Undefeatable – Ch131

Chapter 131 – Yin Shang, Scram Out Here For This Daddy…

“Someone from the Heavenly Sword City?!”

The dark figure landed and a man that looked like a scholar appeared. He was frowning while looking at Blood Dove: “I never imagined the Evil Blood Sect has stooped so low to be doing business with someone that’s neither a man nor an insect.”

Yin Shang’s expression drastically changed as he angrily shouted: “Who are you calling neither a man nor an insect?!”


“A disciple of the Sea Cloud Sect?”

“And you’re also…”

Blood Dove looked at the emblem on the scholar’s chest and became shocked. “You’re someone from the imperial clan?”

The scholar’s expression slightly changed.

Seeing that the scholar wasn’t saying anything, Blood Dove breathed in deeply and smiled ferociously. “It really is the bloodline of the imperial family. The smell of their blood is simply too fragrant.”

“Hey, hey!”

“Elder Blood Dove, this is still my Dark King’s territory.”

“For such a good corpse coupled with its Heavenly Sword City’s imperial lineage; it’s definitely going to be mine.” Yin Shang rushed to stake his claim.

The strength of Heavenly Sword City’s imperial clan was legendary.

Being able to control someone from it will definitely be beneficial.

Blood Dove coldly smiled and said: “Lord Dark King, I only want to drink his blood. As for his corpse, that will naturally be reserved for you.”

Yin Shang smiled in satisfaction and said: “Good!”

Blood Dove’s movement skill caused his figure to flicker in an unpredictable manner. A cold grin hung on his face as he looked at the scholar: “Now be a good little obedient child and display any moves you have. I really want to see what abilities the Sea Cloud Sect has passed on to you.”

The scholar’s eyes became grim. His right hand made a movement and a sword suddenly appeared.

The blade part was blue and the light waves exuding from it looked like running water. Its energy hadn’t even been stimulated yet and it was already giving off a sharp sword qi. One look and anyone could tell the grade of the sword wasn’t ordinary.

The scholar waved his sword and the blade became illusory with trails of afterimages behind it. He then shouted: “This alone will be enough to deal with you!”


“Such boastful words!”

Just as Blood Dove’s voice faded, he had already shot off towards the scholar.

His black robe turned into a blood mist diffusing through the area while his figure had suddenly disappeared. A thick smell of blood started spreading through the air and the entire main hall was similar to a sea of blood. The smell was simply too pungent!

“Blood Sea!”

A cold shout was suddenly heard from the void.

The scholar’s figure moved like a phantom mirage as his sword was positioned in front of his chest. His body then started emitting a faint amount of imperial qi. Since they’ve found out he was someone of the imperial clan, then there was no longer any need to conceal his identity. Once the imperial qi was released, it directly shoved the blood mist away. The sword in front of the scholar’s chest suddenly moved as it stabbed into the void: “Thunder Shock Sword Skill!”


A flash of light was seen in the main hall.

The sound of metallic items colliding was heard, and two figures bounced away.

Blood Dove started coldly laughing from the void. “Thunder Shock Sword Skill huh? It doesn’t even have half the power of that old geezer Chen. Looks like you’re nothing more than an embroidered pillow¹ so just go ahead and die for me!”

The scholar didn’t say anything in response.

The imperial qi around him became thicker by a bit.

The scholar’s eyes gleamed as he locked onto something. The profound energy in his dantian suddenly surged out. A brief sword light was seen before the sword qi shot out, enveloping the entire main hall.

At this moment in time…

Countless swords appeared to be ringing as they continuously slashed forth.

The profound energy in Blood Dove’s dantian also surged out as his thick sea of blood exploded outwards.



Yin Shang was quite unhappy about this as he softly said: “How can I allow you guys to fight all over this daddy’s main hall?”


He was afraid Blood Dove would destroy the scholar’s perfect body.

In order to create a perfect undying guard, the living was the best and it also had to preserve its existing cultivation level. There was a slight grin on Yin Shang’s lips before the insect growing out of his head started releasing death aura like flames.

Blood Dove and the scholar were fighting so intensely that they couldn’t be differentiated for the time being.

