Undefeatable – Ch126

Chapter 126 – You’re Not Planning On Running Away Right?

Refining Gu Skill?!

Luo Tian’s heart skipped a beat.

If he was able to successfully cultivate this, wouldn’t that mean he would possess a powerful army of Gu insects?!

By that time, he could probably clear out the entire Ghostly Mountain Range!

Clearing out an entire mountain range… how much experience points was that?

His leveling speed would be similar to sitting on a rocket!

His heart was moved!

His heart was super motherf*cking moved!

The prowess of these immortal bodies made Luo Tian extremely interested in refining a bunch of these undead things. And was the Gu skill limited to using it on people? What if he placed those insects into the bodies of demonic beasts?

A rank 5 or a rank 6 demonic beast… If these peerlessly tough demonic beasts with undying bodies were under his control, what kind of existence would they represent?


Luo Tian swallowed hard before asking: “Old granny, is this really for cultivating the Gu skill?”

The old granny sighed heavily before replying: “En, it’s something that has harmed our earth’s core race. It is the source of all evil and I’ve hated it for a few hundred years now. There were many times that I’ve wanted to burn it, but I eventually held back. I somehow had a slight feeling that fate would make arrangements for it in the future.”

After that…

The old granny’s expression became excited as she looked at Luo Tian. “You are what the heavens have planned out for us.”

Luo Tian was startled and asked: “Old granny, you don’t really believe I’m the person in the prophecy right?”


“That was all made up by me.” The old woman directly admitted that the whole prophecy thing was entirely made up by her. From the very beginning, she was a fraudster, a complete swindler. Every day she would go about muttering a language no one could understand to promote her status as a sorceress. She was actually giving the earth’s core race a glimmer of hope so that they wouldn’t give up on themselves.

Luo Tian was shocked by this admission and said to himself: “Goddamnit, so you’re the true swindler! You’re way too f*cking awesome! This daddy fell into your trap of calling myself the person in the prophecy. Calling me Immortal this and Immortal that, I never expected everything would be a lie. I was planning on using my Immortal identity to get one of the hottest girls to warm my bed for me tonight, but it looks like I won’t be able to achieve that anymore.”

The old granny smiled bitterly and said: “Don’t be so shocked, I only did this as a last resort.”


“I have sinned; I shouldn’t have allowed my husband to pass the refining Gu knowledge to others.”

“It was entirely my fault that has led to today’s scenario.”

As the old granny was saying this, tears started streaming down her face. She then said with distress: “If it weren’t for me allowing my husband to pass the Gu skill to Yin Shang, it would be impossible for him to establish the present Dark Mountain Corpse City. It would also be impossible for him to take all the men of the earth’s core race and make them into undying guards. It’s all the fault of my selfish desires – I had wanted our earth’s core race to return to the surface world and restore the magnificent era of our race. This old woman has overestimated herself, sigh…”

There was another long sigh.

The old granny had a really depressed look on her face. She then asked Luo Tian: “Are you willing to help us?”


“This daddy has already accepted the quest so can I not help?” Luo Tian said to himself. He then faintly smiled and said: “Old granny, I already agreed to help you kill the lord of Dark Mountain Corpse City. Did you happen to forget about that?”


“Look at my bad memory.” The old granny slapped her own head and then said: “I also have another small request.”

Luo Tian replied: “Just tell me.”

The old granny said: “Can you help me rescue my husband? He is being locked up at the lowest level of the Dark Mountain Corpse City. Rumor has it that the lowest level is like a sea of corpses, a place where Yin Shang manufactures his undying guards. That place is filled to the brim with corpses, just like a territory of the Undead race. They all only have their physical bodies without a soul, and are just waiting for Yin Shang to plant Gu insects inside them.”

A sea of corpses?”

Then there should be a lot, a lot, a lot…


Another gulp sound came from Luo Tian. In his eyes, those weren’t considered a sea of corpses but a sea of experience points. How much experience could he get from a single Myriad Thunder Roar?

