Undefeatable – Ch130

Chapter 130 – Someone From Heavenly Sword City

The tenth day!

Luo Tian timely returned to the earth’s core race.

The dozens of spatial plaques he had were all filled with demonic beasts.

In addition to rank 5 demonic beasts, there were also many rank 4 ones. All of them combined became his powerful and peerless undead demonic beast army.


The moment he landed down, he was completely shocked at the scene before his eyes.

There were corpses, mutilated limbs, blood, and decapitated heads everywhere. Men, women, children, the elderly, none of them were spared. This was no different than complete genocide!

Moreover, the way they had died was extremely cruel. Everyone died a miserable death. Heads were shattered and chests were pierced multiple times by spears. Even babies that had been born for only a few months were not spared. Elderly people on their deathbeds were not spared! Luo Tian’s expression underwent a dramatic change.

In a mere moment…

The rage in his heart rose to the heavens as he roared out: “Yin Shang! This daddy will not let you off!”

Inferno of rage!

Endless amount of rage!

Luo Tian was currently burning up in a fiery rage. He has seen cruel things before in his life but not to this degree of cruelty. Was that guy still even f*cking human?


Before Luo Tian had left, the old granny said that if Yin Shang and his people arrived earlier than expected, her clan will definitely be annihilated. If it does happen, Luo Tian was not to go to Dark Mountain Corpse City alone because he was definitely not an opponent of Ying Shang by himself.

He should quickly leave this place and not bother with anything.

Yin Shang had tens of thousands of undying guards, and the Dark Mountain Corpse City had an impregnable defense. He definitely shouldn’t go there; absolutely shouldn’t go.

The old granny’s voice seemed to be speaking right into his ear at this moment.

Luo Tian was standing in place while clenching his fists on and off.


“Who are you?”

A small six person patrol group rushed forth and surrounded Luo Tian.

“There’s still someone alive from the earth’s core race? Didn’t they all die yesterday?”

“This kid looks like an outsider.”

“He can’t be the person in the prophecy that the sorceress mentioned right?”

“Hahaha… a piece of trash like this is a person of a prophecy? Only someone like you will believe in prophecies. Prophecies are just stuff to cheat three year olds.”

The six of them started casually chatting with each other.

They weren’t placing Luo Tian in their eyes at all.

They also had no clue how angry Luo Tian was currently.

Luo Tian stood there and coldly asked: “Where is the Dark Mountain Corpse City?”

The guard leader sneered and coldly harrumphed: “Kid, you still haven’t told us who you are!”

His voice hadn’t faded yet…

When Luo Tian’s figure suddenly disappeared. His five fingers clamped down into that undying guard’s head. He then directly pulled out that undying Gu insect and crushed it. Luo Tian’s body was exuding a boundless amount of killing intent when he said: “I’m going to ask again: Where is Dark Mountain Corpse City?”

The expression of the remaining five guards changed.

They all pointed their spears at Luo Tian and one of them shouted: “Kill him!”

The five guards attacked together and their spear heads displayed a black flowery blur filled with the aura of death.

Luo Tian coldly glared at them and shouted: “You’re overestimating your own abilities!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s body moved, and smashed out four punches in under a second!

“Bang~, bang~, bang~, bang~!”

Each punch would cause a guard’s head to explode like a watermelon before their dead bodies toppled to the ground. The remaining guard was to the left of Luo Tian’s fist. With a yank, that guard was pulled towards Luo Tian’s face while his cold eyes were only a few centimeters away from his. “Where is Dark Mountain Corpse City?”

That undying guard was pale with fright and his body trembling uncontrollably. Luo Tian’s eyes were similar to a grim reaper’s which was too uncomfortable to bear. The guard unconsciously pointed towards a dark abyss and said with a shaky voice: “Over, over, over there at the bottom.”

Luo Tian’s left hand moved and threw the guard down.

He then took a few steps forward before frowning.