Blood Dove’s cultivation seemed to be a level higher, but the imperial qi released from the scholar’s body was able to restrain his Blood Sea skill. This was why those two were in a deadlock now.


The scholar didn’t have as much profound energy to deplete like Blood Dove.

Blood Dove was stronger than him so it was natural when comparing profound energy, the scholar was on the losing end.

This was what the scholar was worried about.

For this reason…

The Flowing Cloud Sword in the scholar’s hand made a slight movement, and a huge aura started billowing out from it. The moment Blood Dove rushed forth, the sword stabbed out at the speed of lightning. The sword’s blade instantly became larger, heavier, and its power doubled.

Shock appeared on Blood Dove’s face as he immediately retreated to dodge the attack.

“Let’s see how you’ll escape!”

The scholar shouted.

Also at this moment, a thick mass of death aura fiercely pounced towards the back of the scholar.


Before the sword was able to fully stab out, the death aura like flames had already surrounded the scholar. It was continuously surging and penetrating into his body. The poisonous death toxin then started devouring all the bodily functions within the scholar. Apart from the heart, sea of consciousness, and mind, everything else was currently being devoured.

This scene was similar to a spider quickly catching its prey that had fallen in its web.

The imperial qi of the scholar couldn’t resist it.

Within an instant…

A burst of light shot out of his body and flew out of the main hall.

The scholar roared out: “Don’t bother with me, everyone quickly leave!”

Yin Shang’s expression became fierce as he coldly shouted: “There’s still more? Relay my commands: Close the city gates and do a thorough search. Capture them all and bring them to me. Remember that I want them alive. I want to refine them to become my strongest undying guards, hahaha…”

Blood Dove revealed his figure as he watched the death aura like flames constantly invading inside the scholar. He licked his lips, showing a trace of reluctance and coldness in his eyes.


A Cloud Piercing Arrow shot into the air above the Dark Mountain Corpse City.

The scholar’s voice was amplified by his profound energy, allowing everyone in the city to hear it. This of course included the teammates that had come here with him.

“Tang Ming…”

“Ninth Prince…”

“Junior brother…”

Voices cried out in a certain corner of the Dark Mountain Corpse City.

Three people then shot forth in unison directly towards the Dark King’s Palace.


Like a tidal wave, countless undying guards were rushing towards them along the main streets.

It was a sea of dark mass from every direction, and each and every one of them exuded a strong aura of death. These guys weren’t the normal undying guards that patrolled outside but was Yin Shang’s elite troops. Before they died, each of them was in the Profound Grandmaster realm!


“Quickly run! There’s too many undying guards!”

“But the Ninth Prince is still inside. Could it…”

“There’s no other choices, he might already be…”

Facing a tidal wave of undying guards, it was near impossible to even rush towards the Dark King’s Palace, let alone saving someone.

In an instant…

The three of them no longer hesitated and started running towards the exit of the city.

Inside the Dark King’s Palace.

Blood Worm and Blood Chill were faintly smiling as one of them said: “Lord Dark King, how about we go help out as well?”

Without waiting for the Dark King’s reply, the two of them transformed into a blood mist and flew out.

Those three continued killing on their path of escape…

All three of them were covered in blood and seriously wounded by now. It wasn’t easy for them to finally make it to the city’s gate but when they arrived, they found that the city gate was already closed. And stationed in front of the city gate was a large amount of undying guards.

The three of them had lost all hope.

“Senior sister, you leave first! We’ll cover for you!”

One of them was in the front to open up a path while the other stayed in the rear to cover.

“You want to escape?”

“Heh heh… senior brother, that pretty woman will belong to me while the other two will belong to you.” Blood Worm started smiling pervertedly.

Blood Chill nodded and replied: “We’ll do it that way then.”

It was at this moment…

Before the city gate, a figure was standing there with a murderous aura billowing out from him. His fists were clenched tightly before they suddenly bombarded out onto the gate while angrily yelling: “Yin Shang, scram out here for this daddy!”



¹ – Embroidered pillow means to have the looks but lack the power behind the move.

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