Undefeatable – Ch137

Chapter 137 – Couldn’t Withstand It

Blood Dove’s cultivation level had already reached Profound Spirit 7th rank.

His Blood Sea skill had been practiced to the point of perfection. He was strong; extremely strong. Or else he wouldn’t have the status of being an outer sect elder of the Evil Blood Sect.

Blood Worm and Blood Chill were two of his favorite disciples.

Apart from this relationship, they were also actually his own biological sons!

That’s why Blood Dove was enraged.

How unbearable was it to personally witness the death of your own sons?

At this moment, all of Blood Dove’s Profound Spirit 7th rank power exploded out of him. The tumultuous sea of blood in the area instantly became calm, and with him as the center, the blood sea started to spin around him. Then in just a short few seconds, the blood sea started drilling back into his body.


Blood Dove’s entire body had turned red and his eyes extremely gloomy looking. His right hand formed a claw before grasping the air in front of him. Space ripped apart with the image of five fingers. His eyes were glaring at Luo Tian before he angrily shouted: “Give me back my son’s life!”

As his voice faded…

Blood Dove’s whole person crushed down like a round ball of devil’s blood.

“Watch out! Don’t let it touch you!” Qin Yue’er cried out in shock.

Luo Tian was able to sense that ball of devilish blood contained a huge amount of power. He placed the Blood Devouring Wild Blade in front of his chest as his first line of defense before quickly retreating backwards. He was looking left and right hoping to find…


Blood Dove’s power came crushing down!

The previous sea of blood that had receded into Blood Dove had now exploded out with force, completely wrapping up Luo Tian within its confine. It was also at this time that Blood Dove’s figure turned illusory as his speed became too fast for the eyes to catch up with. It created an illusion where countless blood colored figures were now all converging towards Luo Tian at the same time!

Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness was in turmoil!

His physical body was experiencing intense pain!

Luo Tian was in such severe discomfort that words just couldn’t describe it. Seeing how over a hundred residual shadows of Blood Dove were all rushing towards him, his heart sank before shouting: “Level 2 Berserk!”


Four times the attributes exploded forth!

Immediately after…

Profound energy started surging out of him!

1000 points, 2000 points, 3000 points… 5000 points… 10,000 points, 20,000 points!

A total of 20,000 points of profound energy were raging about inside his body. Luo Tian’s physical body almost couldn’t handle this large amount of energy, causing the surface of his skin to flush red as if it was being burned by fire.


There were thunderous roars inside Luo Tian’s body as he desperately tried to keep things under control.

He forced the profound energy into his four limbs, his mind, and sea of consciousness so that it would condense into a thick energy shield.

Also at the same time…

The Evil Blood Armor was activated and draped over his body. The ferocious looking blood colored armor then started pulsating with a bloody glow. Luo Tian was basically out of options right now because when facing an expert at the Profound Spirit realm, the only thing he could do was defend with all he had! He had no ability to fight back at all!

Using 20,000 points of profound energy for defense? Most likely Luo Tian was the only madman in this world capable of doing something like this.

There was also the addition of the Evil Blood Armor.

This was the strongest defense Luo Tian was able to bring forth right now. It’s unfortunate that the Evil Blood Armor’s killing intent wasn’t full yet or else he wouldn’t have to use up so much profound energy points.

“Come at me!”

“Let’s see if you can play this daddy to death! Hahaha…”

Luo Tian roared out in unbridled arrogance; his face incomparably fierce and excited at the same time.

A lunatic!

A complete and utter raving lunatic!

When facing Blood Dove at the Profound Spirit 7th rank, Luo Tian chose to defend?

And he was acting so wild and arrogantly, as if not putting Blood Dove in his eyes at all!

Wild and unrestrained!

Completely unbridled! This type of fearless attitude caused the blood of the spectators to boil in excitement. This also made Yin Shang, who was rushing over quickly to be quite happy. He then shouted: “Blood Dove, leave his life for me to handle!”

The appearance of Luo Tian was rather unexpected, but also made Yin Shang surprisingly happy.

