Undefeatable – Ch145

Chapter 145 – A*shole, You’ve Finally Come

Why would there be an alert tone?

Luo Tian was slightly stunned by this and concentrated on the alerts.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for dispelling the Ninth Prince Tan Jiu’s Gu poison. Your favorability has been increased by 1000 points.”


“What the hell does this daddy need another guy’s favorability for? Your sister you damn system, this daddy isn’t into men!” Luo Tian shouted while rolling his eyes. His heart actually felt some relief as he sighed, since this was considered a success in dispelling the poison. This was also considered as Luo Tian pulling the Ninth Prince out from the gates of hell.

Tang Jiu slowly opened his eyes and looked at Luo Tian. He then suddenly kneeled down and seriously said: “Thank you!”

His true name was Tang Ming. But since he was ranked ninth out of all the princes, his name was also Tang Jiu. (Tang Nine)

When Luo Tian’s spiritual intent entered Tang Jiu’s body, he was able to sense it but couldn’t reply because the Gu insect was controlling his will. He originally thought that he would die here and his whole future would be buried in this place.

His promising future…

Whether it was in the imperial city or the Sea Cloud Sect, his future was bright and successful.


Out of the dozen or so Princes, his strength was one of the highest and he was regarded highly by an Elder of the Sea Cloud Sect. He wasn’t even thirty years old yet but had already stepped into the Profound Spirit 5th rank. This was a level that many people couldn’t reach in their entire life. Another Elder had already predicted that he would step into the Profound King realm before he reached fifty years old.


He never imagined his boat would capsize in the Dark King’s Corpse City.

Everything Tang Jiu had would become ashes. He was unwilling to accept this. Not that he cared about his promising future; he was more unwilling to accept such a death. Dying at a place like this where no one cared much about, his death would be without any value at all.

When he heard Luo Tian’s voice through his spiritual intent, Tang Jiu became excited. His desire to live then surged out.

It was like he grasped onto a life saving straw while floating in the middle of the ocean – he was able to coordinate perfectly with Luo Tian.

The moment he opened his eyes, he kneeled down without hesitation.

Luo Tian was the third person he had kneeled down to in his life.

The first time he kneeled was when his father ascended to the throne. The second time was when he kneeled to his master at the Sea Cloud Sect. Compared to the previous two, he felt that this time kneeling was the most serious out of them all. His heart was filled with gratitude and couldn’t find any words to express his feeling. He was unable to express it so he finally chose those simple two simple but powerful words: Thank you.

But those two words was the first time he has ever said that in his thirty years of life!

Luo Tian quickly supported him up and casually said: “It’s not a big deal.”

After supporting him up, Luo Tian leapt off to the side and said: “You’ll be throwing up a Gu insect corpse later so you should go outside to do it.”

Tang Jiu didn’t say anything and directly ran out.

Not long after, he came back with a pale expression. His mouth was wiped clean without any residue left.

Luo Tian smiled, “The real person that saved you is him. If it weren’t for him teaching me the method, saving you would be out of my hands. Your body will feel very weak for now so you need to rest properly for the next few days. In a few days, I will need your assistance.”

Tang Jiu gave Bai Mei a ninety degree bow, and Bai Mei smiled at him in return.

After that, Tang Jiu looked at Luo Tian and said: “Fine, all I need is a word from you and I’ll be there.”


“Go ahead and rest for now.”

Luo Tian lightly smiled. The more he looked at Tang Jiu, the more pleasing to the eye he was. He then said to himself: “It’s good that I didn’t wrongly save you.”


Luo Tian didn’t take a break and went towards Qin Yue’er. He then lightly exhaled.

Bai Mei interrupted him and asked: “Hey kid, you’ve already consumed a lot of spiritual energy. Shouldn’t you rest for a bit first?”

Luo Tian had succeeded in a short time.

He didn’t even sweat at all and looked rather relaxed.

But this wasn’t the case.

