Undefeatable – Ch134

Chapter 134 – Qin Yue’er Is Pissed

Luo Tian had been quite excited.

The system alert tones had made him very excited.

He was continuously activating Myriad Thunder Roar and the system alert kept ringing his ears off. His heart was blooming flowers of happiness, so that’s why he became careless.

Luo Tian never imagined that there would be other humans here apart from Qin Yue’er.

He also never imagined someone would sneak attack him!

That’s why when Blood Worm and Blood Chill both attacked, Luo Tian’s mind sank as he shouted internally: “Not good!”

Blood Worm and Blood Chill were both personal disciples of Blood Dove. Their cultivation levels had already reached the Profound Grandmaster realm and even reached the 3rd rank. When both of them made a sneak attack together, the power behind it had risen to another level!

The blood red palms slammed forth.

Luo Tian basically had no reaction to it because it simply came too sudden and quickly.



Two loud thud sounds were heard.

Extreme pain wracked Luo Tian’s chest area as his entire body was sent flying. He then heavily landed against a house to the side before causing it to collapse into rubble. Luo Tian was buried within the rubble and it was unknown if he was dead or alive!

It was too quick!

So quick that he had no time to react!


Luo Tian’s cultivation level was only at the Profound Master 9th rank while those two were at the Profound Grandmaster 3rd rank. And they both attacked at the same time!

There was a big difference in cultivation levels!

There was also a difference in cultivation realms!

Blood Worm started coldly smiling and said in disdain: “What utter trash!”

Blood Chill was also coldly smiling, “He couldn’t even take a single blow!”

Those two succeed in their sneak attack and had a proud and arrogant expression on their faces.

There was someone quite unhappy about this.

Qin Yue’er was extremely unhappy. She glared at those two with flames of rage and said in a pissed off tone: “You two squirts dare to attack the man I’ve got my eyes on? Watch how I play you to death!”


“It’s only been a few minutes and he’s already become your man?”

“It looks like the Sea Cloud Sect only groom cheap sluts. Junior brother, are you sure this woman is someone you want?” Blood Chill laughed in contempt.

Blood Worm licked his lips. His eyes ogled Qin Yue’er’s large breasts before pervertedly laughing: “Senior brother, I’ve never tasted women from the Sea Cloud Sect before. Just look at that woman’s protruding breasts; those are definitely high grade boobies. Then look at her round ass that’s so tight and firm. Her small waist doesn’t have any excess fat and those long slender legs, kek kek… those are definitely top grade! I dare to guarantee this woman’s goods are all still in their original package; she’s definitely still a virgin!”

In the Evil Blood Sect, Blood Worm has a nickname of the little perverted bastard.

He has enjoyed countless women before so the power of his eyes was quite accurate.

Blood Chill seemed to have been stimulated by Blood Worm’s words. He looked at Qin Yue’er again and found that she was rather interesting now, and his eyes started showing a trace of evil fire.

Blood Worm’s eyes narrowed as he swallowed down his saliva. He then pervertedly laughed: “Senior brother, do you want to do this woman together? I’ve prepared several new drugs and I guarantee we’ll rise blissfully to the heavens, heh heh…”

A perverted smile hung on Blood Chill’s mouth. “Really?”

Blood Worm replied: “Of course!”

Blood Chill then said: “What are we waiting for then? Let’s grab her!”

These two were chatting with each other completely not putting Qin Yue’er in their eyes.

Qin Yue’er had a rather ugly look on her face. She glanced over at the rubble and said to herself: “That handsome little brother shouldn’t be dead right?”

“Their damn granny!”

“They dare to sneak attack a guy this big sister fancies? They’ve truly pissed me off this time!”

Immediately after…

Qin Yue’er’s right had moved and a sword appeared. She had a cold expression on her face similar to those girls labeled as ice cold goddesses. She then shouted: “You two little Evil Blood Sect bastards, watch how I take care of you both!”

With her eye-catching outfit, Qin Yue’er’s exquisite S curves were prominently revealed.

