Undefeatable – Ch122

Chapter 122 – Upgrading Magma Fire

The crowd was in an uproar and everyone started running away.

The women’s eyes were filled with fear and distress as their bodies unconsciously started trembling.

Fear; incomparable fear.

The vicious treatment by the undying guards made them tremble in primal fear.

Luo Tian supported the pregnant woman that was stepped on by the huge burly guy. Seeing her extremely pale face, he couldn’t help feel pain in his heart.

Was he even f*cking human?

He didn’t even let a pregnant woman off, and still maintained that arrogant expression.

Everyone had parents; everyone came from a mother. This kind of treatment to a pregnant woman was done by someone that was lower than a beast!

Luo Tian glanced at the lower half of the huge burly guy’s body. His eyes still revealed an endless amount of rage as he wanted to kill that guy another ten thousand times.

The old granny came forward and supported the pregnant woman that was about to faint from pain. “Immortal, they have come.”

Luo Tian calmly smiled and said: “They’ve come at the perfect time.”

Since he was enraged, then he had to fully release it!

In an instant…

Luo Tian didn’t bother waiting for the guards to arrive and directly rushed out towards them.

Luo Tian shot forth like a bullet, and his clenched fists left behind a fiery light trail that appeared to be dragging behind his figure.

“Who is it?!”

“This daddy is your ancestor!”

Luo Tian leapt up with force. His right fist pulled back filled with condensed power before a heavy punch slammed down.

He had accurately aimed for the front most person’s head before his attack landed.

A meat explosion by a single punch!

A system alert sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.


A single punch… instant kill!

Once the first punch slammed down, it was followed by a second punch. Luo Tian angrily shouted: “Motherf*ckers, you bastards all deserve death so just go straight to hell for this daddy!”

He was like an out of control crazy demon.

The image of the pregnant woman being stepped on replayed itself in Luo Tian’s mind, causing the fiery anger inside him to rise up further.

The more enraged he was, the more he wanted to vent.

Each punch he threw would destroy an undying guard. At the same time, Luo Tian wanted to show those women that those so called undying guards were just a bunch of trash, and there was no need to be afraid of them.

Killing like crazy!

In less than thirty seconds, there was only one guard left out of the small sixteen man patrol group.

The surviving guard happened to be the patrol team’s leader.

Riding a mount that looked like a hellhound, the patrol leader originally had a ferocious looking expression. Now he was pointing his spear at Luo Tian that was shaking a bit. He looked at all the dead guards around him with an extremely ugly look on his face mixed with puzzlement.

How was this possible?

What’s going on? The Dark King bestowed to us immortal bodies so how could they have died?

In addition…

Who was this man in front of me?

How was he able to kill my undying guards?

With his panic expression and a voice that was trembling, the patrol leader asked: “Who on earth are you?”

Luo Tian faintly smiled and replied: “I just said it before, I’m your ancestor.”

The eyes of the patrol leader darkened. The ferocious looking hound below him started growling as he coldly harrumphed: “You’re courting death!”

“Come at me!”

Luo Tian angrily shouted. He then crooked his finger and smiled: “You bunch of dumbasses; you really think that you’re unkillable?”

“The Dark King will never lie to us.”

“Our physical bodies are eternal…”

Luo Tian didn’t bother waiting for the patrol leader to finish and started picking his ears to express that he was sick of hearing those words. His figure blurred and a punch had already slammed out.

The patrol leader stopped talking as he jumped backwards off the back of the hellhound.

At the same time, the hellhound pounced forth like crazy.


“A damn beast like you dares to act arrogant in front of this daddy?” Luo Tian’s punch shifted in midair before slamming down onto the ferocious hound’s back.

The fiery punch directly smashed the hound’s body into two pieces!

The hound didn’t die. It was similar to the guard and had a so called immortal physical body. The dog’s eyes were glaring at Luo Tian while it continued barking at him from the ground.

It was acting like it had no fear of Luo Tian!

Luo Tian was super irritated by this and immediately stomped on the head of the ferocious hound. Its brain matter splattered all over the ground while Luo Tian shouted: “Motherf*cker, let’s see you keep barking now!”

