Undefeatable – Ch141

Chapter 141 – Luo Tian’s Madness

Upon hearing that voice, Luo Tian immediately opened his eyes and clenched his fists. He then started grinning: “Strength, I can feel that my strength has increased, hahaha…”

Just as he finished laughing…

Luo Tian’s stomach started gurgling, then a bile liquid started rushing up to his throat causing him to start vomiting.

A corpse of a green insect came flowing out as well.

Luo Tian was horrified with what he saw and voiced out: “So that’s the green insect that was inside my brain?”

“Fuuu~… fuuu~…”

The white browed elder had a pale face while gasping for air. He nodded and then asked: “I’ve managed to dispel the Gu on you, so what are you planning on doing next? With your current strength, there’s no way you are Yin Shang’s opponent.”

Someone at the peak Profound Spirit 9th rank was extremely strong, so how could Luo Tian with his Profound Grandmaster 1st rank take him on?

Luo Tian looked at the endless sea of corpses outside the house and smiled in excitement. “My plan is to kill all these people here before going back up to fight Yin Shang one on one!”

“That’s your brilliant plan?”

The old man almost vomited blood as he said: “You can duel Yin Shang just by killing these people? What the hell is going on in that brain of yours? If I had known, I would’ve saved this woman instead. Or maybe saving this guy instead would’ve given us a chance since his cultivation level is at the Profound Spirit 5th rank.”

“Profound Spirit 5th rank?”

Luo Tian was startled by this as he looked at the handsome guy standing in the room like a wooden statue. When Luo Tian encountered other men much better looking than himself, his impression of them would automatically be quite low. But this guy didn’t look too hateful as he asked: “Was he also captured by Yin Shang?”

“He came down here with you, and a Gu insect was also planted into him while he was alive. If you hadn’t appeared, most likely the green divine Gu insect would be planted into him instead and there would be no way to save him.” The old man’s tone of voice seems to show that he had recovered a bit of strength.

“A Profound Spirit 5th rank should be quite a good helper. Old man, can you save them both?” Luo Tian asked since there was also the big chested Qin Yue’er here. This sister wasn’t bad, especially when he was about to die, she said that she’d accompany him to die together.

Very silly and very naive.

The white browed elder rolled his eyes at Luo Tian and said: “You think it’s that easy to dispel Gu? Dispelling the Gu skill requires more spiritual energy than when one refines Gu. Even though the Gu insect in those two aren’t as strong as yours, dispelling them will still require the dispeller to pay a huge price. Let’s not mention that these two don’t have any special spiritual intent in them, because dispelling Gu requires the cooperation of their intent for it to succeed. The dispeller would need to use up even more spiritual energy than normal because of this, and both may die if there were any accidents in the process.”

“In order to dispel the green divine Gu insect in your body, my spiritual energy has been exhausted and won’t recover for at least half a month. In half a month, I’m afraid their will would most likely be devoured by the Gu insect by then. That’s why… sigh… there’s nothing I can do!”

When a Gu insect was planted within them, the insect would constantly devour the victim’s will inside their brain.

Once one’s will has been fully devoured, that’s when the Gu insect would have complete control over the body. Then, you’re pretty much a puppet at that point.

When dispelling Gu, time was the essence! The earlier the better!

It’s not that the white browed elder didn’t want to save them, but he was really powerless right now.

Luo Tian was in thought for a while before asking: “Can you teach me the dispelling Gu skill? I want to try saving them.”

After all, there were two lives on the line so succeeding in saving them was the best outcome.


“The dispelling Gu skill is a secret our earth’s core race which cannot be passed onto others. It was already a huge taboo when my wife passed onto you the Refining Gu skill. If my ancestors knew what we’ve done, they’ll probably curse me into eternal damnation!” The white browed elder responded by shaking his head.

These two Gu skills was the foundation of the earth’s core races ability. If an outsider learned their skills, the earth’s core race would not be able to survive in this world anymore!

Because no one would fear the earth’s core race anymore!

Luo Tian didn’t continue insisting and just lightly sighed. He then mumbled: “That’s unfortunate. If I had two additional helpers, the chances of killing Yin Shang would definitely increase.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian left the house and looked at the sea of corpses shuffling about. It was as if there was an imaginary life bar over their heads because they were all experience points to him. With over a million experience at stake, Luo Tian smiled and said: “This is definitely a paradise for gaining experience points!”

He excitedly laughed out once before walking towards the midst of the corpse sea.

The white browed elder watched as Luo Tian’s back disappeared amongst the corpses. He then said to himself: “Should I pass the dispelling Gu skill to him? But this is forbidden in our earth’s core race… Holy ancestors of the earth’s core race, what should I do?”

After a while…

The white browed elder started frowning as he bitterly laughed: “The earth’s core race is about to be wiped out so why am I bothering to guard its secrets?”


Back to where Luo Tian was.

“Level 2 Berserk!”

“Myriad Thunder Roar!”

“Boom~, boom~, boom~!”

In a radius of fifty meters, a hundred lightning strikes descended.

Wherever the lightning passed by, not a single entity survived.

These corpses had all been planted with the Gu insect but the process had not fully matured yet. That’s why they wandered around aimlessly just like the zombies on TV.

Luo Tian wasn’t going to encounter any resistance from them.

What he was planning on doing was to continuously activate his Myriad Thunder Roar.

With four times the attributes, the power of Myriad Thunder Roar had been significantly enhanced. Once those hundred lightning strikes landed, there would be seventy to eighty corpses toppling over. Luo Tian’s mind would then have a series of alert tones that seem to be exploding in succession.




The sound was ear deafening causing Luo Tian to become excited.

One hour later.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. You are now at the Profound Grandmaster 2nd rank.”

Luo Tian started grinning and said: “I’ve leveled up!”

After leveling up, all his attributes were full once again. Luo Tian clenched his fists as he became even more excited when he sensed the changes in his mind and his sea of consciousness. A domineering aura exploded out from him as he said: “Motherf*cking hell! This sea of consciousness and mind of mine is way too strong! This daddy would like to see who can use their oppressive pressure on me in the future!”

Just like how the old man said, Luo Tian’s will had increased by over ten thousand times!

His sea of consciousness was even larger than those at the Profound Spirit realm, and had truly reached the size of a sea.

Both the sea of consciousness and the mind were related to one’s will. So once those two increased, Luo Tian’s will would naturally increase as well.

“So the old man didn’t lie to me, heh heh…”

“If he were to pass along that dispelling Gu skill to me, I should be able to save those two with my current powerful will.” Luo Tian was thinking about this as he glanced back at the house off at a distance. He then shook his head, “I should really continue leveling up.”


Dark King’s Palace.

“Lord Dark King, there’s a lot of loud booming noises coming from the Nineteenth Level of Hell. Would there be some sort of problems going on there?” A sturdy looking muscular guy holding onto a pair of hammers asked in a worried tone.

Yin Shang said in an unconcerned manner: “That old undying is probably training my green divine battle General. Causing such a loud ruckus must mean the training is coming along pretty well.”

This was the world he ruled and no one was capable of causing any trouble here.

It was the same in the Dark Mountain Corpse City and the same for the Nineteenth Level Of Hell!

In addition…

Yin Shang was currently in a great mood because he had obtained what he considered as the most perfect container. As long as Luo Tian could refine the green divine Gu insect to its undying stage, Yin Shang could extract the undying bloodline of the Gu insect and transform himself into a true Undying Dark King!

The sturdy looking guy was still a bit worried as he said: “Lord Dark King, how about I go check up on them?”

Yin Shang waved his hand and said: “Just go if you want. You can take a look at how far the old fogey’s training has gone along.”

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