Undefeatable – Ch119

Chapter 119 – This Guy Is Quite Fierce

How did such happiness arrive so suddenly?

The two lives of being a virgin must have moved the heavens, so they immediately gave him six beautiful sisters?

So awesome! Has my little brother’s spring time arrived?

Luo Tian was completely dumbfounded.

These women didn’t have a single piece of clothing on them and their figures were in top shape without the slightest flaws. The most important fact was that they weren’t of the small Gnome race and was surprisingly not much different than your average human. The only difference Luo Tian could see for now was their pupils were dark blue.

Luo Tian was dumbfounded by those six women and those six women were dumbfounded at the sight of him.

They looked at Luo Tian filled with shock before looking at Luo Tian’s crotch area.

Luo Tian’s sphincter tightened and his little brother lifted up in a domineering manner. He was thinking to himself: “The eyes of these women look like they want to gang rape me.”

“Should I try to resist?”

“Should I do it or not? This is simply too exciting for me.”

Thinking of those thoughts, Luo Tian pretended to reveal a scared look on his face. He then started undoing his shirt and weakly said: “I’ll do it myself. This is my first time so I’m hoping you will all be gentle towards me…”

Finally, he decided to let them know: “I prefer to be on top but if you girls don’t like that, then I can still tolerate being on the bottom.”

To be honest…

When those six naked women stared at his crotch, Luo Tian felt it was truly time for him to take the first step.

He had imagined lots of possible scenes and lots of beginnings.

In other words, he failed to guess his beginnings and never guessed the ending. But he was still looking forward to this because it was f*cking 1 versus 6! Would any of you have dared to believe that?

Those six women were frowning as they stared at Luo Tian’s crotch without moving.

At this time, Luo Tian had already taken off his shirt revealing his strong muscles. Each muscle was defined by clear lines and there were even some scars around his upper body. This made him even more mysterious since it showed that he was someone that had gone through some unpleasant things in life. If his current body was placed in his previous life, most likely it would have already seduced many young girls. But seeing that these women were still staring at his crotch, Luo Tian wondered if he should take off his pants as well.


“Becoming naked to face others naked, this was of course the proper etiquette.”

Luo Tian did feel somewhat shy since this was nonetheless his first time.

Of course…

Apart from being a bit shy, he was feeling much more eagerness.

Just as he was about to take his pants off, Luo Tian realized in-between his legs were some white strands that looked like hair.

“What is that?”

Luo Tian grabbed onto the white hair and fiercely pulled.

The expression of the six women underwent a drastic change as if Luo Tian’s actions had affected their nerves. They all had a very nervous look on their faces.

“It didn’t move from my pull?”

Luo Tian shifted his butt and forcefully pulled again. A doll like figure was suddenly pulled out beneath him which startled him. He then mumbled: “The people of this world like to play with western dolls as well? But this doll looks a bit too ugly…”

He turned the body over and observed the nose, the eyes, and noticed the face was filled with wrinkles. Luo Tian felt this doll was quite realistic.

It was at this time…

“Cough… cough… young man, you almost took my life.”

“Oh shit!”

“This doll can speak?!”

Luo Tian’s sphincter tightened as he reflexively threw the doll away.


The doll landed with its face stuck on the wall, before it slowly slid down.

“How can you do that to granny?!”

“Who are you?!”

“Granny, are you okay?”

The six women glared at Luo Tian angrily before they rushed towards the so called granny.

Luo Tian was dumbstruck as he said to himself: “So that doll was actually a person? F*ck man, I was almost scared half to death! Can a person really have such an ugly face?”

At this time…

The rather ugly looking granny stood up. Her face was filled with anger because no one has ever dared to treat her like this here.

She ran up to Luo Tian and was about to curse him out…


At this moment, her expression changed to look of a devout and sacred follower as she stared at Luo Tian like he was a God.

Luo Tian was currently sitting down cross-legged. His upper body was bare with some scars showing, and there was a big hole right above his head. A light was shining down through that exact hole and right onto his head, making his whole person look extremely sacred. It was like Lord Buddha had appeared and was shrouded by a holy light.

“The prophecy has come true!”

“The prophecy has come true!”

“Hurry, hurry, pay respects to the Immortal!”

The old granny’s voice was trembling and her expression filled with excitement. She once again hurried the women: “Quickly pay respects to the Immortal! He can save you all and he is the only one able to do so…”

The six women were stunned.

Their gaze landed on Luo Tian filled with doubt. One of the women asked: “Granny, are you sure you haven’t made a mistake? How can he be the person mentioned in the prophecy?”

“That’s right.”

“Those frivolous eyes of his depicted the dirty thoughts in his mind, so he definitely cannot be the person mentioned in the prophecy.”

All the women expressed their thoughts that showed they didn’t believe the old granny.

Luo Tian was thinking to himself: “Shit man, what person in the prophecy? What the hell is going on?”

The old granny stared at Luo Tian in a serious manner. She then started reciting something in low whispers before her eyes suddenly widened. “He is definitely the person mentioned in the prophecy.”

“A human that descended from the heavens.”

“His upper body would be bare and he would be enshrouded by light – all of this was mentioned in the prophecy.”

“It is absolutely not wrong. All of you quickly pay respects to the Immortal and beg him to save you.”

The old granny had an extremely serious look on her face.

The six women looked at each other as if they were on the verge of a mental breakdown. They all kneeled down in front of Luo Tian with tears streaming down.

“Immortal, please save us.”

“Immortal, we don’t want to marry the Dark King.”

“Save us Immortal, we will worship you for the rest of our lives.”

Luo Tian was completely and utterly dumbfounded at this point.

His thoughts went on overdrive and wondered if he should act as a swindler?

His left and right arms would be holding women; he’ll then dominate all six of them in a single night and then disappear off into the sunset?

This thought was a bit too shameless but it was truly an awesome idea.

The most important fact was these six women were really beautiful. They were so beautiful that any man seeing them will have their hearts moved.

Luo Tian switched into his superior looking expression, cleared his throat and then said: “Slowly explain the situation to me first. This Immortal will definitely help you escape the misery you are in.”

Once Luo Tian said that, the old granny started getting excited.

She immediately kneeled down and explained: “Immortal, the Dark King from the Corpse City has occupied our lands, seized our men, and now wants to capture the women of our race. We request that Immortal kill the Dark King and save these girls.”

“Dark King?”

“His name sounds over exaggerated; is he very strong?” Luo Tian casually asked.

The old granny replied: “In front of Immortal, he is considered nothing. You only have to wiggle your finger and you’ll be able to kill him.”

Luo Tian became happy as he said to himself: “So he’s that weak!”


A robust voice was heard outside of the house.

Two burly guys with big ears and thick bushy eyebrows walked in holding long blades. Their eyes showed they wanted to cause trouble and their image was quite tough looking. One of them coldly harrumphed: “Who was it that dared to say bad things about the Dark King?”

Immediately after…

One of them glanced at the six naked women and started smiling perversely. He grabbed his crotch in front of the six women and started rubbing it in an obscene manner.

Luo Tian stared with wide eyes and mouth agape. He then mumbled: “This guy is going to masturbate out in the open? So fierce!”

As his faint voice faded, the eyes of the two burly guys dimmed and a thick murderous aura slowly rose out of their bodies.

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