Undefeatable – Ch140

Chapter 140 – Dispelling Gu

At the end of the white browed elder’s words, Luo Tian’s eyes quivered before it gradually opened.


Luo Tian immediately sucked in a cold breath of air. His palms and his back were basically covered in cold sweat because the insect inside his brain was constantly eating away at his will. It was extremely uncomfortable, to the point that he almost couldn’t endure anymore.

During his journey here, his will felt like it was on the brink of death. The loss of will that disappeared bit by bit made him panic. If it weren’t for the spiritual intent he had hidden away early on activating, that green divine Gu insect may have already turned him into one of Yin Shang’s undying puppets.

Luo Tian was desperately resisting and restraining himself so that his true expression wouldn’t be revealed on his face.

When being brought to this Nineteenth Level of Hell, Luo Tian’s heart felt like it had risen to his throat the whole way. If Yin Shang was to discover his ploy, then everything would be game over.

When he heard the old man’s voice, Luo Tian knew that he had finally made it. His eyes gradually opened and his sight landed on the white browed elder. His lips twitched and he said in a shaky voice: “F*cking hell, I’ve finally resisted this to the end.”

His eyes then rolled into the back of his head before fainting.

The white browed elder supported Luo Tian. He looked at Luo Tian’s forehead where an insect was constantly giving off a green glow before saying in shock: “This kid actually directly resisted it for this long! How many people in this world can endure this amount of pain like him?”

“Not bad, he truly is someone with great perseverance.”

“Old woman, looks like we really have a glimmer of hope.”


The sky was murky and the ground was dark.

There was no sun, no moon, and no traces of light.

It was very dark and very cold.

This type of environment was similar to a dead place. It wasn’t unbearable but it gave one a sense of nothingness.

“What is this place?”

“Have I died?”

“Shit man, didn’t this daddy resist it to the end? Could the old granny really have lied to me? No way, she couldn’t have lied to me at this point right?” Luo Tian was thinking to himself as his heart felt like it sank to the abyss. If he had really died, then…

Who was going to rescue An Chunchun’s mother?

For that girl’s wedding three years later, who was going to go kidnap the bride?

Who was going to slap the ass of that ice cold beauty Leng Hanshuang?

Also who was going to protect fatty and the rest of the Luo family?

“F*ck man!”

“Oh heavens, you’re not letting this daddy die just like that right? I’m still a virgin so at least let me lose it first!” Luo Tian bitterly said.

“Cough~, cough~…”

A voice that seem to come from the void was suddenly heard.

The voice was somewhat old and hoarse: “Hey kid, what on earth are you thinking about at a time like this? You haven’t died yet. You just aren’t able to sense your own body for the time being because your will and intent have temporarily entered my void space. You have to listen carefully to the words I’m about to say because whether you can continue living or not is all depended on it.”

Luo Tian immediately became happy as he replied: “Hey old man, you’re the husband of that old granny right?”

“That’s right!”

Luo Tian then said to himself: “So I was spot on.”

Luo Tian continued: “Go ahead and tell me, I’m listening. I need to quickly control my body and then clean up this corpse sea. Then I’ll go back up there to beat that dog Yin Shang until he explodes.”


“Listen up carefully.”

“Since my wife has chosen you, then I will put all my stakes on you. If you follow my directions, I will make your willpower increase by over ten thousand times. By that time, no matter how strong the Gu insect is, it will never be able to invade your brain.” The old man said with extreme vigor.

His words contained a trace of wild arrogance.

He truly had the qualifications to say something like this because he was the King of the earth’s core race. Just based on his Gu skill, he was able to lead the earth’s core race to escape the lowest point of their history.

“Increase my willpower by ten thousand times?”

“Shit man, that’ll mean it won’t be as painful as back then when I refined the Gu insects. It also means that I’ll be able to control my puppet soldiers without too much trouble anymore, hahaha… Old man, it’s no wonder the old granny still loves you so much. Who knew you would be so awesome?” Luo Tian laughed excitedly.

The white browed elder chuckled a bit before turning serious. He then shouted: “One’s will is the origin source of your spiritual intent. The stronger your perseverance, the stronger your overall will would become. The green divine Gu insect is really hard to kill, but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you follow my directions. During the whole process, the pain you will experience will be a hundred times stronger than what you’ve felt before. We cannot take a break or stop the process. We must rush forward without hesitation and cannot take even a single step back.”

This was an extremely difficult process!

The green divine Gu insect was extremely powerful and killing it was difficult to the max.


There was no other way; they could only use the spiritual intent that Luo Tian had secretly left behind to kill it. In the process of killing that green divine Gu insect, Luo Tian will experience pain even worse than passing through the real eighteen levels of hell.

Luo Tian frowned before faintly smiling. “Don’t worry, I will definitely endure it. Old man, go ahead and start it.”


The old man didn’t bother speaking anymore useless words and said: “Let go of your spiritual intent so that I can control it!”

Luo Tian immediately followed his words.

The moment he let go of his intent, Luo Tian felt like his body had sunk down into an abyss and his heart was about to explode. Severe pain wracked his body as if millions of ants were chewing on him simultaneously.

Pain; extreme pain!

“Kid, you have to endure it, I’m going to start now.”

As the old man’s voice faded in his mind, Luo Tian didn’t respond. He tensed up his whole body making it as hard as steel before roaring into the air: “F*ck it, let’s do this! This daddy doesn’t believe that I can’t handle it!”

The more pain he felt, the more crazier he became.

When it came to a time like this, Luo Tian would become a raving lunatic.

Clenching his teeth and putting his life on the line; this was walking the fine line between life and death. It was similar to carrying a coffin on one’s back and dancing to its tune.

The same words Luo Tian has always used:

If it’s yours, then it will become yours no matter what. If it’s not yours, then it will never be yours!

There was also one very important point.

The more pain he endures, the stronger his physical body would become. This was very similar to him training his physical body and letting it be struck.

The old man’s spiritual intent started moving and brought Luo Tian’s own intent straight into the brain. When facing that huge green divine Gu insect, both intents rushed up without hesitation!

The green divine Gu insect wasn’t able to control Luo Tian’s will all this time and had become extremely annoyed. Now that it has seen Luo Tian’s hidden spiritual intent, it immediately crushed down with rage.

It looked like a little insect but within the brain, it looked like a huge monster when comparing to the two tiny intents.




Luo Tian’s intent acted on its own and started releasing the concept of death killing intent. This made the old man hiddenly excited because the power of Luo Tian’s spiritual intent had greatly exceeded his expectations. Seeing the powerful killing intent appearing, the old man felt his chances of success had improved.

At this moment…

The inside of Luo Tian’s mind was a huge battlefield.

An army of thousands upon thousands were continuously killing in there.

The feeling as if the brain was being torn apart was at least a hundred times more painful than what he had felt in the past.

The pain was like dying and forced back to life!

But Luo Tian was laughing madly in an arrogant and unbridled manner.

If one does not act wild, how could it be considered living?!

If he doesn’t act unbridled in this different world, how could he live up to his identity as a transmigrator?


This daddy will go wild until the earth and heavens shake!

An unknown amount of time passed by…


Inside Luo Tian’s mind, a voice that sounded over exhausted said: “Hey kid, it’s completed!”

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