Undefeatable – Ch121

Chapter 121 – Luo Tian Is Truly Enraged

There are things that are beyond one’s imagination.

In this foreign realm, there will definitely be many unimaginable things happening.

Luo Tian looked at the seven people in the house and wondered if they were also dead.


These six women without any clothes on encountered a stranger but wasn’t scared or embarrassed. If they were normal human beings, most likely they would’ve already started screaming like crazy already.

This situation was very abnormal.

Moreover, what’s this prophecy thing about?

They were usually all bullshit and Luo Tian had never believed in them before.

It was usually those idle people suffering some type of injustice that made up a story to comfort themselves and their own clan members.


As time passes by, the prophecy would be passed down from one generation to the next. Some people would slowly forget about it yet some people will remember it like a sacred text. For the pious looking old sorceress woman with layers of wrinkly skin that were about to die off, she is that kind who had firmly remembered those made up stories.

Luo Tian only used a few moves to kill those patrolling guards, making the old granny extremely excited. This had really reaffirmed her belief that the prophecy would be fulfilled.

She believed in it.

Those six women were also convinced.

Because the prophecy clearly described that only the ones sent by the heavens were capable of killing the undying guards of the Dark Mountain Corpse City.

At this moment…

These women saw hope, and started kneeling down with tears in their eyes. They kowtowed loudly while saying: “Immortal, please save us, please save us…”

It was as if these women found a life-saving straw in the midst of the vast ocean – they were going to grasp onto desperately!

Luo Tian looked at them. Each of them looked extremely pitiful and anyone seeing them would feel some sympathy.


Luo Tian honestly said: “I’m really not the person in your so called prophecy; I’m just a regular human being. The weakness of those undying guards is actually their heads. As long as you shatter their head, they will definitely die. And it was merely a coincidence that I’ve stumbled upon it.”

Their so called prophecy was just a bunch of dog fart.

Luo Tian didn’t want to deceive them.

Upon hearing Luo Tian’s words, the old granny then justified her stance by saying: “Immortal, you are definitely the person mentioned in the prophecy. You possess a powerful ability and can lead our clan away from the Dark Mountain Corpse City’s control. We beg of you, please help us!”

“We beg of you, please help us!”

The six women all shouted in unison.

“We beg of you, please help us!”

“We beg of you, please help us!”


Outside the house was a crowd of people all kneeling down as well. Most of them were women and the vast majority of them were naked without a piece of clothing on them.

They all had extremely sincere expressions on their face. And the women were all covered in wounds and scars – injuries from being beaten.

Luo Tian was shocked by this.

It was as if his thoughts couldn’t process what he was seeing.

Seeing everything before him, his heart felt like it had sunk down to the abyss. He once again asked himself: “What kind of world is this?!”

This place was simply too inhumane.

Luo Tian unconsciously clenched his fists while his eyebrows formed a frown.

The old granny lead everyone to ask in unison again: “Immortal, we beg of you. Please save us!”


“Congratulations to Luo Tian for triggering the quest – Save the Earth’s Core race.”

Quest: Save the Earth’s Core race

Quest Rank: A

Quest Goal: Kill the Dark Mountain Corpse City’s Lord, Yin Shang.

Quest Rewards: 12,000 experience points, 10,000 profound energy, and a random supportive martial skill.

“Goddamn f*cking hell!”

“I’ve triggered another quest and it’s even an A-rank!” Luo Tian was alarmed by this and wasn’t happy because it gave him another block of pressure.

These people had put him on a pedestal as the person in their prophecy. If by chance he couldn’t kill that Yin Shang guy, these people will definitely become disappointed and might even lose themselves in despair.

This was something Luo Tian didn’t want to see.

The rewards for the quest was quite attractive though, especially that random supportive martial skill. If it was like last time’s A-rank quest, the random Puppet Technique he received was already an awesome peerless skill.


“Are you willing to accept it? If the player could please make a choice within 10 seconds!”

Luo Tian was in a difficult situation.

If this quest only pertained to himself, he would easily be able to choose an option without hesitation. But this quest was related to the fate of the entire earth’s core race…

If he happened to fail the quest, these people will lose their hope in life.

