Undefeatable – Ch144

Chapter 144 – This Guy Is Super Weak

Ghost Slash!

Luo Tian couldn’t remember the name of the martial skill the novel’s main character had cultivated.

This was the martial skill the system rewarded him with when he broke through to the Profound Grandmaster realm after destroying a bunch of corpses with Myriad Thunder Roar.

This was a full set of blade skills.

The was the best blade skill that coordinated with the Blood Devouring Wild Blade.

At this moment, a huge phantom image of a Shura appeared behind Luo Tian’s back. It looked extremely ferocious with its black hole like eyes glaring down at Li Leidun. The Shura’s arms started moving before it descended while chopping down simultaneously.

“Ghost Slash!”

“Strike of the Shura!”


The blade hacked down.

Li Leidun roared into the air: “A mere trash like you wants to kill this daddy? You overestimate yourself!”

“Dual Hammers Shocking The Heavens!”


Li Leidun’s pair of hammers crisscrossed each other to block the strike.

Within an instant, the Wild Blade and the dual hammers clashed!

The dual hammers were shattered into pieces before scattering to the ground.

The blade qi of the Shura continued slicing down, directly cutting Li Leidun into two halves.

Instant kill!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Li Leidun. You have gained 2000 experience points, 200 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian…”

“Shit man, the experience is so little!”

Luo Tian was a bit unhappy.

It was indeed quite a pitiful amount of experience from someone at the Profound Grandmaster 5th rank.

Luo Tian had leveled up to the Profound Grandmaster 5th rank. Since he killed someone at the same level, they experience automatically became very low. If he were now to kill some rank 3 demonic beasts, most likely his experience would only be in the double or triple units. This was a system rule just like any other video games so it cannot be changed.

Luo Tian complained inside a bit more before smiling excitedly. He then said to himself: “This Ghost Slash is quite awesome; a single chop can instakill Li Leidun. The overbearing aura of the Shura is simply cool to the max!”

The feeling of being possessed by a Shura made him beyond excited!

Strike of the Shura was only the first form of the Ghost Slash. The ones after were even stronger and reached a much higher realm. The power contained within those strikes was on a terrifying level of destruction!


“A Profound Grandmaster 5th rank dares to act arrogant in front of this daddy? Courting your own death!”

“What a motherf*cking dumbass!”

Luo Tian had a face filled with mockery as he spat on Li Leidun’s corpse.

Bai Mei stood up and started staring at Luo Tian with a strange and serious gaze for a long time.

The gaze gave Luo Tian a shiver as he scratched his head and said: “Old man, I’ve told you before, I’m not into men.”

Bai Mei still couldn’t comprehend the situation. He pointed at Li Leidun’s corpse and said in disbelief: “You instantly killed him with a single blade strike?”

“That’s right.”

“I didn’t expect that this guy can’t even handle being struck. I thought that he would be stronger than that You Hun guy and we’d at least exchange eight to ten moves. Who knew he was actually a piece of trash? What an utter embroidered pillow, all looks but absolutely useless.” Luo Tian remarked in a casual manner. He was planning on using Li Leidun to train a bit but who knew that he was actually super weak and couldn’t even handle one slash.

This was under the circumstances where Luo Tian hadn’t even activated Berserk yet.

If he used Berserk, this guy’s body would most likely turn into powder.

Bai Mei couldn’t comprehend Luo Tian’s words at all.

When he heard that Luo Tian had also killed You Hun prior, shock registered on his face. It took a while before Bai Mei could spit out the word: “Perverse!”

An existence that can instantly kill someone at the same level!

If this wasn’t considered perverse, what else would be?

Moreover, Bai Mei could tell Luo Tian hadn’t used his full strength yet. Since he could instantly kill someone under these conditions, Luo Tian was definitely a monster. This made Bai Mei’s hope increase a little bit more as he said to himself: “Perhaps he can really do it!”


“You’re the one that’s perverse; your whole family is perverse!” Luo Tian said in a joking manner.

In fact…

Luo Tian didn’t expect that he could instantly kill Li Leidun.

Ever since he broke into the Profound Grandmaster 5th rank, he felt that his strength had increased significantly. Then there was the extraordinarily powerful grade 8 martial skill Ghost Slash. It was the combination of those two that allowed him to instakill.

Bai Mei glared at Luo Tian a bit before his eyes became somber. He then said with worry: “Since you’ve killed Yin Shang’s most capable subordinate, I’m afraid he will no longer be merciful towards you. And since Li Leidun hasn’t reported back yet, Yin Shang could come here any moment.”

Luo Tian faintly frowned and said: “I had completely forgotten about that. I should’ve just pretended to be still under the effects of the Gu poison.”

“Humph, you can pretend to be controlled? You looked like you were very eager to kill him.”

“Damn it old man, it was all because I tried to save you. If I didn’t make a move, most likely you would’ve died under his hammers already.”

“You still didn’t have to kill him.”


“I could easily tell you wanted to kill him because I have been observing you this past day. You’ve killed over ten thousand undying guards here and you’ve broken through five levels. It’s very obvious that your cultivation method is different from normal people.”

Bai Mei started thinking about the devils race that had flourished over ten thousand years ago and couldn’t help asking: “Hey kid, you can’t be someone from the devils race right? Only the devils race will go crazy killing like you, and make breakthroughs during the process.”

Luo Tian revealed a mysterious smile and then a very cheap looking expression. “I’ll let you keep guessing!”

Bai Mei then pretended to be angry: “Guess your sister!”



The both started laughing together.

Luo Tian went into the house and looked at both Qin Yue’er and the Ninth Prince. He then mumbled: “It’s time to dispel the Gu poison on your two.”

Since Li Leidun had died, Yin Shang will figure it out stuff sooner or later.


Luo Tian needed the Ninth Prince and Qin Yue’er’s help even more.

After glancing at those two, Luo Tian eventually chose to start with the Ninth Prince first. After all, this was the first time he was dispelling the Gu poison from a live person. Luo Tian didn’t have a strong confidence in its success so he chose the Ninth Prince first because he didn’t know him.

If he died, he died.

Since I don’t even know you, I might as well use you for training.

As for Qin Yue’er, she was completely different. After all, she was a super beauty; a super beauty that also had a pair of huge melons. It would be such a pity if she died. She also wanted to accompany him in death, so just that point alone was enough to make Luo Tian more cautious when saving her.

Not long after…

Luo Tian looked at the Ninth Prince in a serious manner as he said: “Hey brother, it’ll be great if I succeeded. But if I fail, please don’t blame me for it.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian activated his spiritual intent and an ommm~ sound came from within him. A powerful spiritual energy then exploded out. The intent inside Luo Tian sea of consciousness started moving as his right hand grasped onto the Ninth Prince’s wrist. His spiritual intent then entered through the radial arterial through the wrist.

The difference in skill was huge between them. Watching from the side, Bai Mei was shocked again and repeatedly sighed internally. “Monster; he’s a complete monster. Is this guy human, a devil, or a ghost?”

Luo Tian’s intent successfully entered the Ninth Prince’s mind.

A large Gu insect immediately pounced over at him.

Luo Tian’s brows tightened; the most critical and most dangerous moment had arrived.

His intent then shouted: “Hey brother, whether we can remove the Gu insect from your body or not will depend on this move. Please cooperate with me if you can hear this – as long as we can kill the Gu insect, you will immediately be free.”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian suddenly roared out in his mind: “Level 2 Berserk!”

His spiritual intent was like an enraged ocean that crushed forth.

In just an instant, the large Gu insect that was just swaggering about was killed.

At this moment…

The system alert tone sounded off!


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