Undefeatable – Ch127

Chapter 127 – Creating The Strongest Undead Demonic Beast

“Remember, you only have ten days time. Ten days later, Yin Shang will discover You Hun’s death. You have to come back by then because it’s the only chance you’ll get!”

Ten days of time!

It was truly too short, to the point that one almost couldn’t do anything in preparation.

Luo Tian was currently standing on top of a mountain surveying the area. His eyes looked like an eagle searching for its prey.

He was finally out.

He had left the earth’s core race.

But he never thought of running away.

If he wanted to run away, it would be very easy for him to accomplish it.

But he couldn’t do it.

He didn’t want to disappoint the earth’s core race and he didn’t want to let the old granny down. The most important part – Luo Tian couldn’t give up such a good leveling opportunity. In the depths of the Dark Mountain Corpse City was an underground factory known as the corpse sea.

That place was definitely a heaven for gaining experience points.

There was another reason.

When he killed the newbie village’s boss Luo Jianshan, he was given the Blood Devouring Wild Blade.

Then what would the boss Yin Shang give?

Luo Tian had a feeling that as long as he killed Yin Shang, it would definitely trigger the system’s second big reward. The system rewards were simply too awesome! Such a powerful item like the Blood Devouring Wild Blade was given when the newbie village’s boss was defeated, so what kind of awesome item will be given for the boss of this area?

With all these combined factors, Luo Tian definitely couldn’t run away.

It’s not easy to find bosses so how can one ignore it?

Was a normal human being even capable of ignoring it?

There’s a possibility of dying but even if you aren’t strong enough, the urge was still there to give it a try.

No matter what, this Dark Mountain Corpse City was a place that Luo Tian was definitely going to barge into!




Loud rumbling could be heard within a dozen of kilometers. A Pangolin that looked like a moving mountain filled with sharp spikes was passing through kicking up a cloud of dust.

Luo Tian’s lips formed a grin as he said: “I’ll start with you!”

Immediately after…

He instantly shot off at extreme speeds where a dozen kilometers were covered in less than half a minute. Watching the Pangolin demonic beast playing about, Luo Tian coldly smiled: “You will be the first rank 5 demonic beast of my undead army!”

The Pangolin turned around to get up, showing its back that was covered in stone-like spikes. It then tucked in its body and started rolling looking similar to a spiked fidget spinner.

Luo Tian’s Spirit Snake Spear swept out. His killing intent rose up as he welcomed the incoming attack.

The spear was stabbed out!

Killing intent was injected into the spear, causing it to create an oppressive pressure.

The moment the huge Pangolin screamed out, Luo Tian’s feet that were covered in magma started stomping down continuously. He wasn’t going to give this beast any breathing room because once this demonic beast was given a chance; it would definitely burrow into the earth to escape. And by that time, it would be impossible to capture it anymore.

“Die for me!”

With power coursing through, Luo Tian heavily slammed his knee into the Pangolin’s head.


The Pangolin demonic beast then toppled over without any life left in its body.

It was quite easy for the current Luo Tian to deal with a rank 5 demonic beast, so there was no need for him to use all his strength.

Luo Tian climbed onto the Pangolin’s corpse and his eyebrows tightened. He then opened the Pangolin’s mouth before exhaling in a serious manner. There was a slight change in Luo Tian’s eyes and his brows tightened a bit more before he activated the refining Gu skill.

His sea of consciousness shuddered.

A huge amount of killing intent started roiling.

It was constantly surging about and condensing at the same time.

It was extremely uncomfortable because it felt like the killing intent was trying to tear his sea of consciousness apart.

After several minutes…

Luo Tian had been following the method on how to refine the Gu poison. A small insect made of killing intent appeared in Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness and started wriggling slightly. Cold sweat appeared on Luo Tian’s body because in just a short amount of time, he had used up 5000 profound energy.

Not only that, this martial skill consumed a lot of one’s spiritual energy as well.

