Undefeatable – Ch138

Chapter 138 – Corpse Sea, Here I Come!

“He’s not dead?!”

“He hasn’t died yet?!”

“Oh heavens! He still hasn’t died? Is he even human? Or is he the same as us with immortal bodies?”

The spectating guards started discussing amongst themselves.

This was craziness!

This whole scene was too crazy to behold!

Luo Tian’s eyes opened wide, and his lips curved into a cold smile.

Not only did he not die…

The wounds on his body were visibly healing by itself to the naked eye! Not even a tiny scar was left behind! What the hell was going on?

Everyone was completely dumbfounded.

Their brains felt like it short circuited because they couldn’t understand what was happening. This guy’s body seems to be even stronger than their immortal bodies!

Their immortal bodies couldn’t heal themselves but Luo Tian’s could!

Qin Yue’er broke out into a smile through her tears, somehow making it even more brilliant than before. “You bastard, you almost scared me to death!”



“Good, good, too good! This is perfect!”

Yin Shang laughed out.

His laughter was filled with incomparable excitement. Yin Shang started looking up and down Luo Tian like a specimen, feeling that he had the most perfect body and was the most ideal container ever. With such a strong will that Luo Tian was demonstrating, he would definitely be able to refine the undying Gu insect to the highest realm!

Exceeding rank 8 or even exceeding rank 9, and attaining the true immortality realm!

As Yin Shang was examining Luo Tian, Luo Tian was too looking at Yin Shang.

Yin Shang’s whole body was shimmering a gold color, to the point that Luo Tian almost couldn’t open his eyes fully. His heart was ecstatic and drool almost spilled out of his mouth. He then said to himself: “A boss, a boss, a super strong boss! This guy is definitely the second boss that the system would reward me with something great!”

“Play him to death; I definitely have to play him to death!”

Before having laid eyes on Yin Shang, Luo Tian was still a bit doubtful.

But when he saw the golden glow around Yin Shang, Luo Tian was pretty sure this guy was the next boss to give him the system’s reward!

Last time was the Blood Devouring Wild Blade, so what would this time give him?

Luo Tian was so looking forward to it. He was so excited that he didn’t even try to cover it up. He then stared at Yin Shang and asked in a stern manner: “Were you the one that killed all those earth’s core people?”

“That’s right!”

Yin Shang didn’t conceal it because he had no need to. He then smiled and asked: “You’re the so called person mentioned in the prophecy?”

Luo Tian’s eyes narrowed as he recalled the scene where the blood of the earth’s core race flowed like a river. The rage in his heart exploded out all at once as he coldly said: “Nope, I just happen to be someone that has come for your life.”


“Just relying on yourself?”

Yin Shang had an interested expression on his face as he smiled: “Those who have dared say such words to me have all died, but you will be an exception because I admire you. You will soon became a part of my undying army and become the strongest person here, apart from me of course.”

“What do you think?”

“Should I personally make a move or will you submit to me willingly on your own?”

As he was saying this, Yin Shang continued maintaining his smile. He also had a complacent expression that Luo Tian was already his property.

This was his world.

He was the overlord of this place.

That’s why Yin Shang’s tone of voice was filled with extreme arrogance as if he didn’t place anyone in his eyes. This also holds true when speaking to Luo Tian as if he was implying: It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with my words, you can’t escape from the palm of my hands anyway.

With the insect attached to his head, his whole body swollen, a hideous looking face, and a disgusting smile plastered on his face, Yin Shang truly looked like some monster that crawled out of the sewers.

Luo Tian stored the Blood Devouring Wild Blade and took out the Spirit Snake Spear. He then faintly smiled and said: “I promised the old granny that I would definitely kill you.”

As he was saying this, Luo Tian waved the Spirit Snake Spear around before continuing: “This is your subordinate You Hun’s weapon. Your outcome will be the same as his – the soul shattered into nothingness, hahaha…”

Yin Shang faintly frowned while his face underwent a slight change. The death aura on his body flared up along with the anger in his heart. He then said: “You are unbridled but you should know that one must have capital to act so arrogantly. It’s unfortunate that you lack that capital.”


