Undefeatable – Ch129

Chapter 129 – A Huge Crisis

In the Ghostly Mountain Range where Luo Tian was at.


“Motherf*cker, let’s see if you’re going to die now!”

Luo Tian’s fist heavily smashed down, killing a rank 5 Rock Scorpion. He coldly laughed and said: “You are now a member of my undead army, hahaha…”

A full nine days.

Luo Tian didn’t sleep or rest as he searched all over for high ranking demonic beasts. He continuously refined those undying Gu insects.

These nine days was similar to living hell.

It was too f*cking agonizing for him.

But when he thought about the boss Yin Shang in the Dark Mountain Corpse City, and the corpse sea below it, everything seems to be worth it.

These nine days of continuous killing had allowed Luo Tian to break through into the Profound Master 9th rank. Now he was only a single level away from the Profound Grandmaster realm!

Luo Tian sat down with his legs crossed and calmed himself down. Inside his sea of consciousness, the grim reaper’s death energy from his path of slaughter began to surge about and crashing around. His entire body felt uncomfortable and his sweat drops were like rain. His expression had started to pale slightly as well.


Luo Tian lightly breathed out a mouthful of turbid air.

Immediately after…

He started frowning and his sea of consciousness started shaking violently. Killing intent started converging together into a physical object – a Gu insect made from killing intent!

The moment the killing intent Gu insect was formed, Luo Tian’s body finally relaxed. It was as if he had just finished running a marathon and his whole body had become exhausted. Cultivating this Gu skill was simply too tiring.

An Earth grade martial skill.

Not only did it consume a lot of profound energy, it also depleted a lot of his spiritual energy.

If Luo Tian’s cultivation level was a bit higher, then the pain he suffers will lessen by a bit.

A small Gu insect appeared on Luo Tian’s hand. He then carefully placed it inside the Rock Scorpion’s mouth. The little insect slowly started chewing the flesh inside the mouth before drilling into the corpse.

“Teacher Sola Aoi and big sister Maria Ozawa, please bless me.”

“I was so in love with you all back then so now you have to bless me, I really want to succeed in one shot.” Luo Tian was praying in a very pious manner because he really didn’t want to experience his spiritual energy being completely drained again.

Not long after…


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for successfully refining!”


“I succeeded in one shot!”

Luo Tian looked into the sky and softly said: “Even though we are in different worlds, I still love you girls with all my heart. Thank you for your blessings, wahahaha…”

In these past nine days, this was the first time he had succeeded on the first try.

One must say that cultivating this Gu skill was not your run of the mill difficulty. When you failed, your proficiency value didn’t go up; only when it was successful did it go up. And the worst thing about it? It required 5000 proficiency in order to reach level 2… it was simply too perverse!


Inside the skill description, once the Gu skill reaches the last great perfection level, the Gu insect is capable of devouring all Demons and Gods! Isn’t this a bit too terrifying?!

There were only three words Luo Tian wanted to say: “I like it!”

The Gu insect took over the Rock Scorpion’s body and it started standing up like it had been resurrected. It then looked over at Luo Tian with an emotionless stare.

Luo Tian smiled in satisfaction and tossed it into his spatial plaque. “And another one. Since I still have one more day to go, I should try to get a few more. I wonder what the scene will look like when I bring a bunch of rank 5 demonic beasts to the Dark Mountain Corpse City. Heh heh…”

“What’s so awesome about creating some undying guards?”

“This daddy has created undead demonic beasts that are all the size of small mountains! They are all capable of one against a thousand so wouldn’t my beasts just slaughter everything in their paths?”

Upon imagining this, Luo Tian’s heart started boiling in excitement.


Night time, the earth’s core race.

Because they lived underground all year round, the earth’s core race didn’t really have a concept of night and day.


The current earth’s core race was enshrouded in darkness. It was even darker when comparing it to the above ground world!

Yin Shang had arrived!

He had arrived one day early.

This was something no one had expected.

The sky and earth were blotted out by huge amounts of undying guards. Their entire body was covered in black armor and their stare were as hard as steel. They were all in neat rows standing behind Yin Shang.

Yin Shang, the Lord of Dark Mountain Corpse City!

A human body with an insect growing out of his head!

His height had reached two meters and above his shoulders was a head no longer considered human. There was now a ferocious and incomparably poisonous Gu insect attached to his head! It was dark as night and continuously released a terrifying amount of death aura.

He could no longer be considered human anymore!

Yin Shang underwent cultivation deviation when training in the Gu skill, causing a big Gu insect to grow out of his skull.

At this time…

Dozens of women of the earth’s core race was crowded together and shivering in place. They were currently experiencing intense fear in their hearts!

“Who was it?!”

“Who was it that killed You Hun?! Who was it that killed my undying guards?!” Yin Shang’s voice was similar to a ghost weeping that made one’s blood run cold. There were some children in the crowd that started crying from being overly scared.

The children’s crying made Yin Shang’s eyes become even more fierce.

His big insect head immediately released a flame made of death aura.

The death aura flame instantly projected out and lifted one of those children up into the air.


“Don’t hurt my child!”

The child’s mother frantically pulled her child’s arm. The child started crying even louder and their face paling from fear.

Yin Shang coldly shouted: “This King has arrived yet you cheap things that don’t know what’s good for you started wailing and crying. You have made this King extremely unhappy so… heh heh…”

Yin Shang started laughing coldly.

The eyes of the child in the air suddenly protruded out. Numerous streams of death aura were drilling into the child’s mouth, eyes, and ears like crazy. The child’s eyes turned completely black and the body started convulsing. In just a few seconds, the child’s body had become stiff.


It still wasn’t over yet.

Yin Shang started laughing out loud madly, sounding similar to an evil spirit from the depths of hell. The big Gu insect on his head suddenly sucked in a breath of air…


The death aura in Yin Shang’s body exploded out.

That child suddenly had their limbs all chopped off, causing them to fall down next to their mother.

That mother started wailing and began gathering her child’s limbs in a frantic craze. She then started rushing towards Yin Shang.



“A cheap slut who’s seeking death!”

Yin Shang sneered ferociously before his right finger made a slight movement. The death aura flame became something akin to a sharp arrow before piercing into that woman’s head. Her head exploded and her body instantly fell over. Fresh blood splattered onto Yin Shang’s face before he slowly licked it off. His expression became even more excited as he asked: “Is anyone going to talk? Who was it that killed my undying guard?”

No one moved.

The women of the earth’s core race all glared at Yin Shang.

Yin Shang started getting angry as he glared at the old granny. He then coldly smiled: “Mistress¹, you’ll tell me right?”

The old granny glared with wide eyes. “Quit dreaming! I should’ve had the old man kill you back then!”


“Mistress, you should stop kidding around. If it weren’t for me, how could our earth’s core race become so strong? It won’t be long before we can slaughter our way out and establish our earth’s core race’s undying kingdom! Hahaha…” Yin Shang started laughing out like crazy again.

Immediately after…

Yin Shang’s expression slightly changed, and some sort of power surged out of his body. That power directly smashed into the old granny forcing her into a kneeling position on the ground. He then angrily said: “You damn old woman, if it weren’t for you still being a bit useful to me, I would’ve sent you to meet the king of hell Yama already!”

“Apart from the six virgins I want, don’t let any others off – kill them all!”

The undying guards behind Yin Shang started rushing forward.

No one resisted.

Their eyes all contained a deep hatred.

Many people started loudly shouting: “Yin Shang you damn mix-breed dog, Immortal will definitely not let you off!”


¹ – The actual title is Master’s Wife in Chinese, but that sounded weird so I’m using Mistress which sounds a little less weird.

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