Undefeatable – Ch135

Chapter 135 – So Handsome And So Cool

Many girls have dreamt of being saved by a hero.

When Qin Yue’er was very young, she had always dreamt of a hero and waited for one to appear in her life.

Because of her talent and her hard work, the martial path she traversed all these years was quite smooth. She encountered almost no strong obstacles in her life and never experienced any situations that were too dangerous. She happened to group up with the Ninth Prince at the Heavenly Sword City so they could explore the Dark Mountain Corpse City. She originally thought that with her identity as someone from the Sea Cloud Sect, no one would dare to take things too far with them. That’s why she thought this trip of theirs wouldn’t be too dangerous either.


Qin Yue’er never imagined the Dark Mountain Corpse City was basically another world.

The Ninth Prince’s life and death was uncertain.

The other two team members had died.

And now she…

Qin Yue’er was smiling bitterly in her heart and a tear had formed in the corner of her eye. She then suddenly remembered a childhood dream and started praying by using herself as a bargaining chip: “I will definitely marry whoever can save me right now. Where are you my hero?”

Just when she was done praying, a loud “boom” was heard in the rubble.

A huge blade covered in blood was thrusted out of the rubble. The blade’s body was exuding an endless amount of domineering aura along with a thick killing intent.

Right after that…

A figure emerged shooting right into the air while shouting: “Motherf*ckers, you dare to sneak attack this daddy?!”

A human with a huge blade descended!

His body was covered in an aura of arrogance like he had just finished rampaging through a city.

Killing intent and unbridled arrogance was billowing out from him.

At this moment…

Luo Tian’s domineering aura was in a complete mess!

Qin Yue’er became dumbfounded as he couldn’t help say in her heart: “So handsome, so cool looking, and so domineering!”

A hero had appeared!

It was a bit different from how she envisioned his debut would be like, but Luo Tian happened to be even more domineering and arrogant. Her heart started fluttering but she then immediately realized a problem: She wasn’t an opponent against Blood Worm and Blood Chill so how can someone with the strength of a Profound Master 9th rank deal with them?

At this moment…

Qin Yue’er’s emotions sank down once again.


“He hasn’t died yet?”

“That damn trash is truly lucky to be alive. Although he has survived after receiving our two palm strikes…” Blood Chill started coldly laughing and then said to Luo Tian in disdain: “That expression on your face looks like you want to be a hero and save the damsel in distress.”


“He thinks he’s qualified for it?”

Blood Worm started laughing out loud. If it were Qin Yue’er’s companions, those two might feel some nervousness. But a trashy Profound Master 9th rank? Luo Tian’s cultivation level wasn’t even close enough for them to pay attention to.

They could directly ignore him!

Did a Profound Grandmaster 3rd rank have to even care about a trashy Profound Master 9th rank?

There was absolutely no need!

The eyes of them two were filled with utter disdain. Blood Chill then coldly laughed: “If it weren’t for the Dark King wanting to capture you alive, you would’ve died already. You really think our combined palm strikes aren’t capable of killing you? You damn piece of trash, you actually dare to act arrogant in front of us? Ptui!”

Blood Worm was too lazy to even talk to Luo Tian. He couldn’t wait anymore and walked up to Qin Yue’er and crouched down near her. Looking at Qin Yue’er’s breasts that looked like they were about to burst out of her shirt, Blood Worm raised his hands and made a grasping motion in midair. He then pervertedly laughed: “So big! I have never seen such big and perky breasts in my whole life!”

Qin Yue’er directly spat onto Blood Worm’s face and shouted: “Scram!”

Blood Worm created a nauseating scene by sticking out his tongue and licking off the saliva. His eyes seem to give off a strange glow as he pervertedly laughed: “Don’t be so impatient little beauty; this little granddaddy will soon let you experience some heavenly joy, haha…”

Just as his right hand reached forward about to rip Qin Yue’er’s shirt apart…

Luo Tian raised his eyes and shouted in an icy tone: “It’s best that you scram as far away as possible or else I’ll chop off your dog’s paw!”