Without allowing Yin Shang to finish his sentence, the enraged Blood Dove stepped up and said: “Lord Dark King, just hand this dog thing to me. I will definitely make him surrender himself beneath your feet.”

Without even waiting for a response…

Blood Dove’s figure made a move, and the sea of blood that covered the sky once again burst forth from him.

Yin Shang’s eyes sank as he was getting pissed. A turbulent death aura appeared in the sky and started crushing towards Blood Dove. It was also at this moment that Yin Shang rushed out.


Extremely fast!

Luo Tian was staring at Yin Shang but he had instantly disappeared. Even his aura had dissipated and couldn’t be detected. Luo Tian was internally shocked as he said to himself: “This guy is really strong; his strength has probably already reached the peak of the Profound Spirit realm.”

“Shit man!”

“A Profound Spirit 9th rank? How is this daddy supposed to kill such a boss?”

“Our difference is about twenty levels, so how the hell am I supposed to kill him?”

At this moment…

Luo Tian realized killing Yin Shang was a quest that he couldn’t complete because the difference in strength between them was too great. Unless someone helped out… But let alone humans, this shit hole didn’t even have a ghost…


What about that big breasted woman?

Bahh, a Profound Grandmaster is as useful as a fart.

There was dead silence in Luo Tian’s mind. He was now started to pray that a savior would really appear here like the old granny mentioned.

At this moment…


A loud sound was heard above the Dark Mountain Corpse City. Blood Dove fell from the sky before smashing into the ground and creating a deep hole. Blood was coming out from the side of his mouth and his face became extremely pale. Seeing how Yin Shang slowly descended, Blood Dove’s heart was filled with fear as he said internally: “I never imagined that he had already reached the Profound Spirit 9th rank!”

Yin Shang coldly harrumphed as he arrogantly said: “You dare to act recklessly in front of this King? Courting death!”

“If this happens again, you should know what the consequences are!”

Yin Shang coldly glared at Blood Dove while his oppressive pressure crushed against him. Blood Dove immediately kneeled down because of this. Even though he was unwilling, he didn’t dare to show any resistance.

But Blood Dove still looked at Luo Tian at the corner of his eyes in an icy manner.

This was all he could do right now because he knew he had no more chances to strike.

Luo Tian would soon become an undying guard of Yin Shang’s. Thinking up to this point, Blood Dove’s lips started showing a cold smile as he said to Luo Tian: “Even though you haven’t died by my hands, you will continue living on and suffer agony that is worse than death, hahaha…”

Yin Shang started walking forward one step at a time before arriving next to Luo Tian.

“Level 2 Berserk!”

“Magma Fire…”

Luo Tian’s hands and feet turned into magma, causing the surrounding air to turn into mist. Luo Tian’s fist pulled back as he concentrated all the power of his body into it. He then heavily smashed out!

Yin Shang didn’t seem to care as he coldly smiled: “Your attack is too weak.”

He didn’t dodge at all and allowed Luo Tian’s attack to directly land on him.

Luo Tian’s glowing red fist heavily smashed into the Gu insect growing out of Yin Shang’s head. Technically, the Gu insect should have been Yin Shang’s greatest weakness but Luo Tian’s fist felt like he was punching a thick steel plate. It was completely useless!

Using the terminology known in video games, that punch was practically considered a huge Miss!

He knew he wasn’t Yin Shang’s opponent but he still wanted to know how strong Yin Shang was. At least knowing the special skills of a boss would allow him to plan a strategy for his future attack. But…

Luo Tian’s attack only managed to tickle him!

This boss was too strong!

Yin Shang grasped onto Luo Tian and started grinning ferociously. In his left hand was a Gu insect that was glowing green. He then started laughing excitedly: “Become one of my undying guards and I will bestow to you eternal life, hahaha…”

Luo Tian made a thought and that hidden intention started moving. He then said to himself: “Corpse sea, this daddy is coming!”

“Motherf*cker, wait for this daddy’s return!”


(T/N: The author made an assumption that all readers know why Luo Tian’s injuries had healed itself and failed to mention it. Luo Tian leveled up to Profound Grandmaster 1st rank and it will be briefly mentioned at Chapter 141. Strangely, no one commented on Luo Tian making a break through except for Yin Shang becoming excited at his specimen.)

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