Undefeatable – Ch147

Chapter 147 – Tell That Mix-breed Dog…

Yin Shang was very strong.

The last boss of certain areas are naturally strong, something Luo Tian had experienced plenty of times in his past life involving video games.

A boss that’s not strong is not even considered a boss!

The stronger the boss, the better the loot explosion it should be.

Yin Shang’s whole body was shimmering with a golden glow. Luo Tian really wanted to see what kind of loots would explode from his corpse, and his impatience was even stronger than the feeling he had for Qin Yue’er!

That’s why…

Luo Tian desperately cultivated.

Luo Tian was like a madman in the corpse sea. There was no night or day, only killing. He was continuously training all his skills and increasing their proficiency level.

Dealing with a strong enemy…

Luo Tian could only become stronger than his opponent, and then completely crush them.

He really enjoyed the feeling of completely crushing his opponents.

The corpse sea – a place with near endless amounts of undying guards.

This place was the best environment for Luo Tian to grind his levels.

Six days and six nights later…

Luo Tian didn’t rest for a single minute, and his hands never stopped moving.

The endless amount of walking corpses had now become a sea of fallen corpses.

With so many corpses on the ground, it was now comparable to the amount of corpses in the world of slaughter.

There were so many that one couldn’t see the end of them.

At a certain location in the Nineteenth Level of Hell, Luo Tian was the only person standing.

This madman had completely wiped out all the undying guards of the corpse sea!

A lunatic!

A pervert!

A monster!

There were no other descriptions for Luo Tian. Only a madman like him would continuously kill for six days and six nights without stopping. He was basically a killing machine that never grew tired.

Standing in the darkness, Luo Tian started clenching his fists. The power coursed through his body before giving an ear deafening boom. This feeling was simply too awesome, to the point that Luo Tian started roaring into the air. “Agggghhhhh…!”

His heaven shaking roar shook the entire level for over tens of thousands of miles.

The anger in his heart was roaring out!

Within the darkness, Luo Tian was now holding onto a huge blade. He now looked like a Shura that had appeared in the dark.

His body was exuding an endless amount of killing intent.

This killing intent was even more terrifying than the known death aura.

Bai Mei, Tang Jiu, and Qin Yue’er were no longer excited from this sight because they had seen it too often.

According to them…

Luo Tian was a complete monster and wasn’t considered human anymore.

From the words of Bai Mei, this kid was basically a mythological existence!

Profound Spirit realm!

Profound Spirit 5th rank to be exact!

In a short seven days, he went from a Profound Master 9th rank to a Profound Spirit 5th rank. This was something that has never happened in the billions of years of Tianxuan Continent’s history. If one didn’t witness this first hand, who would actually believe it to be real? Who was capable of actually doing this?

A nameless kid from a rural city – Luo Tian!

This was too f*cking crazy!

Luo Tian was currently relishing in the powers of a Profound Spirit 5th ranker. Looking at all the bodies lying around him, he started grinning: “This place is just too awesome. It would be even greater if these corpses could respawn, then this daddy will probably never leave this area until I break through to the Profound God Sovereign realm.”

Yin Shang’s painstaking efforts for the past hundred years were gone just like that.

The Nineteenth Level of Hell was his place of manufacturing soldiers. This was his backup, an endless source of undying guards.


Everything was gone now.

The worst thing about this was Yin Shang had no idea it had happened!

At this time…

Yin Shang was currently at the main hall of the Dark King’s Palace entertaining some foreign guests. In his mind, he was thinking Bai Mei and how the training was coming along for his perfect container.

Even in his dreams, he would never have imagined his so called perfect container had entirely destroyed his soldier manufacturing factory!



Several loud sounds were heard.

At the entrance to the Nineteenth Level of Hell, two rows of elite undying guards had arrived.

The leader of the troops was one of the four great protectors – Kun Da!

The moment Kun Da stepped into the Nineteenth Level of Hell; he was able to sense a thick amount of killing intent. This killing intent angered him on the spot as he shouted: “Bai Mei, you damn old bastard! What the hell have you been doing?!”


“Where are all the undying guards?”


Kun Da’s eyes tightened as he scanned the humongous square. Not a single undying guard was standing because they had all fallen to the ground. Each of them was lying there motionless with their heads busted apart.