If even a prophecy fails, then what else is there left to save them?

It’s possible that these women will be enslaved by the Dark Mountain Corpse City for the rest of their lives until their entire race dies out!


What cultivation level has Yin Shang reached?

Did Luo Tian even have the ability to kill him?

This was a very serious question that Luo Tian had to consider.

It wasn’t that he was afraid, but it’s something he had to consider carefully.

“Pak~… pak~…”

A long black whip descended from the sky and heavily whipped down two consecutive times. At the same time, two mournful screams could be heard. The backs of two women kneeling outside the house were ripped up exposing the muscles below the skin. The wound was so deep that even the bones were partially seen.

“You bunch of cheap things, why aren’t you working for this daddy? Are you all courting death?”

A loud shout was heard.

A huge burly guy about two meters tall was holding onto a whip with a vicious look on his face.

The whip in his hands flickered like a living snake before landing heavily again.


The whip directly coiled around a woman’s neck before he fiercely pulled on it.

The woman flew up from the tug and landed by the feet of the huge burly guy. He then coldly glanced at the woman’s slightly large stomach¹ before heavily stepping down on it. The woman’s body caved in and some blood flowed out from her lower private part. Her eyes were about to pop out and she was in so much pain that she couldn’t even make a sound. The huge burly guy started laughing before saying: “You damn cheap b*tch, who told you to be so lazy?”


Luo Tian shouted as his mind tightened.

At the same time…

He made a thought: “Accept!”

The quest flickered before landing on his quest list.

And then…

Luo Tian burst forth like an enraged lion because this huge burly guy’s actions had touched his bottom line.

That’s why he didn’t hesitate anymore and accepted the quest.

There’s a saying: If it’s yours, then it will become yours no matter what. If it’s not yours, then it will never be yours!

This daddy refuses to believe it!

In a mere instant, Luo Tian’s rage rose to the heavens as his fists were pulled back. Red fiery magma was wrapped around his hands releasing a thick hot aura.

The fire was robust, powerful, and seem to contain the angry flames of hell.

With great power infused in them, Luo Tian’s pair of fists bombarded out like a cannon.

The punch heavily landed on the huge burly guy’s chest. His chest was penetrated before the he directly flew off from the impact.

Of course…

The huge burly guy hadn’t died yet and wasn’t injured by it.

The huge burly guy got up in anger and shouted: “Who the f*ck doesn’t want to keep living? You dare to sneak attack this daddy? With just this meager ability, you want to kill this daddy? This daddy was bestowed an immortal body by the Dark King…”

Arrogant and unrestrained, as if everything was below him.

This was the aura the huge burly guy was currently releasing.


Without waiting for him to finish his words, Luo Tian’s figure flew through the air like a phantom. His knees were raised up before a heavy stomped downwards.

Ripples of power were scene exuding from Luo Tian’s legs.


The impact on the huge burly guy’s chest directly tore his upper body away from his lower body!

The huge burly guy’s expression was still filled with unrestrained arrogance as he smiled in disdain: “You damn dog thing, you aren’t capable of killing this daddy, hahaha…”

A light sneer formed on Luo Tian’s lips as a grim reaper like smile appeared. He then coldly said: “Really?”

Immediately after…

His fists were like torrential rain as it pummeled down.

Each punch contained his full strength and the huge burly guy had already died by Luo Tian’s first punch. But Luo Tian didn’t stop and angrily shouted like a lunatic: “Have you f*cking died yet?”

Another punch, and another punch, and another…

The huge burly guy’s head had become meat paste and now a deep hole started forming on the ground beneath the guy’s head.

Luo Tian was truly enraged!

The people behind him were all in shock.

It’s unknown when…

Someone in the crowd screamed out: “Not good, the undying soldiers of the Dark Mountain Corpse City have arrived!”

Luo Tian’s bloodshot eyes looked up, revealing his incredibly icy gaze. His entire body was currently exuding an endless stream of killing intent.


¹ – The author deliberately described her stomach as slightly large, and most of you can guess why now that it’s emphasized.

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