Undefeatable – Ch118

Chapter 118 – Fallen Into A Nest Of Beauties

Luo Tian’s aura underwent a sudden and violent change. Wild Blade appeared in his hand and two consecutive slashes were made.

“Boom~, boom~!”

Two huge heads then fell to the ground – they’ve died!

Two relaxed sword strikes that resulted in an instant kill!

The one thousand eight hundred jin Blood Devouring Wild Blade was way too sharp! It started drinking the blood of those demonic beasts and began giving off a sword ringing sound.

“Ding! Ding!”

The two system alerts went off at the same time. Luo Tian immediately checked the attributes of the demon core before sighing. “Still no demon cores with special attributes came out. When the hell will I be able to fully gather all the demon cores of the five elements?”

Ever since killing Chen Tianyao who exploded forth a fire attributed demon core, Luo Tian had been killing dozens of rank 5 demonic beasts this past month and still hadn’t found any special attributed demon cores. Let’s not even mention demon cores with one of the five elements.

If he’s unable to gather all five elemental demon cores, that means he won’t be able to crack the ancient scroll’s Universal Array.

If he can’t even solve the Universal Array, how was it to get the ancient magic within it?

“Forget it…”

“I should fill my stomach first before dealing with other stuff.”

Luo Tian sliced off a piece of thigh meat from the demonic beast and started walking into a certain part of the forest.

Not long after…

A series of loud sounds and tremors was heard behind him. A bunch of demonic beasts whose strength wasn’t weak, were all fighting over the two corpses.

One had to always be careful while inside the Ghostly Mountain Range.

Because it was just too dangerous there with so many vicious demonic beasts roaming about. Luo Tian could still easily deal with rank 5 demonic beasts but when he encounters rank 6 ones, that’s when he’ll be in trouble.

That’s why he had left this place in a hurry.

As night fell…

Luo Tian was sitting at the mouth of a cave while grilling meat. He was humming a kid’s tune from his previous life: “You are my little barbeque meat…”

Not long after…

Bits of oil from the grilled meat popped while emitting an attractive charred smell. Sprinkling some salt at this time would make the meat fully absorb the flavor, making the taste even more appetizing.

Luo Tian swallowed down his saliva as he mumbled to himself: “Shit man, how come I never realized in my past life that I had such talent with barbecuing meat? This smell is simply irresistible.”

After enjoying the smell for a while…

Luo Tian took the rack of meat from the fire and placed it on a large leaf to cool down.

Luo Tian walked out of the cave while undoing his pants. He then looked up into the dark night’s sky and howled out: “Motherf*cker, this daddy will one day poke a hole in you!”

His piss was like a rain arrow that shot off quite a far distance.

Luo Tian looked down at his little brother and smiled: “Such a powerful thing.”

He pulled up his pants and returned to the cave. Just when he was about to indulge in his grilled meat, he realized the meat was missing from the large leaf.

Luo Tian was startled, “Did I encounter a ghost? I swear I left the meat here.”

He carefully searched all over and still didn’t find anything. Luo Tian frowned and released his spiritual sense that covered a one kilometer radius. Still nothing.

Luo Tian looked inside the dark cave and mumbled: “This world can’t really have ghosts right?”

The cave around him seemed to be artificially made and didn’t look like it would go on too deep. Most likely it was a place people had previously made when they explored the Ghostly Mountain Range.

Luo Tian hadn’t bothered going inside to check it out so whether it was deep or not was something he didn’t know.

As he stared at the gloomy dark cave, he suddenly had a bad feeling in his mind.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian pretended nothing had happened and continued humming his tune and grilling another piece of meat.

Ten minutes later…

Another large piece of grilled meat was finished and this one was even more enticing than the last. Luo Tian didn’t walk out this time and started taking a few bites before placing it down.

He then lay down on a large flat rock and closed his eyes pretending to sleep.

Half a minute later…

A slight noise came from the inner reaches of the cave. If it weren’t for Luo Tian sending out his senses, his ears would definitely not have heard it.


