Undefeatable – Ch139

Chapter 139 – The Nineteenth Level Of Hell

About ten thousand meters under the ground of Dark Mountain Corpse City.

This place was practically a huge plaza where one could not see where it began or ended.

This square was filled with various types of bodies that were innumerable. If one was to sweep the glance around, this place resembled a dark colored sea where one could not see the border. The amount of bodies here were simply too much to be counted!

These bodies had no consciousness and no soul, so they were just moving around aimlessly. The Gu insect inside their brain was still in the process of growing, so these bodies looked just like zombies ambling around!

A dark yin air permeated the air, and the aura of death reached every nook and cranny.

There were constantly ghostly wails here because these walking dead were suffering from painful torment. This pain and suffering was worse than death!

There were rumors floating about that below this plaza was actually hell!

However, this plaza was even more brutal than hell. One could not live or die if they wanted to! This was basically a purgatory for the living, and people have given this place another name – the Nineteenth Level Of Hell!

This was the corpse sea.

This was Yin Shang’s munitions factory, a place that constantly supplied him with his undying guards!

Inside a house at a corner of the plaza.

“Old man, there’s a lot of commotion going on up there. Do you think that child has really come?”

“Impossible. Even if he did come, he’s basically courting his own death.”

“Sigh… I shouldn’t have told him those things; it would have been best for him if he didn’t know anything. Old man, that child is definitely not ordinary because his body exudes a perseverance not seen in regular people. He is also very decisive in his actions and the most important thing of all – his heart is very kind. I’m afraid… once he sees the earth’s core race being wiped out; he would rush towards the Dark Mountain Corpse City. If that really happened, then I’ve truly harmed him. Sigh… I really hope he doesn’t come back to see what happened to the earth’s core race, and not see the scenes of carnage, and never to step into the Dark Mountain Corpse City.”

“A strong perseverance, decisive, and kind at the same time. Perhaps… perhaps he is the person mentioned in the prophecy.”

“You damn old man, why did you suddenly become so superstitious? Prophecies are only there to comfort the living and to give them a bit of hope.”

“This prophecy is different because it might be real!”

The old granny’s expression looked stunned.

After a short while, she merely faintly smiled that show her satisfaction.

The only wish in her life was to see this old man one more time. After this, she could finally die in peace.

Now that she has seen him, she was just like a girl that had fallen in love the first time. She was extremely happy and cherished every second with the old man. She didn’t bother thinking of other thoughts. The earth’s core race was close to being wiped out, so what other matters was there to look forward to?

After a while…

The old granny asked: “Old man, are you really going to teach that bastard Yin Shang the way to dispel Gu poison?”

The old man gently tucked the old granny’s white hair behind her ear as he faintly smiled: “How would I have gotten to see you if I didn’t say such a thing? All these years, I have been helping him refining Gu insects and harmed a lot of our clansmen. I have sinned greatly. All these years, the only wish I had was to see you one more time. Now that I have seen you, I can now die in peace. As for the ability to dispel the Gu poison, he can forget about it for the rest of his life! Humph!”


“Are you two whispering sweet words to each other?

“Master, Mistress, the feelings between you two have still remained unchanged for several centuries, hahaha.”


Yin Shang started laughing after taunting them. A dark cloud filled with thick aura of death then started descending to the ground. Once the cloud dispersed, Yin Shang’s freakish looking mouth curved into an extremely smug smile.

“Yin Shang, you damn mixed-breed dog! You’re even lower than a damn beast!”

“Yin Shang, you will get what’s coming to you one day!”

The elderly couple was filled with agitation, rage, and incomparable hatred in their eyes. This type of hatred was similar to wanting to rip Yin Shang into pieces on the spot.


“You two damn undying old fogeys! If it weren’t for I, Yin Shang, how could the earth’s core race possess such powerful strength like now? If you two old stubborn mules had passed to me the rest of the Gu refining skill early on, I would’ve brought the earth’s core race to conquer a territory already. The earth’s core race would have returned to our most prosperous era by then. Why else should we hide in a deep hole like this where one cannot tell day from night?” Yin Shang appeared quite agitated while saying this and the big Gu insect on his head started moving about because of it. This image of him was disgusting beyond words could describe.

Afterwards, Yin Shang started coldly laughing once again before saying: “But it’s not a big deal because it won’t be long before my wish will be fulfilled, hahaha…”

Yin Shang waved his right hand.

Three bodies fell from high up in the air before landing stably on the ground.

It was the Ninth Prince, Qin Yue’er, and Luo Tian whose forehead had a green glow!

The white browed elder noticed the green glow on Luo Tian’s forehead and became shocked. He then shouted: “Yin Shang, you managed to refine a rank 6 Gu insect? You even placed it inside a living person’s body? What exactly are you planning on doing? You damn bastard, you damn lunatic…”

His last two curses almost turned into a roar.

The old granny’s heart sank when she saw Luo Tian. When she saw how painful Luo Tian’s expression was, her heart started aching as she blamed herself: “Child, this old granny has harmed you. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…”

Yin Shang started madly laughing in a ferocious manner. “Master, your old esteemed self never expected this right? You never expected that I could actually refine a rank 6 green divine Gu insect huh? In order to refine this rank 6 Gu insect, I had exhausted all of my efforts. I remembered back then you said that refining a rank 6 Gu insect required the world’s most yin attribute. I finally found out that a virgin girl’s blood was considered something of extreme yin. Those women of the earth’s core race were rather pitiful; if it weren’t for their virgin blood, I really wouldn’t have succeeded in refining it.”

“But I have to thank your old esteemed self for all of this, hahaha…”


He was laughing in a smug manner!

Yin Shang looked at his master’s painful expression and couldn’t help laughing complacently. His right hand moved and a mass of black aura shot out to bind the old granny. Yin Shang’s face turned grim as he shouted: “Old undying, I want you to help me stimulate the strongest hidden potential out of these three; I want to see their most perfect form. If you don’t do as I say, I think you should know what the consequences are.”

The black aura flames looked like they had turned into a devil as it curled around the old granny’s neck and started tightening itself.

The old granny seemed out of breath as she desperately pleaded: “Old man, don’t do it, don’t do it!”


Yin Shang had swung his hand out and slapped the old granny to the point of seeing stars. He then coldly shouted: “You damn old crappy woman, you better persuade master to do what I’ve said or else I’ll make you experience so much pain that you can neither live or die!”

The white browed elder started frowning as his rage rose to the heavens. But there was nothing he could do. Seeing how blood was seeping out of the mouth of his wife and her face filled with bruises, it felt like his heart was being cut into pieces. Looking at his wife’s eyes again, he wanted to make a tough decision but then his expression turned painful. He then said: “Fine, I will agree to it. But you have to guarantee her safety!”


“I knew you would eventually compromise! It seems that not killing Mistress all these years was the right choice, hahaha…” Yin Shang complacently laughed, and continued: “As long as you can stimulate and bring out their strongest hidden potential, I will guarantee Mistress’s safety.”

After saying that…

Yin Shang brought the old granny away with him while laughing the entire time. The entire corpse sea returned to its original atmosphere – filled with corpse aura, cold, damp, and a prevalent stench in the air.

The white browed elder walked over to Luo Tian and whispered: “You can open your eyes now.”

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