Dispelling the Gu poison actually consumed more spiritual energy than refining Gu. Even if Luo Tian’s will power was increased by ten thousand times, the process still tired him out. Luo Tian didn’t take a break because he had no time to take one. Li Leidun’s death had given him a sense of urgency.

Yin Shang could come back down anytime.

Luo Tian had to seize every single second in order to level up.

A Profound Spirit 9th rank was simply too strong. So strong that Luo Tian had to do everything as if his life was on the line.

There were still a lot of undying guards left in the corpse sea. Even though the experience points had started to decrease, it was still quite a decent amount for his current circumstances.

Luo Tian shook his head and said: “There’s no need, we don’t have that much time left.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s spiritual intent in his sea of consciousness stated moving. This time, he also added killing intent to it because dispelling the Gu poison was no different than fighting. Since this was a battle, then he had to release the strongest force he could muster without reservation. He was going to kill with overwhelming strength!

Moreover, this was Qin Yue’er’s turn.

She was the ultimate oneesan beauty!

Even though she may not be a woman of his in the future, Luo Tian didn’t want this world to be missing this beauty.

Upon grasping her wrist, Luo Tian sent his spiritual intent into Qin Yue’er’s body and quickly arrived to her mind. He then said: “Hey sister, I’m here to save you. Don’t let your will stray and you’ll be free once we kill that Gu insect.”

Just when Luo Tian wanted to start the process…

Qin Yue’er’s flirty and charming voice said: “A*shole, I knew you wouldn’t just leave me behind.”


“Hey sister, this is your spiritual intent?” Luo Tian was surprised because he didn’t expect Qin Yue’er would retain her original intent.

A light laugh was heard from Qin Yue’er before she said: “The moment you were captured by Yin Shang, I could see in your eyes that you wouldn’t give up so easily. How can a man I fancy die just like that? This sister’s vision is not as simple as I look! Since I suspected Yin Shang was going to plant a Gu insect into my brain, I know it is somehow related to one’s will. I didn’t bother thinking too much and immediately sealed a portion of my intent away.”

Just a mere look from Luo Tian and Qin Yue’er was able to form such a long conjecture!

Her intelligence was definitely higher than how large her breasts were!

Big brains and a big chest; and her intelligence had reached a terrifying level. This was the real Qin Yue’er.

Luo Tian was secretly shocked by this and said: “Sister, you should use your intent to cooperate with me then. We’ll kill that Gu insect together. You might experience some severe pain but you have to hold on. Don’t lower your guard or else everything will be all for naught.”

An ambiguous giggle came from Qin Yue’er. She then said in a sultry and delicate voice: “This sister will cooperate with you. Whatever you want to do, this sister will cooperate with you very well.”


Hearing that tone from her, the evil fire from Luo Tian immediately started raging.

As his body started heating up, Luo Tian’s intent started running wild inside Qin Yue’er’s mind.

Those perverted intent of his was naturally known by Qin Yue’er from their connection.

Qin Yue’er giggled in a dainty manner and said: “You’re so hateful; I didn’t expect a kid like you to be so perverted. What’s this 108 kamasutra positions? What’s this doggy style? What’s a cowgirl? This sister thought you were different from other men but you are just like them.”

Luo Tian’s mind sank as he realized all his lustful thoughts had been exposed. He then said to himself: “I could just die right now!”

Just when he wanted to explain himself, he realized there was no way to explain it.


Luo Tian directly asked: Sister, do you want to try it?”

He did his best and just threw it out there.

Anything else would be bullshit right now so he figured he might as well be direct.

Qin Yue’er didn’t expect Luo Tian to be so direct. Her face turned red and her voice a bit shy as she replied: “Yes!”

F*cking awesome sauce!

Blood almost sprayed out of Luo Tian’s nose. He thought that Qin Yue’er would at least yell at him a bit but didn’t expect her to immediately agree. His blood was boiling and his whole body was filled with energy. Luo Tian quickly said: “Sister, I will immediately kill that Gu insect for you. Later… we can… heh heh…”

Luo Tian couldn’t wait anymore!

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