Undefeatable – Ch143

Chapter 143 – A Profound Grandmaster 5th Rank Dares To…

The sturdy looking guy was called Li Leidun.

He was one of the four great protectors under the Dark King, an expert at the Profound Grandmaster 5th rank.

The most interesting thing…

When he was alive, he willingly allowed Yin Shang to plant a Gu insect inside his body because he wanted to be immortal. Li Leidun then worked really hard on cultivating and rose from a Profound Master to a Profound Grandmaster expert. He also managed to become one of the four great protectors under the Dark King due to his diligence.

“You damn undying fogey, where did you hide him?” Li Leidun kicked Bai Mei’s stomach again.

Bai Mei flew off several meters before spraying out a mouthful of blood. Bai Mei then started laughing ferociously: “Hahaha, you damn traitor of the earth’s core race, your day of death will arrive soon. Hahaha…”


“You damn old thing, a wise man will always move along with the changes of time. It’s because of stubborn old bastards like you that have forced the earth’s core race to hide in a deep hole where one can’t see night or day. If it weren’t for Lord Dark King not allowing me to kill you, you would have already died a few hundred years ago.” Li Leidun said with extreme disdain.

Seeing the painful face on Bai Mei, Li Leidun then revealed an expression of pleasure.

He then started smiling smugly and shouted: “You damn old thing, my advice to you is to be a bit more sensible and don’t court your own suffering! You should honestly tell me where that kid went or else… you should know how I do things.”

Li Leidun was someone famous in the Dark Mountain Corpse City for being vicious.

He was the so called executioner of the Dark Mountain Corpse City. He was also the person that has killed the most fellow earth’s core race out of everyone.

He had killed so much that…

Even his parents were killed by his own hands! Li Leidun was extremely cruel and practically inhuman!

Around this time…

An extremely cold voice filled with endless killing intent was heard behind Li Leidun’s back: “Or else what would happen?”

Li Leidun didn’t react to the circumstances and replied playfully: “I would twist your head off!”


“Who is it?”

Li Leidun’s eyes became grim as he turned around and stared off into the darkness.

A dark figure filled with killing intent and an aura of death started becoming clearer in the darkness. The figure started approaching closer one step at a time like he had just emerged from hell. With a faint smile like a grim reaper, he was very similar to a messenger from hell!

“The person that wants your life has arrived.” Bai Mei started smiling with excitement.

Li Leidun’s eyes narrowed. Seeing the person walk out of the darkness, his expression changed into one of disdain. “Just him alone?”

“A piece of trash like…”


“It’s you! Shouldn’t you have been planted with the green divine Gu insect? How could…” Li Leidun’s expression underwent a drastic change. According to what Yin Shang had said, the green divine Gu insect couldn’t be removed by the victim and the only end result was having their will devoured without the possibility of getting rid of it their entire life. The only exception was if the person that performed the Gu poisoning removed it themselves, or else the green divine Gu insect can never be removed.

And once the Gu insect is removed, the victim usually died right after.

But not only had this guy not died, he was alive and kicking. The most important point was the lack of green light on his forehead, which meant the Gu poison had been completely dispelled.

In this entire world, the only person capable of dispelling the Gu poison was Bai Mei.

Li Leidun was completely enraged. He glared at Bai Mei and shouted: “You damn old bastard, you actually passed the earth’s core race’s non-transferable secret technique to an outsider? You are truly great, daring to go against our earth’s core race’s clan rules! You willingly broke the rules to pass it to an outsider instead of the Dark King; a person like you should not continue living in this world anymore. Therefore… go and die for me!”

Li Leidun’s hammers started moving while giving off an eye-catching black light.

His body moved, containing a thick death like power that smashed towards Bai Mei.

At this moment…

Luo Tian faintly said: “Hey, I’m still here.”

“A piece of trash like you should scram aside for this daddy! This daddy will slowly play you to death later.” Li Leidun didn’t even bother looking at Luo Tian. In his eyes, Luo Tian was just a piece of trash that the Dark King had his eyes on. Luo Tian was merely lucky to be chosen.