A thick killing intent made from his grim reaper’s path of slaughter suddenly erupted from Luo Tian. He leapt into the air and heavily dropped down, directly crushing the head of the remaining guard.

Killing intent; extremely strong amount of killing intent!

Luo Tian glanced at the dark abyss before shouting with all his strength: “Yin Shang, this daddy will be taking your life!”


Dark Mountain Corpse City, the Dark King’s Palace.

Yin Shang was sitting on his Dark King’s throne with a joyous and interested expression. “Have you brought the things I want?”

At the main palace halls.

There were three people in black robes, and on the robe were embroidered with a blood colored skull.

The leader of those in black robes pulled out three spatial rings and said: “Six thousand corpses in the Profound Master realm, one thousand corpses in the Profound Grandmaster early stages, two hundred Profound Grandmasters at the peak stage, and fifty corpses in the Profound Spirit realm. The things that Lord Dark King wants our Evil Blood Sect to do will naturally be accomplished.”

That person then continued: “Lord Dark King, what about the things we wanted?”

Yin Shang smiled in a satisfied manner and then waved his hand. Two undying guards carried out two jugs that were about half the height of a person before placing it in front of those three in black robes.

Yin Shang coldly said: “Inside are ten thousand rank 3 undying Gu insects, and possesses a high success rate in refining Gu corpses. The controller only has to inject it into the target and it can be easily controlled.”

The originally calm eyes of those three people in black robes were not so calm anymore.

With ten thousand undying Gu insects, the efficient use of it would mean controlling ten thousand experts.

In their hearts, this Yin Shang was a complete retard. Such precious material should only be placed into super experts for one to control. Putting them inside trash like Profound Masters was simply a huge waste.

If they were able to find the ancient holy graves…

Inside the holy graves would lie the corpse of an ancient godly expert. If they were to place a Gu insect inside them and control an ancient godly expert, who on this entire continent can resist them anymore?


The Evil Blood Sect had already discovered a possible ancient holy grave site. There was a high possibility that an ancient godly expert’s corpse was buried there!

They were doing this business transaction with Yin Shang because they wanted the ability to control this ancient godly expert!

Luo Tian was already quite crazy by coming up with the idea of controlling demonic beasts. Who knew that the Evil Blood Sect were even crazier than him, where they wanted to directly control an ancient expert. This was simply over the top!

The elderly leader in black robes then asked out of curiosity: “Is there a way to dispel the undying Gu insect?”

Yin Shang faintly frowned before coldly smiling: “What happened? Do you have a friend infected with the Gu skill?”

Seeing Yin Shang’s cold smile, the elder in black robes felt some unease and replied: “Nothing, I was just casually asking.”

Yin Shang then said: “Once one has been infected by the Gu insect, they will be controlled by you for the rest of their life. For such a good thing, why would anyone want to dispel it? Isn’t that right, Elder Blood Dove?”

The elder in the black robe showed a ruthless and cold smile, “Well said!”


That large Gu insect on Yin Shang’s head lightly shook, and his expression immediately changed. His eyes turned fierce as he shouted: “Blood Dove, did you bring other people here with you?!”

There was a hard to detect cold death aura dispersing throughout the Dark King’s Palace.

This was all controlled by the Gu insect on Yin Shang’s head, and any abnormal fluctuations would be detected by it.

The eyes of the elder in black robes turned serious as his pupils shrank. He then coldly laughed: “My people are here already so why would I need to conceal them?”

Yin Shang then asked: “It’s really not your people?”

Blood Dove replied: “Definitely not my people.”

“Blood Worm, Blood Chill, find this person.”

The two people behind the elder in black robes disappeared.

Yin Shang lightly laughed and said: “Since this is my territory, there’s no need for Elder Blood Dove to make a move.”

As his voice faded…

A powerful burst of death aura flames exploded from Yin Shang’s body and rushed towards a corner of the Dark King’s Palace.

In that instant…

A figure slightly moved and landed on the ground on the corner.

Blood Dove was startled by this but then started coldly laughing: “Someone from the Heavenly Sword City!”

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