I won’t kill you this time.”

“But the next time we meet will be the date of your death!”

Immediately after…

Azure Cloud Sect’s Sovereign was kneeling down in front of him with a huge gaping hole on his chest. He couldn’t die in peace and asked: “Why?”

Murong Wanjian coldly glanced at him and said: “Because one of your elders, who deserved his death, spoke rudely to my woman. Because in the radius of 100,000 kilometers, there’s only your sect around. And most important of all, this daddy is in a bad mood!”


Jade Mountain City, the Luo family.

Li Xue’er’s face was extremely pale. The moment Murong Wanjian disappeared, she almost flopped to the ground like she had been paralyzed.

It was fortunate that she was quickly supported by Jiannu.

The black robed Jiannu softly asked: “Is it worth it to do this for him?”

Li Xue’er had a cheeky grin on her face and replied: “It’s worth it.”

The black robed Jiannu was about to say something but stopped himself.

Li Xue’er continued smiling: “Uncle Jiannu, when we were four years old, big brother Luo Tian promised to marry me and said he would definitely protect me for the rest of my life. We even pinky swore on it.”

“Big brother Luo Tian said he will give me happiness.”

“Big brother Luo Tian said as long as he was around, he will never let anyone bully me.”

“Big brother Luo Tian said…”

Li Xue’er said many words. The more she spoke, the brighter her smile became. Eventually tears started coming down her face but she bit her own hand in order to not cry out loud.

That soundless yet emotional heart wrenching face she was showing would make anyone feel heart ache upon seeing.

That night…

Luo Tian was lying on the bed while staring at the ceiling. Tears were continuously flowing down the side of his face.

His fists were clenched so hard that his nails stabbed into his palms. Blood started dripping out yet the pain in his heart made him unable to feel any pain from other parts of his body.

That night…

The desire to become strong was the most intense he had ever felt.

Become stronger!

This daddy must become much stronger!

This daddy will definitely beat the shit out of Murong Wanjian. This daddy swears in front of all the Gods and Buddhas in heaven – if I am unable to beat him to the point of looking like a dying dog, my little brother will never stand erect my entire life!

This oath was too poisonous!

Time quietly passed by.

Three days later…

Luo Tian continued pretending to be unconscious because he didn’t know how to face Li Xue’er.

Li Xue’er also pretended she didn’t notice anything and stayed by his side for three days and three nights. She just kept on talking about what happened back then when they were four years old in the Luo family manor.

She would smile every time she finished talking about a memory. The smile of hers looked like a young girl that was about to marry the man of her dreams.

The days later…

Li Xue’er had to leave.

The moment she left, Luo Tian got out of the bed and secretly ran all the way to the top of the city walls to watch her back fading away.

Unknown when…

Leng Hanshuang had appeared behind him.

This time she wasn’t wearing her signature black cloak but wearing a light blue dress. She looked less icy cold and even prettier than usual. Her figure was of course hot beyond comparison!

Leng Hanshuang took out a small person made of mud and said: “This is something the young Miss told me to give you.”

Luo Tian took it and smiled. This was something that Li Xue’er had told him it was a present he had given her when they were young – a small mud person.

Leng Hanshuang looked off into the direction of Heavenly Sword City. She started frowning and her expression sank as she said: “Three years later in Shattered Sky City will be young Miss’s wedding day with Murong Wanjian.”

Luo Tian put away the mud person in a pocket near his heart. He then said in a serious manner: “I will definitely be there to kidnap the bride!”

Leng Hanshuang smiled.

Very beautiful; just like a flower encased in ice.

She then leapt off and rushed to catch up with Li Xue’er’s carriage.

Luo Tian loudly laughed: “Next time we meet, I will definitely slap your ass until it blooms flowers!”

Leng Hanshuang suddenly stopped, turned around and looked at Luo Tian on top of the city walls. Her hands were placed at her waist while she perked her two mounds up higher. Those two mounds of hers gently shook while she revealed a charming and sultry smile. “I remember, in bed right? I will be waiting for that day!”


Author notes: This chapter even made old cow feel a bit emotional, and my face almost covered in tears. Fellow brothers, wait for the explosion three years later. Once Luo Tian gains the ancient magic, levels up like mad, three years later he will beat the shit out of Murong Wanjian.

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