Undefeatable – Ch120

Chapter 120 – Realm Of The Dead?

Murderous aura; thick and sinister murderous aura.

This type of killing intent was filled with a death like aura and was something only a corpse would exude.

The long blade pointed directly at Luo Tian’s nose as the burly guy cussed: “Who is this damn dog thing?!”

“This is perfect!”

“Sorceress, you told our Lord Commander that you were undergoing some type of ritual. Never would I have imagined that a man would be a part of it. This daddy thinks that you must be tired of living!”

After saying that…

The other burly guy glared and angrily shouted: “Sorceress, what the Corpse City’s Dark King wants are virgins. You think by having a guy break their hymen will allow them to escape their fate?”

“Bao San, we’ll first check these women to see if they’re still virgins, then we’ll take care of them all at once later.”

“Good idea.”

The two burly guys looked at each other and chuckled perversely.

One of them grabbed one of the woman’s hair and dragged her off to the side. He then started groping her breast and roughly kneaded them. His actions were very rough, his saliva dripping from his chin, and his expression extremely obscene. The image of the burly guy was as disgusting as one could imagine.

The woman’s face paled with tears coming down as she allowed the burly guy to roughly molest her however he wanted.

So pitiful.

This pitifulness was beyond words.

The burly guy didn’t stop after grabbing her all over. He swung his hand and slapped the woman’s butt with a “pak” sound. He then chuckled perversely: “Her little ass is quite bouncy.”

“F*cking hell, open up your legs up for this daddy. This daddy needs to examine it carefully.”

After saying that…

The burly guy grabbed the woman’s thigh and forcefully pulled it apart. His grip directly bruised the woman’s thigh before his eyes directly stared at her private area.

The woman struggled to close her legs while her whole body was shaking. She was biting her lips while shaking her head to break free. She then looked over at Luo Tian with a pleading look.

The other five women were shivering with pale faces. No one dared to step forward to help.

One can imagine that this type of scene was something they had encountered all the time.

What kind of motherf*cking place was this?!

Luo Tian had lost all perverted desires in his mind. He got up and walked towards the woman. Looking at the burly guy who was still chuckling perversely, the monstrous killing intent inside him started surging out!

The other burly guy angrily shouted: “Damn dog thing, what are you trying to do?”

Luo Tian revealed a grin like a grim reaper. He then coldly replied: “Nothing much, I just want you two to die!”

Once the word die was heard…

In an instant, all the power Luo Tian had exploded out. His clenched his fists and shouted: “Level 2 Berserk!”


Luo Tian looked up showing his eyes filled with killing intent. His fists started glowing red as he shouted: “Magma Fire!”

His fists turned fiery red and magma started dripping off it with “plop plop” sounds

A punch then smashed out!

The burly guy’s expression underwent drastic changes as his blade slashed out. He then cursed: “This daddy thinks you must be tired of living!”

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate at all and his fist directly smashed against the long blade.


The long blade struck upon Luo Tian’s fist. The long blade didn’t manage to cut into his fist and in less than half a breath, white mist was seen rising up.

The blade was directly melted!

The burly guy became dumbfounded and his legs started shaking. He then shouted: “What kind of demonic skill did you use?!”

“This daddy will demonic your sister!”

“Die for me!”

A strike at full strength directly penetrated the burly guy’s chest. A hole the size of a fist was then seen, creating a rather horrifying image.


The system didn’t give any alerts which meant the burly guy hadn’t died yet!

A fist that has already penetrated his chest yet he didn’t die?

Could he be not human?

Not only was he still alive, the guy was still alive and kicking and looked like he didn’t feel any injuries at all. How was it possible that not a single bit of blood came out of his wound?

Not even Gods were capable of this, right?

He even f*cking said this daddy was using some demonic skills? You’re the f*cking one using demonic skills!

In a split second, the burly guy started laughing before throwing a punch towards Luo Tian’s chest. “The Dark King has bestowed to me an immortal body! A mere human like you wants to kill me? Hahaha…”

A punch that was supposed to kill the burly guy yet didn’t kill him.

Luo Tian was caught off guard by this as he received a punch by the burly guy.

The power behind it wasn’t strong, but the moment the fist made contact, Luo Tian could feel a brutal deathly aura along with it. It was very similar to the time when he encountered the Thousand Year Zombie King in the Ghostly Mountain Range.


The death aura from the burly guy’s fist couldn’t be compared to the Thousand Year Zombie King.


Luo Tian’s chest withstood the blow but the black death aura started spreading about. Traces of black hair like substance started diving into the surface of his skin.

“Oh shit!”

Luo Tian’s mind turn grim and the killing intent demon core in his sea of consciousness started working. It began to kill the invading death aura like crazy.

Within an instant…

A sheen of cold sweat covered Luo Tian’s back. He originally thought the burly guy’s cultivation level was no big deal so his guard was lowered. Luo Tian never imagined his attack would actually contain such a weird energy.

His killing intent completely wiped out the death aura.

Luo Tian’s brows sank as he sneered: “This daddy wants to see if you are really immortal!”

“Level 2 Berserk!”

“Magma Fire!”

His fists lowered, and a thick steam started rising out from his magma covered fists. Luo Tian then shouted: “Shadewind Steps!”


His figure was lightning fast and almost instantly arrived in front of the burly guy.

A flash of brilliance appeared in the burly guy’s eyes as he started laughing out loud. “You cannot kill this daddy because I am immortal, hahaha…”

“Keep laughing motherf*cker!”

A punch directly smashed into the burly guy’s mouth.

And came out the side!

One side of his head was sent flying off somewhere yet the burly guy was still standing upright. His eyes were still blinking and half his mouth was still moving as if he was still laughing.


Fiery rage started burning inside Luo Tian’s heart. He then performed a kick towards the other portion of the head as he coldly said: “Are you dead yet?”

The rest of the head exploded, and the body toppled over.

At this moment…


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Bao San. You have gained 2000 experience points, 300 profound energy…”


Luo Tian spat at Bao San’s corpse as he said in disdain: “You damn piece of cheap trash, immortal huh? Let’s see you not die for this daddy now.”

Glancing at the system messages…

Luo Tian thought to himself: “Shit man, that’s a lot of experience points. If these types of weak mobs have 2000 experience each, it would be great if more of them came…”


“How come there weren’t any undefeated values?”

Luo Tian was surprised by this. Based on the system’s usual rule, every person he kills should increase the undefeated value by one point. Bao San was definitely killed by him yet there was no system message showing any undefeated value increasing. Could it be that guy really wasn’t human?

While Luo Tian was trying to figure out this question…

The other burly guy angrily chopped down with his blade.

Luo Tian sneered and coldly harrumphed: “Courting death!”

His body lightly shifted to the side.

After dodging the blade, Luo Tian flipped his palm and quickly struck the guy at the center of his brows.


The guy flew off, and the sound of stone striking the ground was heard. Then… then there was nothing else.

Another “ding” sound was heard in Luo Tian’s mind.

Luo Tian said to himself: “Sure enough, these people seem to have something inside their head. Most likely these guys are already dead, so if that’s the case, then…”

“Shit, what kind of world is this?”

“Is this the realm of the dead?”

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