A slight frown formed on Blood Worm’s brows. He then glanced over at Luo Tian and said in disdain: “Damn brat, this daddy will strip her right in front of you. This daddy will then bend her over so you can have a good look.”

After saying that…

His right hand reached out.

Qin Yue’er was seriously injured and had no strength left to resist. She could only stare blankly at Blood Worm’s hand reaching towards her. A tear formed in her eye as she unconsciously looked towards Luo Tian with a begging expression.

“I, told, you, to, scram, as, far, away, as, possible!”

Each word was pronounced one at a time!

Rage that had reached the heavens! Once the last word was pronounced, Luo Tian disappeared from his spot. With killing intent that reached the heavens and domineering aura from the Wild Blade, the oppressive pressure all came crushing down like Mount Tai collapsing. The Wild Blade slashed down and the sky seemed to have darkened.

“Watch out junior brother!”


The blade chopped down. It was overbearing and beyond sharp; without a bit of hindrance to it.

Right next to the body of the blade was a single bloody hand!

Blood squirted all over the place and Blood Worm’s face became pale. He started retreating backwards quickly while screaming out in pain. He then started cursing: “You damn dog thing, you dare to cut this daddy’s hand off? This daddy wants you to die right now! Senior brother, kill him for me, kill him!”

Blood Worm kept screaming vehemently while suffering from pain.

Luo Tian didn’t even bother giving him a glance and went to support Qin Yue’er up. He then helped her adjust her clothing before asking out of concern: “Are you okay?”

At this moment…

Qin Yue’er’s heart felt like they were melting. Her eyes were staring at Luo Tian without blinking before saying in a cute and tender manner: “I’m fine.”

While inside her heart, the excitement she was feeling was in a complete mess. “He’s so handsome!”

He said he’d chop off that guy’s hand and did just that. This man is simply way too cool!

When Blood Chill saw how much pain his junior brother was in, the flames of rage ignited in his heart. He didn’t care about what the Dark King had said prior and directly rushed forth. His hands formed into palm strikes as his blood aura surged out. “Hand your life over to me!”

As he shouted this, his attack arrived in a blink of an eye!

Luo Tian’s huge blade was then stabbed into the ground. He fists sank down to his side while he activated the Evil Blood Armor’s defense. Right after that, a thick amount of profound energy was then circulated to his mind, sea of conscious, and chest area to reinforce his physical defenses.

Luo Tian felt like he could directly take a hit from an expert at the early Profound Grandmaster realm.

The strength behind someone at the Profound Grandmaster 3rd rank was quite powerful. Luo Tian understood that just relying on his physical body would not be enough to resist an attack, that’s why he used his profound energy to reinforce himself.

Luo Tian’s feet seem like they had taken root to the ground as he stood their firmly. His eyes stared at Blood Chill and a gloomy manner as he madly laughed: “Come at me! If you can’t kill this daddy with one strike, this daddy will take your life afterwards!”

Luo Tian was still acting so wildly when he’s about to be beaten?!

Qin Yue’er couldn’t help but start worrying for Luo Tian’s safety. At the same time, she felt like he was even more handsome than before! “My little heart is pounding like crazy; are you trying to kill me with your hunkiness or something?”


Blood Chill’s pair of palms seem like they contained the endless power of a blood sea, and those blood red palms of his came slamming over like the force of heaven!

An extremely powerful attack!

Luo Tian frowned while cracking sounds was heard from clenching his jaws too hard.

“Come at me!”

“If you can’t play this daddy to death, this daddy will in turn play YOU to death!”



Resisting head on!

Two large blood red palms slammed into Luo Tian’s chest, almost making him feel like his soul was being smashed right out of his body! The pain Luo Tian was feeling right now couldn’t be described with words!


Luo Tian was clenching his jaws so hard that they were bleeding. Ignoring the pain, he started coldly grinning with blood seeping out at the corner of his mouth. His expression actually showed an extreme excitement while his right hand raised the 1800 jin Blood Devouring Wild Blade right above his head. Luo Tian smiled ferociously: “This daddy already said it: If you can’t play me to death, then it’ll be my turn to play you to death!”

The Wild Blade slashed across the sky before chopping down forcefully!

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