If it weren’t for Luo Tian’s spirit having increased after controlling his puppet soldiers, most likely he wouldn’t be able to handle this skill.

Luo Tian made a thought, and the small Gu insect made of killing intent appeared in his palm. It was so small that it looked like a newborn silkworm, where one would not see it unless that paid extra careful attention to it.

Luo Tian carefully placed the Gu insect made of killing intent into the Pangolin’s mouth, allowing it to slowly crawl inside.

A short time later…

An alert tone sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.


“Refining failed!”

Luo Tian’s whole body deflated as he cursed out: “F*ck your uncle!”

His level was too low so failure was normal, but this failure was simply too painful. It was 10,000 times more painful than suffering from an oppressive pressure from an expert. This pain was on the same level as the backlash of using the Void Piercing Dragon Technique.

Having no choice left…

Luo Tian took a rest before starting the process again.

Another round of pain!

And what he gained was another failure.


“Refining failed.”


“Refining failed.”

Luo Tian had lost count of how many times he heard that same message. His whole person looked like he had aged dozens of years because this process was just too tiring. He barely had any strength left right now from the exhaustion. If he had any other choices, he would definitely not cultivate this dog’s fart Gu skill.

His profound energy was completely depleted.

So Luo Tian started shoving pills in his mouth.

He also started consuming those normal demon cores.

His profound energy then started increasing like crazy.

Luo Tian then continued focusing on cultivating his Gu skill.

Half an hour went by…

When Luo Tian was at the brink of despair, the system sounded an alert.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for successfully refining.”

“F*ck yeah!”

Luo Tian was ecstatic. He made a thought and the Pangolin demonic beast immediately stood up. Its whole body was exuding killing intent from Luo Tian’s own path of slaughter – death. “Hahaha… I’ve finally succeeded in refining it! I almost died from doing this over and over again, but f*ck your granny I succeeded!”

He was too excited.

Excited to the max!

The killing intent from this Pangolin was quite strong as well.

Those undying guards from the Dark Mountain Corpse City were a bit different from this Pangolin. They also exuded a strong killing intent but it could be described as containing a cold aura of death.

There was a direct relationship with the person who refined the Gu insect.

Yin Shang had gone crazy and his sea of consciousness underwent a mutation creating an aura of death unique to himself, so all the Gu insects he refined would all possess a trace of Yin Shang’s death aura in them. Luo Tian used his pure killing intent in cultivating the Gu skill, so all the refined Gu insects contained death from his path of slaughter which was death itself, the grim reaper.

Luo Tian was so happy that his spirit was instantly uplifted. Seeing the first member of his undead demonic beast army, he started laughing savagely while mumbling to himself: “Yin Shang right? Just wait for this daddy! We’ll see if your undying guards are stronger or if this daddy’s undead demonic beasts are stronger. Heh heh heh…”

These types of thoughts would only appear in crazy individuals like Luo Tian.

He never thought of using dead people and only wanted to use the demonic beasts from the Ghostly Mountain Range. What kind of scene would he create if he brought a bunch of undead demonic beasts to the Dark Mountain Corpse City?

It would surely be an awesome sight to behold!

Just thinking about it would make one’s blood boil.

“Onto the next one!”

Luo Tian stored the Pangolin demonic beast into his spatial plaque before storming towards another rank 5 demonic beast.


Earth’s core race.

Inside the old granny’s house.

“Granny, that man will come back right?

The old granny appeared to be in low spirits. She raised her head to look at the hole that Luo Tian fell down from and said blankly: “He should be coming back…”

“The Immortal will definitely not forget about us; he will definitely rush back soon.”

One of the women said in firm belief.

There were others with a hidden frown as they mumbled: “Tomorrow will be the tenth day and Yin Shang will definitely arrive by then. There’s no way he would let the murderer of You Hun off. If the Immortal doesn’t come back, most likely we will all have to die.”

“Immortal, you definitely have to come back!”

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