“Another piece of grilled meat; this type of thing is just too delicious.”

After saying that, a glance was thrown towards Luo Tian before carefully grabbing the grilled meat about to leave.

Luo Tian was shocked, extremely shocked! Because at the slit of his eyes was a very small person that was only about 30 centimeters tall. Could this be the Gnome race from legends?

The moment his grilled meat was being picked up, Luo Tian suddenly got up and shouted: “You dare to steal my things? You must be tired of living!”

The small person stuck its tongue out at Luo Tian with disdain while holding onto the grilled meat.

Immediately after…

That small person sprinted off into the cave like smoke.

Luo Tian was unhappy.

It’s fine that you bastard dare to steal this daddy’s food, but you still had to show f*cking disdain to this daddy? How could Luo Tian endure this?

He shot off like an arrow and quickly chased after the Gnome.

What made Luo Tian even more shocked was that this small person’s speed was extremely fast. Even after activating Shadewind Steps, he still couldn’t catch up with it. Fortunately, the distance between them had not been pulled away too far. Luo Tian could see the faint outline of the small person running like crazy who would occasionally turn its head back to look at him.

What pissed Luo Tian off more was this bastard would still show looks of disdain at him.


“Level 2 Berserk!”

“Shadewind Steps, level 2!”


The aura of Luo Tian underwent an explosive change as he angrily shouted: “You little bastard, you think this daddy can’t catch you?!”

Luo Tian’s sudden change made the little person shocked. Its eyes were filled with nervousness as it increased its running speed. It was rushing ahead like crazy and not daring to turn back to look at Luo Tian anymore.

Because it realized this human behind it was truly a dangerous existence.

The distance between the two drew closer and Luo Tian started laughing playfully: “Motherf*cker, go ahead and disdain this daddy. Let me see that look of disdain from you again.”

He was about to grab a hold of the little person.


After taking a sharp turn, he encountered lights so brightly lit that it blinded his eyes.

Luo Tian was caught off guard and instinctively used his right arm to block the suddenly bright light. It was also at this moment that the little person suddenly jumped towards the light.

His speed was too quick.

Luo Tian couldn’t stop in time. And add the fact his eyes were blinded from the light, his feet felt emptiness below them before his entire person went into a freefall.


“I’m screwed!”

At that moment, Luo Tian’s mind sank and a thought appeared in his mind: “I’ve messed up big time.”

He had let his guard down and never imagined something like this to appear inside a cave. He also never imagined that there would be such a big hole here.

Luo Tian’s body lost its center of gravity as he plummeted down.

As he was falling, that little person started flapping its arm. It… it was flying?!


When were Gnomes capable of flying?

The worst thing about this: The little thing had a cheap expression on its face and like a naughty child; it stuck its tongue out at him. The look it gave Luo Tian was incomparable contempt and like it was gloating at his misfortune.

“Damn you, just wait for this daddy!”


Luo Tian was trying to control his center of gravity but found that he couldn’t. The speed of his fall was too quick and he couldn’t find any places to counteract the speed.

If he had reached the Profound Spirit realm, perhaps he could tread on air to fly.

But he was still at the Profound Master 8th rank, which was over 108,000 miles from it.


“People below me watch out because I’m coming down fast!”

“I’m probably going to fall to my death…”

Luo Tian plummeted straight down onto a house. A huge hole exploded from the collision before he heavily smashed into the ground.

His entire body was wracked with pain. Luo Tian started touching some important parts of his body and was secretly relieved. “It’s fortunate that I’ve been training my physical resistance this past month or I would really have fallen to my death.”

Luo Tian started patting off the dust on his body. He sat up and looked around before becoming dumbfounded.

Luo Tian started forcefully rubbing his eyes and said: “I’m must be dreaming. This has to be a dream, illusions, and hallucinations mixed in…”

In front of him were six completely naked women with not a single piece of clothing on them. They were as hot as hot can be, their breasts as plump as plump could be, and their looks was as seductive as seductive could be.

So awesome!

Did he just fall into a nest of beauties?

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