They’ve died!

They were all dead!

Kun Da started to panic while his rage also rose into the sky. The whip in his hand was flicked into the air as he tried to release his pent up aggression.


“Bai Mei, you better scram out here for this daddy!”

“The Dark King wanted you to cultivate these undying guards yet you killed them all. What’s an old bastard like you trying to do?” Kun Da’s anger had reached the sky. The thorned whip in his hand was releasing death aura like black flames that created afterimages from its flicking path. As long as Bai Mei came out, he would be whipped apart by the energy of the death aura.


“Why are you singling me out?”

“I didn’t do anything.”

Bai Mei shook his head with sigh as he walked out of the house. Seeing how angry Kun Da was, he then said: “Little Da, I really didn’t do anything. These undying guards have absolutely nothing to do with me. If you want to kill someone, you should go kill him.”

Immediately after…

In the direction Bai Mei pointed at, Luo Tian started appearing in the darkness one step at a time.

Kun Da’s sight turned to focus on the dark figure slowly appearing. His eyes turned grim as he shouted: “You damn bastard, you dare to destroy the Lord Dark King’s soldier factory? Hand your life over to this daddy!”

A mirage of death whips flashed by.

In the middle of the air, the whip swiftly moved like an actual real live snake. It started growing longer and larger as it directly flicked towards Luo Tian.

Luo Tian had a grim look on his face. His lips formed a slight curve as he started smirking in a gloomy manner.

The death whip’s mirage suddenly stopped when it was about three meters from Luo Tian.

It was blocked by a formless energy!

Luo Tian merely glanced up at it and focused some power.


The mirage of death whips were directly smashed apart.

Luo Tian then snorted in disdain: “So damn weak!”

Kun Da’s expression changed as he shouted: “Who are you?!”

Luo Tian continued walking forward before stopping five meters in front of Kun Da. He then started grinning in a ferocious manner.

Kun Da’s expression showed startelement as he stammered: “It’s you? Aren’t you…”

Once he noticed Luo Tian’s head didn’t have the green glow of the green diving Gu insect, his expression underwent a drastic change. He then shouted: “His Gu poison has been dispelled, kill him for me!”

“Just relying on you guys?!”

Tang Jiu released his imperial qi that directly dispelled the death aura coming from all the undying guards. He then slowly walked out and stood right at the front.

“Your Gu poison has been dispelled as well?”

“Heh heh… there’s also this elder sister’s.” Said Qin Yue’er as she walked out as well.

Bai Mei spread his palms and showed an innocent expression. He then pointed at Luo Tian and said: “All of this has nothing to do with me; everything was done by him.”

“These old bones of mine can’t handle anything rough so if you need to beat someone up, beat him up. If you need to kill someone, kill him. I have no relationship to anything going on here.” Bai Mei chuckled with an extremely cheap expression.

Kun Da’s eyes turned ferocious as he shouted: “You will all have to die! Lord Dark King is the overlord of the Dark Mountain Corpse City; he is considered our God here! You will all have to die…”

Before Kun Da could say anything after the word die, Tang Jiu already made his move.


Luo Tian blocked in front of him and said: “Ninth brother, please leave this to me.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s grasped the air in front of him with his right hand.

The dark space in front looked like five fingers had ripped apart the void. The naked eye could visibly see that space was being tightly gripped in Luo Tian’s hand. Luo Tian then roared out as that piece of space was flung out!


Kun Da’s body turned into ash and a system alert tone sounded of inside Luo Tian’s mind.

Bai Me, Tang Jiu, and Qin Yue’er all said in contempt: “Perverted!”

Luo Tian didn’t bother with their comment as he directly started killing all the undying guards. The last undying guard was so scared that he had shit his pants in the process. Luo Tian then chuckled: “Tell your Dark King that this daddy will be coming for him soon!”


(T/N: For those that don’t understand why mix-breed dog is an insult, a purebred dog costs more money than those that are mix-breed, aka a mutt. So the Chinese have used that as an insult to demean a person, and there’s a lot of alternate definition such bastard, asshole etc. I just kept it as mix-breed dog for a direct translation.)

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