The patrol leader had an extremely ugly look on his face, “How is it that you…”

Luo Tian sneered in reply: “How am I able to kill everyone? This daddy will explain it: You guys are all a bunch of dumbasses who thinks you have immortal bodies, when in fact you are all just a bunch of trash.”

They were truly all quite useless.

If we were to use a cultivation level to define them, they were at the most in the early Profound Master realm.


If Luo Tian hadn’t found their weakness, it’s possible their undying bodies would have increased their combat power to the equivalent of someone at the Profound Grandmaster realm.

Ask yourself this…

If a person you’re fighting doesn’t feel pain, and wouldn’t die no matter how much damage you’ve dealt them; how are you supposed to fight with them?

It’s fortunate that Luo Tian had discovered their weakness or else let’s not talk about fighting; these guys could probably tire him to death.

It was also due to this reason that their experience was so high, making this place a good place to grind. If there were tens of thousands more of these types of guys around…


Luo Tian couldn’t help swallow down his saliva. Then wouldn’t breaking through to the Profound Grandmaster realm be as quick as a blink of an eye?

The patrol leader’s eyes looked like they could spray flames at this point. He then cursed out: “The Dark King will not lie to us! You cannot kill us, hahaha… An outsider like you will die a miserable death; the Dark King will bestow us immortality once again, hahaha…”

“Bestow your sister!”

Luo Tian’s feet made a move and Shadewind Steps was activated.

An illusory line of his figure was seen as he instantly arrived next to the patrol leader. Luo Tian’s lips curved into a grim reaper like smile as he coldly said: “Try laughing again…”

The patrol leader was just about to open his mouth to laugh when a fist covered in fiery hot magma smashed into his mouth.

Instant combustion; his head started burning like crazy!

Thick black smoke started coming out of his nose, eyes, and ears.

Inside the patrol leader’s head was an insect the length of half a finger, struggling to squirm out of his head.

Also at this time…

A sudden alert tone sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling Magma Fire. Do you wish to upgrade it?”


“It leveled up?” Luo Tian felt joy and immediately said in his mind: “Upgrade!”


“Please make a selection for upgrading: Feet, chest, or head.”

“What does that mean? Could it be that this martial skill is capable of transforming one’s physical body and eventually turning them into a magma person? Just like a human torch?

In an instant…

Luo Tian became ecstatic and said to himself: “Could the upgrades eventually lead me to become just like Akainu, one of the three strongest admirals of the Marines in One Piece? Or perhaps Portgas D. Ace? Or would I possess the powers of both of them? Holy shit man, does it really need to be this awesome? My little heart can’t handle this type of excitement!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian considered for a brief moment before making his decision: “Upgrade the feet!”


“In the process of upgrading the feet…”

Why would Luo Tian choose his feet to be upgraded first?

The chest and the head would only increase his defense a little while the feet were capable of attacking. When one’s foot kicks out like a fiery whip, how cool what that look?

Of course…

There was actually another main reason why Luo Tian had chosen to upgrade his feet. He was thinking of another character inside One Piece, the curled eyebrow chef Vinsmoke Sanji. How powerful was his pair of deadly legs?

Several seconds went by.

White steam started appearing around Luo Tian’s feet before it eventually turned red. Small amounts of magma then started bubbling around them.

His hands and feet now looked like they were made of magma, creating a look that was simply too f*cking awesome!

Also at this time…

The patrol leader was on his last breath before Luo Tian coldly smiled: “Go to hell.”

“Stay your hands!”


A loud and robust voice was heard, and then a black cloud floated down from the sky.

There was a golden light shining in the midst of the black cloud and at the same time, and endless amount of deathly aura could be felt.


“If you tell this daddy to stay his hands and he stops, then wouldn’t this daddy lose a lot of face?” Luo Tian said in contempt before moving his right fist.

Without a care of the consequences, Luo Tian immediately slaughtered the patrol leader.


The black cloud exploded and the endless amount of death aura crashed into Luo Tian like a tsunami.

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