Undefeatable – Ch117

Chapter 117 – Inner Depths Of The Ghostly Mountain Range

“Fatty, I’m giving you ten months to break into the Profound Grandmaster realm. Ten months later, we will meet up at the imperial Heavenly Sword City.”

At the city gates.

Luo Tian said this with a serious look in his eyes.

To a martial cultivator, ten months of time was not very long and wanting to gain a few levels in that time was already quite hard. Feng Lei was only at the Profound Master 2nd rank and was considered 108,000 miles away from the Profound Grandmaster realm.

For some martial cultivators, they may not even break through into the Profound Grandmaster realm their entire lives.

The martial path was not something hard work alone was enough. One needed talent and also fortunate encounters to succeed.

Luo Tian wanted to meet up at the imperial Heavenly Sword City in ten months time because he wanted to rescue An Chunchun’s mother.

This was an S-rank quest so he had to complete it no matter what.

There was 10,000 favorability points involved!

It’s not that he was planning to do whatever he wanted with An Chunchun; Luo Tian was wondering if An Chunchun’s mother would… She was nonetheless a matured woman of the fox demon clan, a woman that could take your life in bed.

The perverted evil fire in Luo Tian unconsciously flared up.


Ignoring the fact it was a quest, this was something Luo Tian had promised An Chunchun to her face so he had to accomplish it no matter the difficulty.

Because those two made a pinky promise!

And what did 10,000 favorability points entitled him to exactly?

Was it as simple as looking favorably towards a person?

Luo Tian felt it cannot be as simple as that. He had a feeling that the system’s reward seem to be hiding some deeper secret, and it might even trigger some special circumstances.

Feng Lei nodded in a serious manner and replied: “Don’t worry boss, I won’t let you down. But where are you going boss? Can’t I follow you there?”

He had protected Luo Tian since he was born and had never left his side in these dozen plus years.

Those two were even closer than biological brothers!

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “I need to find ways to break through and so do you.”

Level up!

He urgently wanted to level up! Luo Tian’s desire to become stronger had grown even larger!

Three years later, he had to surpass Murong Wanjian! He wanted Murong Wanjian stomped below his foot! This was his oath!

This was Luo Tian’s plan even though he had no clue how high Murong Wanjian’s cultivation level was.

Feng Lei wanted to argue some more but held himself back. He started grinning foolishly before nodding his head in a serious manner.

He wanted to follow Luo Tian.

But he felt his cultivation wasn’t enough to follow in the footsteps of Luo Tian. He had to desperately catch up and maybe step into the Profound Grandmaster 5th rank in ten months time!

Luo Tian crouched down and pinched An Chunchun’s exquisite cheeks, “Chunchun, you need to obediently wait here for my return. Once I come back, I will bring you to find your mother.”

An Chunchun cutely nodded and said: “Big brother, I will be obedient and await your return.”

Luo Tian smiled before turning towards Song Yannan. He brought out a spatial plaque and said: “Elder brother Song, I will place Chunchun and the Luo family in your care. Inside the spatial plaque are some things for the Luo family, so just do what you deem fit with it.”

Song Yannan took it and became shocked when he glanced inside – they were all xuan stones! “Don’t worry; I will take care of everything here.”

After giving out instructions, Luo Tian swept his eyes past the rest of the Luo family in a determined manner. He then turned around strode away without looking back.

He didn’t dare to look back.

He was afraid he would start crying.

Luo Tian was a rather sentimental person at times.

He had already experienced this type of parting before, and it was something very difficult for him to endure.

Of course…

After parting would mean a reunion later.


Time flowed on.

A month had passed by in a blink of an eye.

At the inner depths of the Ghostly Mountain Range, on top of a tree with dense foliage – a pair of eyes that looked similar to a wild beast was staring at a location without blinking.

Silently waiting.

It was similar to how a cheetah would stare quietly at its prey.

Following the line of sight of those eyes, there were two huge demonic beasts battling each other about fifty meters away.