He was quite unhappy with the favorable treatment Luo Tian had received.

Because he felt Luo Tian was not qualified to gain the green divine Gu insect and not qualified to gain the Dark King’s generous bestowal.

He, himself was the only person capable of cultivating the undying Gu insect to the highest realm!

Li Leidun’s heavy hammers were like thunder as it smashed downwards.

“Old bastard, go to hell!”

Li Leidun roared as his right hammer crushed down.

If this strike landed, anyone’s head would directly explode from the impact.

But Bai Mei didn’t move.

He was already seriously injured by Li Leidun’s beating, so he was incapable of moving out of the way.

The moment he noticed Luo Tian’s figure disappearing, Bai Mei had no intentions of moving away.


A loud sound was heard before a cloud of black dust was kicked up. Visibility was immediately diminished and one couldn’t see if Bai Mei was dead or not.


Li Leidun’s mind sank because he could tell his hammer hadn’t landed on its target. It was obstructed directly by something hard; the shock causing his arm to go numb. He almost lost his grip on the hammer which made him extremely pissed.

As the dust settled, a huge blade appeared before Li Leidun’s eyes.

This huge blade looked like it had been pulled out of a pool of blood. The blade’s body was giving off a blood red glow filled with killing intent, creating a murderous scene for the beholder.

Below the huge blade was a person.

His body looked frail and weak, but one could tell it was actually tougher than steel. His lips formed a faint smile that looked like a grim reaper about to reap a soul.

It was Luo Tian!

Li Leidun’s eyes turned fierce as he coldly laughed: “You damn trash, you dare to act arrogant in front of me and block my, Li Leidun’s heavy hammer? If it weren’t for the Dark King stopping me from making a move, you would’ve died already. You dare to block my hammer? Good, then show this daddy how many more times you can block it!”

As his voice faded…

Li Leidun’s left hammer directly smashed onto his right hammer being blocked. He then shouted: “Heavy Thunder Hammer!”


Fiery sparks splashed out, and the death aura flames seem to have exploded into the surrounding.

Luo Tian didn’t move, and neither did the Blood Devouring Wild Blade in his hand.

Li Leidun was confused. A day ago, Luo Tian was just a trashy Profound Master 9th rank. A simple wave of his hammer could smash him apart, yet what was going on today?

“Heh heh…”

“You’re done right? Now it should be my turn!”

Luo Tian started grinning in an excited manner. Seeing how a trace of panic had appeared in Li Leidun’s eyes, he started saying in extreme disdain: “A mere Profound Grandmaster 5th rank dares to bluster in front of this daddy? This daddy will show you the true powers of a Profound Grandmaster 5th rank!”

After saying that, the power inside Luo Tian’s body exploded out.

Below the two heavy hammers, Luo Tian’s figure had instantly disappeared!

Li Leidun’s eyes kept sweeping the area and his senses continuously probing for Luo Tian’s aura, but realized his senses couldn’t keep up with Luo Tian’s speed! He then said to himself: “How did this trash manage to become so strong in just a day?”

Bai Mei was startled while still lying on the ground.

After being frozen for a while, Bai Mei’s started mumbling with a shocked expression: “Profound Grandmaster 5th rank? This kid is an utter perverse existence! He broke through four levels in a day and a half? He isn’t human at all; he’s the most perverted being of all perverted talents!”

In the air…

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade started glowing blood red.

Luo Tian coldly harrumphed and said: “I’ll let you experience the new martial skill I’ve recently cultivated!”

“Ghost Slash – Strike of the Shura!”


(T/N: From what I understand, removal of Gu poison can only be done by the caster but the victim will die right after. Dispelling can be done by anyone with the ability and the person will remain alive? Bai Mei used the dispelling Gu skill on Luo Tian, but how did Li Leidun find out Bai Mei passed the skill to him as well? Sorry for the plot hole guys but there’s no way I can edit that out unless I changed large chunks of texts.)

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