Undefeatable – Ch148

Chapter 148 – It Has Begun

The ceremony for worshipping the heavens was a big day for Yin Shang.

He had already sent Kun Da to bring back his most perfect container up here. Yin Shang wanted to see how well Bai Mei had trained him and to see if there was any advancement with the green divine Gu insect.

He never imagined he would receive the news of his troops being annihilated at the Nineteenth Level of Hell instead.

This made him extremely angry.

This anger was like a primal rage.

Utter fury!

Yin Shang was so angry that he started trembling. Even the insect on his head couldn’t help but curl into a ball from fear.

“I will kill you all, one at a time!”

Shouted Yin Shang as his whole body was enveloped by flames made up of death aura. This terrifying energy that was surging out of him and made the experts from the evil sects to back away from him. Their faces turned pale and their expressions turned ugly.

Also at this time…

Luo Tian, Tang Jiu, Qin Yue’er, and Bai Mei came up to the surface and wasn’t far from the Dark King’s Palace.

The moment they appeared on the surface, Yin Shang was able to sense their presence. He eyes turned grim, his voice turned cold and disdainful as he roared: “You want to turn things around with just the four of you?! This King will use your heads as sacrifice to the heavens!”

“F*ck you!”

“If you have the guts, then come take it right now! This daddy wants to see if you can keep your life afterwards!” Luo Tian coldly roared out in response. With the momentum behind his Profound Spirit 5th rank, he wasn’t afraid of Yin Shang at all. His aura might even be a bit stronger than Yin Shang’s!

Of course…

Just a strong momentum wasn’t very useful.

Yin Shang coldly smiled as his gaze turned to the direction of Luo Tian. His expression suddenly became stunned as a metaphorical boom sounded off in his heart. He never imagined that in just a few days, Luo Tian’s strength had reached the Profound Spirit realm. What on earth happened to him this past seven days?

Yin Shang had a rather ugly look on his face right now. His gaze landed on Bai Mei’s face that seem to have a faint casual smile on it. Yin Shang’s expression turned grim as he said disdainfully: “You damn old fogey, you think that by raising his cultivation to the Profound Spirit 5th rank, he’ll be able to deal with me?”

“Even ten more Profound Spirit 5th rankers can only dream of being my opponent! Also, do you know where you are right now?”

“This is the Dark Mountain Corpse City, a place where I’m the overlord of!”

Bai Mei maintained his innocent expression as he said: “I really didn’t do anything but if you force this responsibility on me, we’ll pretend that I did do it then. Yin Shang, you are the earth’s core race’s biggest sinner! You won’t be able to escape your death today so I advise you to…”

Yin Shang impatiently interrupted Bai Mei’s words and shouted: “You old bastard, this king is already bored of the conversation. Since you all want to die, then this King will fulfill your wish!”

“All undying guards listen to my command!”

“Kill them all for this king and I will bestow to you eternal life!”

In a mere instant…

A brief black light flashed in the eyes of all thirty-seven thousand undying guards. They then shouted in unison: “Dark King, Dark King, Dark King… Eternal life, eternal life, eternal life!”

“Kill them for me!”


This was like an ocean tide; a high tide that ferociously surged forth trying to destroy its target.

The black tidal wave came crushing down towards Luo Tian and company!

“There seems to be a tad too much undying guards here.”

“How are we going to fight them?”

“Before we even reach the Dark King’s Palace, I’m afraid we’d be smothered to death already. Brother Luo, what do you think we should do?”

Tang Jiu revealed a deep frown as he watched the tide of undying guards charging over; his heart couldn’t help feel shaken up a bit by this.

Both Qin Yue’er and Bai Mei looked at Luo Tian.

There was simply too many of them.

These undying guards weren’t like the low leveled ones stumbling around in the Nineteenth Level of Hell. The cultivation levels these one had were at the Profound Master 5th rank or higher. The undying Gu insect inside their brains were also at least rank 2 or above. With tens of thousands of these undying guards together, their combat power had basically become extremely strong. Even if an expert at the Profound King realm was here would have their heart shaken up a bit.

Standing behind Yin Shang, some experts of the evil sects had their minds blown from the shocking scene they were witnessing. At the same time, they were imagining how great it would be if they too possessed such a large army at their disposal.


With so many undying guards here, those four would definitely tire themselves to death.

The amount of profound energy they possessed would not be enough for a long drawn out battle. In addition to that, these undying guards will not tire and do not feel pain. The only command in their mind right now was to kill those four, and they will either accomplish that or die trying!

Bai Mei’s expression also started paling.

The three of them unconsciously looked towards Luo Tian for an answer.

Luo Tian actually had a sly and cheap expression on his face while he pulled out a dozen spatial plaques.

These spatial plaques were considered low quality items.

It was the most trashiest spatial storage device known, where one can buy a bunch at the market stalls for a few silver each. The three of them showed a puzzled expression upon seeing Luo Tian take out so many of them.

Yin Shang started laughing coldly at this sight. “You wish to squash this king’s undying guards with all those spatial plaques? This king is really scared now, hahaha…”


“I think shit must’ve entered the kid’s brain.”

“My guess is that he’s been scared silly.”

“Hey kid, we haven’t even started yet. You might be even crying for your mommy in a little bit, hahaha…”

Endless words of ridicule were heard from the guards rushing over.

Luo Tian clearly heard everything they said but he still sneered in disdain. He then coldly said: “Laugh, just laugh to your fullest you motherf*ckers. This daddy will make each and every one of you start crying in just a bit.”

The undying army had almost reached them.

Those four could already feel the powerful death aura starting to form an oppressive pressure against them.

At this time, Luo Tian was still pulling out spatial plaques and fiddling with them. What on earth was he trying to do?

Tang Jiu didn’t ask.

With his imperial qi surging out of him, he was protecting one side of Luo Tian in a rather imposing manner.

On the other side of Luo Tian was Qin Yue’er. Her brows were frowning as her mental state was ready for battle. She was just like Tang Jiu, protecting one side of Luo Tian in a steadfast manner.

They didn’t know what Luo Tian was doing but they believed that he must be doing something very important.

It was the same for Bai Mei.

Luo Tian had simply shocked them too much. Even if he were to continue doing other weird things, they would no longer feel that it was strange. Watching how Luo Tian was fiddling around with his spatial plaques, all they could feel in their hearts was that these undying guards would be screwed very soon…

Cold sweat appeared on Luo Tian’s forehead as he bitterly complained internally: “F*cking hell! If I had known I would be doing this in the Ghostly Mountain Range, I would’ve bought myself a better spatial ring. Now look at me wasting my time with all these spatial plaques.”

Tang Jiu and the other two weren’t anxious but Luo Tian was.

Looking at the mass of black figures approaching, Luo Tian’s heart was trembling. Trembling in excitement that is, as he mumbled to himself: “Look at how much experience points this is…!”




Several undying guards ran out ahead of the pack.

Luo Tian didn’t make any moves except for continuously pulling out more spatial plaques. In front of him was a huge pile of spatial plaques that looked like bamboo slips from the ancient times.

Tang Jiu and Qin Yue’er’s bodies moved; their swords stabbed out before returning to their place.

The moment they returned to their original position, two corpses fell down from the air.

Their heads were partially sliced off and black water formed a puddle beneath them. In the black water was an insect that had become stiff.

Yin Shang’s expression changed as shouted: “Kill them for me!”

Also at the same time…

Luo Tian wiped the sweat off his forehead before smiling evilly. “I’ve finally finished preparing them!”

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