Undefeatable – Ch133

Chapter 133 – Can You Not Be Like This

“You still have a special move?!”

Qin Yue’er was completely charmed by Luo Tian.

Especially when she heard the words these undying guards were talking about – the man spoken in the prophecy.

This was simply too domineering and cool!

She has seen countless men in her life and every one of them cannot control themselves when they see her. Yet Luo Tian was extremely calm all the time, giving her the impression that he was a god-like man!


Qin Yue’er immediately made a decision that she has never made before: “This sister will definitely make this kid mine!”

She perked up her chest and those two voluptuous breasts pushed against Luo Tian’s back. She then softly said: “En, I will definitely follow behind you for the rest of my life…”

That voice!

And the soft and bouncy feeling against his back…

This can really take one’s life away!

Luo Tian’s crotch obviously had a response from this stimulus. He swallowed down his saliva and said: “Hey sister, can you not be like this?”


“You don’t like what this big sister is doing?”

“Then what do you want me to do?” Upon saying this, Qin Yue’er squeezed her arms together and pushed her two meat mounds into forming a bottomless gully. A gully that can devour the beholder straight into its depths.

Very deep!

Very big!

Couple that with Qin Yue’er’s mature and sultry looks; the complete sex appeal package was just too tempting!

Luo Tian couldn’t wait to just pounce on top of that!

His little brother became even longer and thicker. The evil flames within him burned even brighter but his heart was completely bitter. He started mumbling: “Hey sister, if you keep doing this, we’ll most likely die right here.”


It was as if Qin Yue’er suddenly woke up. Her right hand reached over to Luo Tian’s crotch area and gently patted it. She then tenderly said with a smile: “I’ll wait until you’re finished with your task first, we’ll have plenty of time later.”

“Shit man!”

The evil flames that Qin Yue’er had incited almost made him unable to hold back anymore.

If they weren’t in such a situation right now, he would’ve already ravaged her thoroughly! What normal man can endure such provocation by her?

Qin Yue’er could feel Luo Tian’s temperature rise. Her face started blushing because she has never treated a man like this before; Luo Tian was the first one. Her heart was feeling a bit nervous but also some excitement like it was an especially fun game.

Luo Tian was suffering to no ends.

His evil flames were raging like crazy!

It was fortunate that during this time, a large group of undying guards were rushing towards him.

Qin Yue’er then said: “Handsome little brother, they’ve arrived. Big sister is very scared so you need to protect this big sister.”

After saying that…

Her two meat mounds suddenly mashed themselves against Luo Tian’s back. She then giggled: “This will be considered a bonus. Once you’re able to bring me out of this place, there will be even better rewards for you.”


“Back up a few steps!”

Since she was so close, Luo Tian couldn’t activate his move.

Qin Yue’er complied with his request.

After recovering from her sudden daze, she was a person that knew what things she could do or not do during certain times. She rather enjoyed flirting with Luo Tian because not only was he good looking; there was also a mysterious aura that attracted her towards him.

This attraction was similar to love at first sight.

Inside the Sea Cloud Sect, there were many talented disciples chasing after her but she didn’t even give them a single glance.

But the moment Luo Tian killed that undying guard, her heart trembled and her mind felt like she had fallen into a daze.


“All for eternal life!”

“Kill him!”

All those undying guards rushed towards Luo Tian like a tidal wave. When Luo Tian saw those undying guards come from all directions, his heart was in ecstasy as he said to himself: “Experience, experience, they’re all experience points!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian stomped down and leapt into the air. He then roared out: “Myriad Thunder Roar!”



Storm clouds started gathering in the air. Luo Tian then landed next to Qin Yue’er and shouted: “Descend for me!”

A rain of lightning attack!

This was the nemesis of undead creatures!

It was the same for video games, and it was the same when dealing with that Thousand Year Zombie King back then.

So what’s going to happen when dealing with these undying guards?

Luo Tian wasn’t too sure but this was the only crowd control attack skill he had!

Countless lightning strikes started raining down from the storm clouds. Within a ten plus meter radius around Luo Tian, it had become something similar to a lightning field. All the undying guards in the area were more or less struck by the volley of lightnings.




A series of system alert tones exploded in Luo Tian’s mind!

It was similar to hearing those ear deafening firecrackers being lit, except the melody of sounds was simply too wonderful.

Luo Tian was excited!

His experience bar could be visibly seen increasing.

The experience points these undying guards gave were too awesome.

Qin Yue’er was once again dumbfounded as she stared at Luo Tian in disbelief. The excitement she was currently feeling could not be described with words. She was fearful for her life not too long ago yet now she was no longer afraid. The only thing she felt right now was that Luo Tian was able to hold up the entire world!

“This big sister is making you mine!”

Says the internal monologue of Qin Yue’er.

The Myriad Thunder Roar skill had finished.

There was still over half of the undying guards alive at the lightning field area without the slightest injury. The reason was very simple – lightning did not directly strike their heads. The undying guards who had their heads directly struck were all instantly killed.


Since it wasn’t struck the first time, there’s still a second round.

Since the Myriad Thunder Roar was actually useful, then Luo Tian will just bombard them all with it!

“Myriad Thunder Roar!”

“Blow up these motherf*ckers!”

Luo Tian once again activated the Furious Thunder Bull’s special skill.

A lightning field once again descended.

A chorus of wails and cries were heard in the midst of the lightning field. For those undying guards who thought they were immortal were now in despair. Many of them started shouting: “Yin Shang, you lied to us! You damn fraud, you lied to us…”

They continued screaming up until the moment of their death.

But many undying guards continued rushing forth.

So Luo Tian continued bombarding the area around him.

He was also constantly on the move towards the direction of the Dark King’s Palace.

Off into the distance on top of a flight of stairs, Luo Tian stared firmly at Yin Shang standing there with an expression that he was supreme and above everyone. This annoyed the crap out of him so he shouted: “Just you wait you damn dog thing! I will slaughter everyone in your Dark Mountain Corpse City!”

Yin Shang’s expression turned ugly.

It was an extremely ugly look on his face right now!

Seeing his undying army that he built up personally being beaten up to such a pathetic state by a Profound Master 9th rank human, it was something he absolutely couldn’t accept!

At this moment…

Blood Dove stepped forward again but this time with a more respectful expression. “Dark King, you should let my two disciples deal with this trash. Their cultivation level is in the Profound Grandmaster realm so it will be extremely easy for them to deal with this human.”

There was a slight change to Yin Shang’s eyes as he nodded slightly. “If he can be captured alive, I will gift you ten thousand more rank 3 Gu insects.”

Blood Dove smiled.

He then condensed a blood thought and instantly transmitted his message to Blood Worm and Blood Chill amongst the crowd.

The two of them grinned before starting to chuckle in a cold manner.

Immediately after…

The two of them hid their auras and silently crept towards Luo Tian.

Luo Tian was currently in bliss as he watched his experience soar into the sky. He had focused all his attention on Myriad Thunder Roar and his ears were ringing from all the destruction. There was no way he would notice some humans creeping up behind him right now.

Within an instant…

Two blood figures dodged past the lightning and their Profound Grandmaster energy exploded forth! Two blood red palms were now slamming straight for Luo Tian!

Luo Tian’s heart sank, “I’m screwed!”

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