Undefeatable – Ch152

Chapter 152 – Death Is Nearing!

“Oh shit!”

“Already going berserk at his first appearance… this is too sick!”

Luo Tian’s eyes sank as he observed the golden glow around Yin Shang.

It was very normal to see a last boss going berserk in video games, but it usually happens when they’re at a low percent of health and would usually throw out some crazy powerful skill. To witness a boss immediately go berserk at the first appearance was something Luo Tian had never seen before!

This made Luo Tian quite surprised.

Bai Mei’s expression changed as he advised everyone: “Be careful everyone! Yin Shang’s current death aura is capable of killing people instantly. Do not let it invade your bodies or else even a God wouldn’t be able to save you.”

“This is really unimaginable.”

“He has actually refined himself to this stage, and is about to step into the rank 9 Gu insect realm.”

“Luo Tian, that Gu insect on his head has already reached an indestructible stage. In order to kill him, you have to find another weakness or else he’s unkillable.” Bai Mei was really anxious. When he looked at Yin Shang’s swollen appearance and the Gu insect’s powerful state, his heart started feeling pain as he said to himself: “He is really our earth’s core race’s genius of ten thousand years. It’s unfortunate that he has embarked upon the wrong path… It’s really all my fault for not guiding him properly…”

Luo Tian noticed Bai Mei’s distressed expression so he said: “Old man, you shouldn’t regret the death of someone like him. If it weren’t for him, the earth’s core race wouldn’t have become such a sad state as it is right now.”


Luo Tian hadn’t finished his sentence yet and it already angered Yin Shang. The death aura coming from his body was like a swirling pillar soaring into the sky. He then shouted: “Who the hell do you think you are?! What kind of qualifications do you have to comment on this King’s faults?”

“I, am the number one person in all of the earth’s core race’s history!”

“It was I, that made our earth’s core race this strong! Old bastard, can you see everything around us? Did you see all the humans around me all begging for my assistance? Hahaha… they were begging me but once this King becomes unhappy, they all had to die! Hahaha…”

He had gone nuts.

Not only did Yin Shang go berserk, he had also fallen into a state of madness.

A boss like this was even more difficult to deal with.

The remaining evil sect members behind Yin Shang all had an extremely ugly look on their faces. They wanted to retort but realized they couldn’t even speak. They were completely crushed by the death aura coming from Yin Shang’s body!

Yin Shang laughed out madly a few more times before his expression turned even more ferocious. The death aura on his body was continuously surging into the sky and the air above the Dark Mountain Corpse City had turned ink black. The whole city was enshrouded so that nothing could be seen past the pitch black darkness.

Yin Shang started raising both hands into the air as he shouted: “You damn dog thing, you thought your demonic beast army was very strong right?”

“Destroy them for me!”

As his voice faded…

The death aura up in the air started churning.

In that instant…

The whole world seem to have entered a countdown to its final destruction.

Luo Tian’s expression drastically changed as he shouted: “Everyone needs to be careful!”


“Lightning of Death!”

“Destroy them all!”

Yin Shang started laughing madly.

The surging death aura was acting similar to a storm cloud. With Yin Shang’s control, over a thousand black lightning made up of death aura started striking downwards!



Wherever the black lightning struck, the aftermath would be a deep hole.

Luo Tian’s undead demonic beasts were practically turned into ashes in a mere instance. The only one left resisting bitterly was the rank 6 Lava Beast, and it most likely wouldn’t last long either.

Only one move!

And over a hundred strong demonic beasts were annihilated!

Yin Shang’s strength had exceeded the scope of Luo Tian’s imagination.

Someone at the Profound Spirit 9th rank was simply too powerful!

Not to mention…

Yin Shang had been stuck in the Profound Spirit 9th rank for about a hundred years now so he was practically an invincible existence below the Profound King realm!

And that was only the beginning.

