Undefeatable – Ch150

Chapter 150 – Powerful To A Complete Mess

“What the f*ck?!”

“This is too crazy! Rank 5 demonic beasts have appeared!”

“This kid…”

Once the rank 5 demonic beasts appeared, the whole situation had suddenly changed. The unending waves of undying guards rushing towards Luo Tian were all defeated by the rank 5 demonic beasts. Their strength was simply too powerful so every time they struck; a large swath of guards would collapse.

Moreover, inside their brain was a small portion of Luo Tian’s spiritual will.

The spiritual will would tell them the weakness of the undying guards and how to kill them.




If we use the words ear deafening to describe the scene at the corpse sea when Luo Tian used Myriad Thunder Roar, then the words we can use now was ears about to fall off. The amount of system alerts he was experiencing right now was just like hundreds of firecrackers being lit at the same time!

This feeling… was just too awesome!

This was a symphony of sounds filled with passion that made Luo Tian’s blood boil with excitement!

Tang Jiu…

The Great Tang’s Ninth Prince, and the Sea Cloud Sect’s inner court disciple. What big scenes has he not seen? What big societal matters has he not experienced? But now he was completely subdued by Luo Tian’s actions; the admiration in his heart was like the unending Jiulong River that will never cease flowing.

He was in complete admiration of Luo Tian.

Luo Tian had shocked him too many times these days.

After witnessing the events of these few days, Tang Jiu’s thirty years of life seemed to have been living in vain. Luo Tian had subverted his view of the world as he said in his heart with zeal: “This is too extraordinary! I have to bring him back to Cloud Sea Sect so that other sects cannot snatch him away. With his talent, potential, and the speed of his breakthroughs, he might be able to step into the Profound King realm by twenty years old! A twenty year old at the Profound King realm? My heavens! The Sect Leader will definitely be ecstatic by it, hahaha…”

At this moment…

Tang Jiu was wildly happy and had already made up his mind. Once they killed Yin Shang, he was going to bring Luo Tian back to the Cloud Sea Sect. Whether it is by physical or psychological means, he was going to use any trick in the book to bring Luo Tian with him. Most likely Luo Tian will be able to shake the heavens with his appearance.

The influence of the Cloud Sea Sect would then rise to another level!

Qin Yue’er was smiling non-stop and her thoughts weren’t along the lines of Tang Jiu. The only thing she was thinking of was when she could have Luo Tian’s baby. The talent of the child they give birth to would definitely be heaven defying.

Who told his father to be so awesome that it became a complete mess?

Bai Mei was staring with wide eyes and his mouth agape. His heart tightened when he stared at Luo Tian’s back, “This kid… has suffered a lot.”

In the entire Dark Mountain Corpse City, Bai Mei was most likely the only one that understood how painful it was to refine the Gu insects. The failure rate of planting the Gu insects into demonic beasts was probably higher than normal, yet Luo Tian still managed to refine so many undead demonic beasts.

The pain he has suffered through must be unimaginable!


Luo Tian had prepared himself for all of this.

He had prepared everything just for this day. There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world so if you want to be stronger than others, one must expend more effort. It could be double, ten times, or even a hundred times the effort before one could succeed.

The Violet organization’s power.

Murong Wanjian’s power.

The pressure of these two mountains have almost crushed him to the point of being breathless.

Luo Tian was desperately working with all he had. There were times where he didn’t even want to waste a single minute of his time.

Three years!

Three years later, that girl Xue’er was going to marry Murong Wanjian. Luo Tian was not going to allow that to happen. He will never allow a woman of his to marry another person. No matter whom they are, no matter how strong their background was, he will never allow it to happen!

In order to prevent this wedding that the entire human race was looking forward to, Luo Tian must possess absolute strength!

And he only had three years of time!

Three years of time is quite short, to the point that not much can be accomplished.

Luo Tian could only struggle with his life on the line, clench his teeth, and rush forward with all he had in order to level up. No matter how much pain he had to suffer, he wasn’t going to make a single sound!

Dark Mountain Corpse City, a place that was filled to the brim with undying guards. Luo Tian already knew about this before he came.


In a short span of ten days, he kept refining the Gu insects and kept creating undead demonic beasts. During this period, he had failed from thousands to tens of thousands of time. All the medicinal pills and demon cores he possessed had been consumed to replenish his profound energy. Experiencing the exhaustion of his spiritual energy made his brain suffer immense pain but he still continued desperately training!

Ten rank 5 demonic beasts were released.

Luo Tian picked up some more spatial plaques before looking at Yin Shang on top of the Dark King’s Place with a cold smile. “Yin Shang, this daddy will show you the power of my undead demonic beast army!”

“Go forth!”

“Kill them all for me!”



The whole Dark Mountain Corpse City was rocked by a tremor.

The air was vibrating and the tremor seemed capable of shaking all the way down to hell!

Twenty rank 5 demonic beasts then descended!

Yin Shang’s expression was getting uglier and uglier.

A total of thirty undead rank 5 demonic beasts were now blocking the attacks of the undying guards. But this wasn’t over yet because Luo Tian grabbed another pile of spatial plaques and threw it into another crowd of undying guards.

Another twenty rank 5 demonic beasts descended!

This wasn’t over yet…

Because another dozen or so rank 5 demonic beasts descended after that.

Luo Tian still continued his actions.

He was continuously throwing out more spatial plaques. These incomparably ferocious demonic beasts looked like they had rushed out from another dimension and overwhelmed the entire place with their pressure.

Inside the Dark Mountain Corpse City.

Houses were collapsing left and right, and corpses littered the streets. Luo Tian was floating in the air while continuously throwing spatial plaques at every corner of the city. More and more rank 5 demonic beasts rushed out with ferocious auras.


Complete and utter shock to the point of not being able to be shocked anymore!

Everyone, including Yin Shang with the ugly look on his face could only watch Luo Tian in a motionless manner.

Their eyes were showing an expression like they were staring at a monster.

Their hearts were experiencing something like a tsunami smashing against it. This scene was absolutely inconceivable!

“So… powerful!”

It took a while before Tang Jiu could spit out those words, and now his heart was worshipping Luo Tian’s existence.”

The Cloud Sea Sect had countless geniuses yet he had never felt his admiration turn into worship. But today, he was going to start worshipping Luo Tian!

Qin Yue’er had stopped smiling because her face now had a look of obsession to it. The look she gave Luo Tian was just like the fan girls seeing the superstar of their dreams. It was like she was going to cast aside all self-respect and immediately rip off all his clothes right then and there.

At this moment…

Luo Tian was way too badass like he was the overlord over all heaven and earth.

His current momentum would make any woman go crazy for.

Luo Tian was equally excited himself as he watched his rank 5 demonic beasts steamrolling over everything. His experience was soaring which made him feel like he was high as a kite. He turned to look at Yin Shang in the Dark King’s Palace and sneered: “There’s still one more. This daddy will show you the definition of overwhelming power!”

A spatial plaque was tossed into the air.

Luo Tian then shouted: “Come on out my rank 6 demonic beast! Lava Beast!”


A humongous molten rock with glowing black eyes descended. Its body was like a small mountain over a hundred meters tall and its body exuding black flames of death. The moment it landed, its oppressive pressure immediately crushed down on everything in the area!


Too motherf*cking strong!

Even a rank 6 demonic beast had made an appearance.

Yin Shang’s face now looked like it had been stepped on thousands of times – it was distorted in anger and looked extremely ugly.


(T/N: Lava Beast is different from the Lava Lizard.)

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