Undefeatable – Ch149

Chapter 149 – Demonic Beast Army VS Undying…

“Motherf*cking hell!”

“Next time, I definitely have to buy a damn spatial ring or else I’ll die from exhaustion.” Luo Tian complained to himself. He then looked at the tide of undying guards and revealed a cold evil smile before saying: “You guys back away, it’s now my turn to perform!”

Tang Jiu and the other two looked at the pile of spatial plaques in front of Luo Tian and couldn’t figure out what he was up to. But they still retreated off to the side while maintaining their vigilance.

Qin Yue’er giggled and asked: “What kind of earth shaking thing are you planning to do now?”

Luo Tian turned around to glance at her and said: “You will know very soon.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian looked at Yin Shang on top of the Dark King’s Palace and shouted: “Yin Shang, you damn abomination! This daddy knows you’ve learned some crappy refining Gu skills, but I will show you what is considered the history’s strongest undying army!”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian grabbed a spatial plaque and threw it into the air.


“Does this kid really intend on smashing my undying guards with a piece of rotten wood?”

“Hahaha… this kid is a complete idiot!”

“A complete dumbass! Lord Dark King, is this some type of comedy performance before the heaven worshipping ceremony? It’s actually quite funny, hahaha…”

Behind the Dark King, over a dozen people from the evil sects started laughing and mocking Luo Tian.

The moment the spatial plaque was spinning in the air, Luo Tian’s lips curved in a ferocious smile. He then suddenly shouted: “Furious Dire Bear, crush them all for me!”


A loud noise was heard in the sky before a rank 4 Furious Dire Bear came smashing down onto the ground. Its two eyes contained glowing flames of the death aura; it was over a dozen meters tall; its limbs were extremely large; and its sharp bear claws sliced up the ground the moment it landed.



The Furious Dire Bear was just like a bulldozer smashing into the undying guards and causing them to fly off everywhere. In just a mere instant, the first wave of attackers had been blocked.

Unbridled recklessness!

Its pure dominance was a complete mess!

Those evil sect members who had just been mocking Luo Tian immediately shut their mouths with an ugly expression on their faces.

“A demonic beast?”

“It’s actually a rank 4 demonic beast that has been planted with an undying Gu insect. Dark King, didn’t you say that you were the only person in this world that can refine the Gu poison? This kid can somehow do it too, and he’s even able to combine the Gu insect with a demonic beast. The results seem to be much stronger than your undying guards.”

“That’s right; can the Gu insects you’ve given us be able to control demonic beasts as well?”

“How come I didn’t think of planting the undying Gu insects into demonic beasts? Once I capture a bunch of high ranking demonic beasts and bring the demonic beast army out, who would be able to stop them?”

“Hahaha, what a good idea, I’ll try it once I get back later. This kid’s mind is rather astute. It’s fortunate that he only caught a single rank 4 demonic beast or else…”

Before those evil sect members were able to finish discussing…

Luo Tian grabbed several more spatial plaques and threw them at another direction before fiercely shouting: “Iron Rock Turtle, Gale Wolf, One-eyed Tiger, go forth! Go and play them all to death for me, hahaha…”

“Boom~, boom~, boom~…”

A series of loud sounds were heard in the sky again.

Three rank 4 demonic beasts descended from the air; their bodies giving off a deathly aura that crushed down at their opponents.

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

Tang Jiu stared at Luo Tian’s back and felt like the image of him had become a giant. He unconsciously clenched his fists as he started becoming excited.

The image of Qin Yue’er who had started laughing was like flowers blooming. She then said with zeal: “Too good looking, simply too good looking! The guy this sister has the hots for is definitely not ordinary. Little handsome brother, this sister will love you to death, hahaha…”

Bai Mei was shocked. Luo Tian had already shocked him so many times that his heart capacity seems to have improved by leaps and bounds. He originally thought that there wouldn’t be anything else Luo Tian could shock him with yet he had done it once again.

He never imagined that the undying Gu insects could be planted into demonic beasts either!

It wasn’t only him, even the ancestors of the earth’s core race never thought of it. If they had this idea ten thousand years ago, most likely the earth’s core race would be now ruling the entire continent.


No matter what era one lived in, demonic beasts were still considered peerless existences!

After a while, a flash appeared in Bai Mei’s eyes. He then laughed and said: “This kid… he is truly a perverse existence!”

Bai Mei couldn’t really find anything more appropriate to describe Luo Tian apart from being perverse. To him, Luo Tian wasn’t human anymore and had become a character of mythical proportions!

In the Dark King’s Palace.

Those members of the evil sects had a really ugly expression on the faces like they had just swallowed a fly.

It was the same ugly looking expression on Yin Shang because he also didn’t think of using the undying Gu insects on demonic beasts. He had been refining Gu insects for over a hundred years in a linear direction and never thought of changing it. Seeing how Luo Tian had brought out an army of demonic beasts, it had annoyed the crap out of him.

This annoyance was when people compared you to someone superior.

He had also considered himself the top genius of the earth’s core race’s history when it came to refining the Gu poison. He had never imagined that an outsider had used a few days to turn this top genius in the entire race’s history, into a complete joke.

Yin Shang was extremely annoyed.

His brows formed a frown as he shouted: “Crush him with everything!”

At 37,000 strong, there were simply way too many undying guards. Upon hearing Yin Shang’s command, they became even crazier while rushing forward. Only a small portion of them had originally rushed forth due to the space constraints but now everyone just poured in from all directions.

Yin Shang’s voice was hoarse and low as he suppressed the rage inside him. “Gui Jiang, Tai Bao, you two go kill the humans first and ignore the demonic beasts.”

“We obey!”

From an unknown location behind Yin Shang, two dark shadows suddenly shot off into the air and out of the palace.

The expression of those evil sect members underwent a visible change.

The aura that Gui Jiang and Tai Bao exuded was clearly different from the other undying guards. This demonstrated that their powers were extremely strong.

“Dark King, this kid is only playing around with rank 4 demonic beasts. No matter how strong they are, there’s no way he can compare with all those undying guards of yours right? Just wait and see, I bet that kid won’t have long to live.”

“I agree with that too.”

“A rank 4 demonic beast is rather capable, but it isn’t strong enough. Dealing with over thirty thousand undying guards is like filling in the gap of one’s teeth.”

There were simply too many undying guards.

Main streets and small alleyways were filled with them.

Waves upon waves of them rushed forth. The undead demonic beasts that Luo Tian sent out were now covered in attacks by the undying guards. Even though they didn’t feel any pain and were fighting back, they wouldn’t be able to tire out the army of Yin Shang’s undying guards.

The difference in quantity was too much.


Luo Tian was still very calm. Seeing how the undying guards were swarming like ants, he started frowning and shouted: “Motherf*ckers, this daddy will first destroy your formation!”

He then pulled out ten spatial plaques.

And glanced at the surrounding area.

Luo Tian’s hand made a move and those spatial plaques were tossed out in multiple different directions.




Ten extremely loud roars were heard in the sky! Ten rank 5 demonic beasts then descended exploding forth with their ferocious powers!

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