Add an icy cold sword in her hand; this was basically the charm of a hot and cold combo!

Her figure moved and her full breasts quivered slightly. Within an instant, sword qi filled the air as it streaked towards Blood Chill and Blood Worm.

Those two didn’t dare to be careless.

They both released the Blood Sea skill, causing the surrounding area to fill with a pungent smell of blood. Those two then threw out palm strikes to meet the oncoming sword attack.

“Celestial Maiden Sword Skill!”

“Scattered Flowers of the Celestial Maiden!”

Sword qi violently pelted down like rain. Qin Yue’er made another shout as she floated into the air, and her cold blade started manifesting sword like flowers. She was now like a hot goddess scattering flowers onto the mortal world except the beautiful scene was filled with incomparable sharpness!

“Blood Sea Rising Sky Palm!”

The two of them both shouted in unison.


“You two little brats dare to act presumptuous in front of this old lady?”

“Cut them up for me!”

Qin Yue’er’s sword qi’s started becoming even sharper, where each of them gave off its own suppression. She then angrily said: “Who told you to sneak attack my hubby? It’s already hard for this old lady to find a guy she fancies yet you dare to sneak attack him? Courting death; simply courting death!”

Every time her sword stabbed out, she would roar out in rage.

She was really pissed!

Because of the difference in cultivation levels, Qin Yue’er’s aura was able to suppress Blood Worm and Blood Chill.

The both of them started scurrying away like mice as they retreated from her attack.

In the Dark King’s Palace.

Yin Shang faintly chuckled: “Elder Blood Dove, your two disciples don’t seem very adequate…”

His laughter contained a trace of disdain.

Blood Dove’s expression changed as he suddenly shouted: “You two can’t even handle an injured woman? A half-ass Celestial Maiden Sword Skill that has form but no power yet you two pieces of trash can’t even break past it?”


Blood Dove was actually giving them two advice.

Blood Worm and Blood Chill came to a realization and glanced at each other with a cold smile.

Their figures turned around and immediately rushed back.

Blood Dove’s words had revealed her flaws. Qin Yue’er’s face darkened since she had only cultivated the Celestial Maiden Sword Skill for less than three months. She hadn’t grasped the essence of this grade 6 martial skill yet so she was only able to display the forms but not the explosive power behind it.

It was useless for sword skills to have the form yet lack attack power!

In addition, she was seriously injured and the profound energy inside her dantian was almost used up. Displaying this Celestial Maiden Sword Skill had consumed a lot of profound energy, and she was hoping to force them away with it and then go for the kill amidst the chaos. Unfortunately, her flaws were easily seen through by Blood Dove.

Her heart had started to panic.

It was at this moment that Blood Worm’s blood palm came striking over.

Qin Yue’er’s eyes sank. She then flicked her sword in front of her chest hoping to block the palm strike with it, but never imagined behind her would be Blood Chill ferociously laughing: “Little beauty, here comes this little granddaddy!”

Another palm strike slammed out!


Qin Yue’er’s back caved in and she was sent flying forward. Dark colored blood spluttered out of her mouth.

Right after that…

Blood Worm’s palm strike landed and directly forced Qin Yue’er flying into another direction before landing where Luo Tian was covered in rubble. Her face was pale and the pain on her body made her involuntarily spasm.

“Heh heh…”

“Little beauty, you should stop resisting.”

“We two brothers will take good care of you.”


The two of them came closer one step at a time. Their expressions were quite perverted as they started heavily swallowing down their saliva. Their whole image was as lecherous as lecherous could be.

A little part of Qin Yue’er’s heart died at this moment.

Seeing the expression on Blood Worm and Blood Chill, she was afraid!

This fear was similar to a young girl encountering a child molester. This was the first time in her life that she has experienced such fear!

Women are really mysterious creatures…

Qin Yue’er was currently thinking to herself: “I will definitely marry whoever that can save me right now! Come out now my hero!”

Within this instant…

A bloody colored blade stabbed into the sky, emitting a domineering aura of pure killing intent.

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