Undefeatable – Ch151

Chapter 151 – The Boss Is Going Berserk

Lava Beast, a rank 6 demonic beast!

Luo Tian almost lost his life in order to kill it. And during the Gu refining process, he felt like it was more painful than death itself.

It was fortunate that the refining process had succeeded.

The body of the Lava Beast was like a mountain as it stood in the Dark Mountain Corpse City. Its pair of arms made of molten rocks continuously swiped out destroying all the undying guards within its area. The scene was similar to Ultraman fighting little weak monsters.

All the little monsters could do were run away with their tails tucked in since they had no ability to fight back.

The appearance of the Lava Beast caused the hundred plus demonic beasts to roar out in unison. Their roars shook their heavens and their fighting morale started increasing.

The 37,000 undying guards were thus being blocked by the hundred plus demonic beasts.

This scene was rather shocking to behold!

Luo Tian was quietly standing there with his eyes closed and his hand swaying in the air. He was currently like an orchestra conductor that had an intoxicated and excited look on his face.

Luo Tian was excited.

While Yin Shang was angry.

Yin Shang’s eyes sank as he shouted: “Kill them for me!”

In an instant…

Hiding amidst the undying guards, the two great protectors Gui Jiang and Tai Bao rushed out. One was using a sword and the other a pole; their attacks were almost released at the same time.

“Watch out!”

“Kid, those two don’t look ordinary!”

“Be careful…”

Gui Jiang and Tai Bao were undying guards at the Profound Spirit realm.


The Gu insects inside their brain were of rank 4, which was also called the eternal life Gu insect by Yin Shang!

Tang Jiu’s eyes sank as the imperial qi from his body soared. His sword then struck out…

Luo Tian’s mouth formed a grin as he said: “Ninth brother, let me handle it!”

Undying guards at the Profound Spirit realm?

The experience points shouldn’t be little right? Even if it was very little, it’s fine anyway because meat on a mosquito was still considered meat!

Even if it was a tiny little bit of experience, Luo Tian wasn’t going to let it go. In order to level up, he had to slowly accumulate every bit of experience points no matter the amount.

“Hand over your life!”

“Die for me!”

Gui Jiang and Tai Bao both shouted at the same time.

The sword strike from Gui Jiang was filled with a vicious death aura that was visible to the naked eye.

The pole strike by Tai Bao created hundreds of illusory poles that looked completely real, and it managed to block off all directions of retreat for Luo Tian. The movement of those two was quite in sync. Add the fact that both were at the Profound Spirit realm, it allowed them to unleash a higher amount of power when they were working together.


“Dark King, those two undying guards are definitely not ordinary.”

“I believe that kid doesn’t have the ability to resist it.”

“He definitely can’t resist it. There’s no way a normal Profound Spirit 5th ranker can handle the attack by the both of them. Just look at that kid’s smug look on his face; this daddy is already super annoyed by it. No matter how fast the reaction time of a Profound Spirit 5th rank is, there’s no way he can handle their sudden attack.”


Normal people at the Profound Spirit 5th rank would be unable to react at such a short time.

Not to mention…

Gui Jiang and Tai Bao had been hiding amidst the other undying guards waiting for the perfect time to initiate their sneak attack. Once they attack, it would definitely be their strongest strike that’s capable of instantly killing their target.

And with their tacit cooperation…

The power behind it cannot be looked down on!

But… was Luo Tian a normal person at the Profound Spirit 5th rank?

One’s reaction speed was related to their spiritual energy. Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness had been increased by over ten thousand times ever since enduring the pain from that green divine Gu insect. This allowed Luo Tian to detect the aura of those two and their actions were fully within his grasp.

One could see that Gui Jiang and Tai Bao seem to be faster than Luo Tian who was about to react.

But Luo Tian’s speed was not visible to the naked eye.

Because his speed was simply too fast!

The moment before the sword and pole descended, a faint sneer appeared on Luo Tian’s face. It was like a smile from a grim reaper as he said: “With just this speed? So pathetic!”

As his voice faded…

A powerful aura burst out of him.

Luo Tian pulled out the Blood Devouring Wild Blade and the aura from his body felt like a volcanic eruption. This was his grim reaper like killing intent compounding with the killing intent from the world of slaughter where tens of thousands had been slain. Luo Tian moved his hands as he shouted: “Ghost Slash!”

“Second form!”

“Motionless Hades Slash!”

Ghost Slash’s second level’s esoteric – Motionless Hades Slash!

After seven days of killing without rest, Ghost slash had been leveled up giving Luo Tian his current Motionless Hades Slash.

Within this instant…

An illusory phantom appeared behind Luo Tian.

A phantom that came from the depths of Hades!

A phantom that held one’s life and death in its hands!

In an instant, Gui Jiang and Tai Bao both felt like their hearts had been pulled out of their body. It was similar to seeing their own death flash before their eyes. This feeling was extremely mystifying because they were clearly alive yet they could feel their death.

This was the esoteric of the Motionless Hades Slash.

Not only was it a powerful sword skill, it was like a greeting card from hell!


With both hands holding onto the blade, Luo Tian heavily chopped down.

The speed was extremely fast.

Gui Jiang and Tai Bao’s attack hadn’t even landed yet and the Blood Devouring Wild Blade’s greeting from hell had already reached its target.

Its momentum was too great and couldn’t be blocked!

This death aura stemming from the depths of hell was truly terrifying. The blade qi was beyond brutal as it easily slashed through everything. Gui Jiang and Tai Bao’s head had directly exploded from impact.


A violent tremor rocked the entire Dark Mountain Corpse City.

A blade qi with a length of dozens of meters split the earth apart. Wherever the blade qi swept past, not a single living entity was left behind!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Gui Jiang…”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Tai Bao…”

They’re both dead! Instakilled!

Those people who had just commented on Luo Tian not being able to react in time had really ugly looks on their faces. The ugly looks were similar to someone who had just eaten a mouthful of shit.

Upon seeing Luo Tian’s ferocious grin like a grim reaper, a sudden chill went straight into their minds. Their bodies unconsciously took a few steps back as fear started rising within them.

Luo Tian raised the one thousand eight hundred jin blade and pointed it at Yin Shang at the Dark King’s Palace. He then shouted in an arrogant manner: “Yin Shang, the next one will be you!”

Extremely unbridled.

Absolutely arrogant.

Luo Tian’s gaze and momentum portrayed that he was not putting Yin Shang, an expert at the Profound Spirit 9th rank in his eyes at all.

Yin Shang’s face underwent a drastic change. His flames of anger started changing, the Gu insect on his head started changing, and his body also started changing. It started turning swollen looking completely transforming him into a big monster. The death aura black flames around him started burning more intensely, causing the surrounding evil sect people to suddenly pale before collapsing onto the ground without any signs of life.


His aura made every person and every demonic beast in the Dark Mountain Corpse City enter a state of fear.

In an instant…

Yin Shang raised his head in to the air and started laughing in a ghastly manner: “Hahaha… hahaha…”

His laughter was like a ghost wailing that seeped deep into one’s heart.

“You little insignificant human thing, you have now angered this King. I will rip you into tiny pieces, make all of you into food for my Gu insects, and then make sure none of you will be able to enter the reincarnation cycle ever again. Hahaha…” Yin Shang started laughing in a crazy manner.

Luo Tian’s mind turned grim as he cried out internally: “Oh shit! Yin Shang is about to go berserk!”

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