“Dark King, Dark King, Dark King…”

“Dark King, Dark King, Dark King…”

Every undying guard in the Dark Mountain Corpse City was chanting this. Their voices shook the heavens and everyone’s fighting morale had flown up to its highest peak.

At this moment…

Luo Tian’s undead demonic beast army had perished. Those undying guards that had been pressured to the point of being unable to breathe now looked like they had revived. Their killing intent soared as they rushed towards Luo Tian with extra ferocity.


“This King wants to see what you’re going to fight me with now.”

“A lowly human being like you wants to fight with me? You overestimate yourself! I will let you know the repercussions of going against me, hahaha…” Shouted Yin Shang in a fierce manner.

At the same time he was saying this…

The death aura from his body was still surging out.

It was like an endless source.

This was too f*cking shocking to comprehend!

Luo Tian was currently clenching his teeth tightly. Since they’ve arrived at this point, he had no other choices but to fight with everything on the line!


Luo Tian’s eyes turned grim as he shouted: “Ninth brother, let’s do this!”

“Sister, protect the old man and yourself. Stay alive so that when we’re back outside, we’ll battle it out for a good three thousand rounds.”

Qin Yue’er giggled charmingly and replied: “This one will be waiting for it.”

Immediately after…

After some contemplation, Tang Jiu said: “I’m ready.”

From deep within his imperial bloodline, a burst of imperial qi blasted the surrounding death aura way. Tang Jiu’s sword started moving and his Profound Spirit realm aura was also released from his body. A shocking scene of lightning attributed sword qi was then seen!

In a blink of an eye…

Tang Jiu and Luo Tian glanced at each other before they both shot out almost at the same time.


“Two insignificant insects trying to change a predetermined outcome?” Yin Shang said with cold disdain.

Yin Shang merely slighted them with his eyes as if they weren’t even worth a full glance.

In his eyes, Luo Tian and Tang Jiu were like ants to him. They might even be considered trash below ants!

In an instant…

The two were switching positions left and right as a mirage of their figures superimposed over each other. Tang Jiu and Luo Tian’s figure was so fast that no one could tell who was who. In just half a breath of time, they had already arrived in the air above the Dark King’s Palace.

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade in Luo Tian’s had streaked by as he shouted: “Level 2 Berserk!”


With the explosion of four times the attributes, the killing intent coming from his body became even more intense.

“Ghost Slash!”

“Motionless Hades Slash!”

At the same time…

Tang Jiu combined his imperial qi with his sword qi creating over a thousand sword images. He then shouted: “Thunder’s Sword Shadow, kill!”

Yin Shang slightly glanced up and just merely waved his right hand.

The death aura flames from his body instantly surged out in front of him, forming a thick wall made of death aura.



Tang Jiu’s attack was the first to land because he wanted to give Luo Tian a better chance.


Tang Jiu’s attack hitting the death aura wall was similar to a clay ox entering the sea; it was gone without causing any disturbance. In addition to that, the death aura had suddenly surged towards his sword in attempts to attack him. Tang Jiu had to quickly disengage and jump back in order to be not invaded by the death aura.

Luo Tian’s attack happen to land at this moment.

Seeing how Tang Jiu’s attack was useless, Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness quickly released a strong amount of his grim reaper’s killing intent. He then shouted: “We’ll see if your death aura is stronger or if my grim reaper’s path of slaughter is stronger!”


The blade started chopping down.

The energy inside the Blood Devouring Wild Blade was acting like it wanted to slice the heavens apart!

The huge amount of blade qi started crushing down!


The blade smashed into Yin Shang’s wall of death aura!

The wall of death aura trembled before slowly cracking. It was then similar to a window being shattered as shards of aura started clanging to the ground.

It broke!

Luo Tian became excited and just when he was about to say something like: “So that’s all you’ve got…”

He realized Yin Shang’s figure had completely disappeared.

Luo Tian’s expression underwent a drastic change.

At this moment, a glimpse of death was felt in his mind!

Death was nearing!

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