The scene of their battle was extremely cruel.

Those two demonic beasts fighting looked like two wrestlers having a death match, except the strength of them two were probably over ten thousand times more powerful than a typical wrestler.



They had been fighting for over two hours and the sky was about to get dark.

The two demonic beasts were eventually covered in wounds and panting for air. All they could do was stand their ground while glaring at each other.

Demonic beasts and humans were similar on certain aspects.

They both wanted to increase their cultivation, except demonic beasts had to absorb blood essence. In front of Luo Tian were two rank 5 demonic beasts, the kind that relied on pure strength.

Those two demonic beasts were eager to absorb each other’s blood essence in order to make a breakthrough.

It was only after battling it out for two hours did they realize that the other wasn’t that simple.

Those two demonic beasts couldn’t gain any advantages over each other so they didn’t dare to continue fighting, because they knew their injuries would only worsen over time.

Even if they managed to kill their opponent, most likely they wouldn’t live for long either.

There were simply too many powerful demonic beasts within the inner depths of the Ghostly Mountain Range. Once one become injured, it’s highly possible another demonic beast could take advantage of the situation and devour you on the spot.

Seeing that those two had no intentions of continuing to fight, Luo Tian was quite unhappy as he grimaced: “Shit, this sucks! I was hoping to gain some benefits out of this!”

“Oh well.”

“You two can die together then.”

In a blink of an eye…

His figure blurred before landing heavily in-between the two rank 5 demonic beasts. Each of Luo Tian’s hand was pointing at the demonic beasts before he hooked his fingers at them with a sneer: “You two can come at me together.”

A human had appeared in the inner depths of the Ghostly Mountain Range?

Seeing Luo Tian’s playful expression, those two demonic beasts seemed to have suffered the greatest insult in their entire life. They then both rushed towards Luo Tian like they had gone crazy!

Rank 5 demonic beasts, and there were even two of them!

Ordinary people encountering this would directly piss their pants.

When Luo Tian looked at them…

“Heh heh, this is quite a bit of experience points.”

Luo Tian didn’t move.

He stood there without moving at all. His aura had been retrieved back into his body while he didn’t make any attempts to guard the incoming attack.

Was he planning to resist them with his physical body alone?

Did he go crazy?

That’s right!

Luo Tian was exactly planning on using his physical body alone to resist. Ever since he stepped into the Profound Master 8th rank, he felt that the defense of his body was just too weak.

The best way to cultivate one’s physical body was to make their thin thick and their muscles robust.

Luo Tian was using his own body as a sandbag for the demonic beasts to smack around. This type of cultivation was the most direct method, but also the most perverted since it was no different than self abuse.

When talking about the way to cultivate, Luo Tian was completely clueless on it.

He was just a transmigrator that had no idea how people of the Tianxuan Continent cultivated. The only thing he could think of to enhance his physical resistance was to get used to being beaten.



Two heavy collision sounds landed on Luo Tian’s body.

Luo Tian clenched his teeth as he directly endured it.

Pain, extreme severe pain. But during this pain, he could feel that his body’s resistance to physical attacks seemed to grow a bit stronger. The power in his muscles had also become a little bit stronger.

“F*ck, is this all the strength you guys have?”

“Come again!”

Luo Tian shouted full of disdain.

The two demonic beasts became angrier and their power became more vigorous.

They attacked again, and Luo Tian directly resisted the impact. His legs were shaking and he almost keeled over, but he endured in the end.



The attacks landed on Luo Tian’s body over and over again. He was completely covered in blood and his appearance could be described as beyond recognition. Yet Luo Tian became more and more excited with a ferocious look on his face.

The two demonic beasts started feeling fear.

They’ve seen perverted things in the past but they have never seen such extreme perverseness like today. Was this guy still considered f*cking human?

“You want to run?”

“If you two run away, what is this daddy going to eat for dinner?” Luo Tian’s eyes changed as he shouted in his mind: “Level 2 Berserk!”


His power was like the ocean as it exploded forth!

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