Immediately after…

Luo Tian promptly replied: “Old granny, where is that place? I will immediately go there to rescue your husband, but… I need to honestly ask you: Do you think your husband is able to survive in such a place for all this time?”

A corpse sea!

How can normal people survive in such a place?

Moreover, would Yin Shang let him continue living peacefully just like that?

The old granny had a calm look as she replied: “Yin Shang won’t kill him because he hasn’t gotten the skill to dispel the Gu poison yet. And he has already refined himself into a large poisonous Gu insect and no longer resembles a human being. Only my husband can save him because my husband is the only person in this world that can dispel the Gu poison. That’s a secret ability that our earth’s core race will never pass on to anyone.”


“That’s easier to handle then. Just tell me how to get there and I’ll be able to rescue him rather quickly.” Luo Tian couldn’t wait any longer because the experience points from those undying guards were simply too enticing. If what the old granny said was true, then there should be undying guards everywhere in the corpse sea. Then leveling up would definitely be as fast as riding on a rocket!

The old granny shook her head and replied: “I don’t know where that place is and most likely Yin Shang is the only one that knows.”


Luo Tian directly cursed out loud. “Then how am I supposed to rescue him?”

The old granny continued by saying: “Your strength actually exceeds your cultivation level, and Yin Shang needs people like you to strengthen his undying guards. As long as you’re captured and brought to the Dark Mountain Corpse City, you’ll be sent to the corpse sea area. At that time, you will definitely be able to meet up with my husband.”


“Old granny, you’re basically sending me to my death.”

“Since You Hun was already at the Profound Grandmaster realm, Yin Shang has most likely reached the Profound Spirit realm?” Luo Tian started panting as he continued: “My strength is powerful but it’s impossible for me to face an expert at the Profound Spirit realm. What if by chance he doesn’t capture me and instead, directly beats me to death?”

The brows of the old granny sank down.

She was about to say something but stopped herself.

The two of them were both silent in thought.

A while later…

Luo Tian looked at the miserable face on the old granny and sighed. “So there’s no other way?”

The old granny shook her head and said: “If you accept my request, I will immediately give you this Refining Gu skill book. This is an Earth grade skill, something that many godly experts on the surface world would fight over. It could even lead to another major conflict.”

“F*ck, stop trying to tempt me.”

“Even if it was a Divine grade skill, it would be completely useless to me if I’m dead.” Luo Tian said unhappily.

No matter what it was, even if it was a Divine item, it was all just dog’s fart if one didn’t have their life!

The old granny became quiet again as tears blurred in her eyes. Her eyes showed an endless longing that showed a trace of incomparable sadness.


“Give me the Refining Gu skill book.” Luo Tian finally gave in while sighing.

He really didn’t have the heart to see the old granny continue being so sad.

To be honest…

Luo Tian was rather sympathetic to the old granny’s plight but he wasn’t stupid or agreeing to her on impulse. In his mind, there were many thoughts and ways he was playing around with to deal with Yin Shang.

The old granny’s expression changed and started smiling. “You’re agreeing to my request?”


“I was cheated by you again!” Cursed Luo Tian, but he then continued saying: “I’ll do my best.”

The old granny was so happy that she looked like a little kid full of smiles. She handed the Refining Gu skill book to Luo Tian and said: “As long as you do your best, I’m sure you’ll be able to rescue my husband and save our earth’s core race as well. Ho ho ho…”

Luo Tian took the book and flipped through some pages. He was immediately shocked and said to himself: “It’s so powerful, it’s indeed an Earth grade skill. It even has an Ecstasy Gu, which is something I’ll definitely have to learn. Hahaha…”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian asked: “Old granny, does this area have a path for me to get back up to the surface?”

The old granny’s expression became startled and responded: “Why do you need to go back up? You’re not planning on running away right?”

Luo Tian gave a mysterious grin: “I’ll let you guess!”

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