The power Luo Tian possessed was just too fearsome.

This was exactly what Yin Shang wanted.

As long as an undying Gu insect was placed inside Luo Tian’s still living body, he would retain his ability to continue growing stronger. With Luo Tian’s talent and strong will, he’ll definitely be able to continuously refine the Gu insect within him to a new level. Once that Gu insect is refined to the legendary status of a true undying Gu insect, Ying Shang would then have the power to dominate the entire world!


Extreme excitement!

It looked like Yin Shang could already see the day he ruled over the world.

Yin Shang increased his speed further. He then shouted once again in warning: “Blood Dove, you must leave his life for me or else you will never take a step out of this city!”

He was directly threatening Blood Dove!

Because he really needed Luo Tian.

Blood Dove frowned. With the rage burning inside him, he didn’t care about those words anymore. How could he not avenge the death of his sons?

Blood Dove didn’t decrease his power but actually increased them!

“You will accompany my sons in burial!”

Large blood colored palm prints charged in from all directions. This was the highest esoteric of the Sky Palms Of The Blood Sea skill!

Qin Yue’er had an ashen expression. There was dead silence in her heart as she stared at Luo Tian’s ferocious expression. Her body was somewhat frozen in place and a tear unknowingly slid down her face. Her lips then started forming a brilliant looking smile as she mumbled: “I will accompany you.”



Countless bloody palm prints slammed into every inch of Luo Tian’s body!

His whole body was wracked with heart tearing pain.

Luo Tian stood there unmoving while cracking sounds were heard from clenching his jaws so hard. His eyes were staring off into the distance where a death aura was flying straight towards him. He then said to himself: “Good! This daddy will gamble it all! Old granny, I hope you didn’t lie to me!”

Within an instant…

A condensed spiritual intention was formed inside Luo Tian’s mind before it settled in a corner of his body. That intention gradually became quiet before completely hiding its presence.


He was going to use his life as the stakes!

If he lost the bet, most likely he would forever be someone else’s puppet!


Luo Tian currently had no other choices.

This type of feeling where he had no choice left was really painful to experience!

At this moment… Luo Tian was enduring severe pain. He also turned to the side and looked at Qin Yue’er who had a brilliant smile on her face. Luo Tian also responded with a faint smile that was filled with confidence!

Right after, he raised his head and roared into the air, activating Myriad Thunder Roar at a certain location!



Two loud thunderous roars were heard.

The profound energy inside Luo Tian couldn’t handle it anymore because Blood Dove, a Profound Spirit 7th ranker was simply too strong. Even using 20,000 points of profound energy as defense couldn’t withstand his attack. The pain Luo Tian was experiencing had already exceeded the tolerance his physical body could withstand.


Pain that had already surpassed his limits.

But he continued clenching his jaws to hold on because he was waiting…

“Stay your hands for me!”

Yin Shang had a face full of anger. His right hand made a movement and a swarm of death aura rose up through the ground heading straight towards Blood Dove. Yin Shang then shouted in a hoarse voice: “If you don’t stay your hands, don’t blame this daddy for not being polite anymore!”


Blood Dove’s bloody palm strike nullified Yin Shang’s attack before he rebounded into the air and stood off to the side. Blood Dove looked on with gloomy eyes as his mouth faintly laughed: “Lord Dark King, he’s already dead. Hahaha…”


Yin Shang was extremely pissed off.

Luo Tian’s whole body was covered in blood and there weren’t any places that didn’t have a wound. There were also dozens of wounds so deep that his bones could be seen. Even an expert at the Profound Grandmaster realm would be smashed into pulp by this attack, but Luo Tian was able to survive head on by relying on his strong physical body and his profound energy as reinforcement.

The only issue was…

The Evil Blood Armor was smashed into pieces.

A magical treasure was gone just like that.

Luo Tian felt extreme heart ache but he really didn’t have any other choices.

Qin Yue’er stared at Luo Tian with a goofy smile: “I will accompany you.”

Within this instant…

Luo Tian’s eyes that were covered in blood had suddenly opened wide!

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