Undefeatable – Ch153

Chapter 153 – I’m Going To Bombard Them Into…


A terrifying amount of death aura crashing into his mind.

At this moment, Yin Shang had disappeared from Luo Tian’s line of sight. Even his aura had disappeared along with him. More accurately speaking, Luo Tian was unable to follow Yin Shang with his eyes or senses because Yin Shang was simply too fast!


Luo Tian frowned.

As if instantly tearing through the void, a thick black mass of death aura descended and smashed directly into Luo Tian’s chest.


There was no time to react.

Luo Tian didn’t have time to even put up an ounce of resistance. His pupils enlarged as his mind wanted to block but he was already sent flying by the strike!

The mass of death aura was continuously devouring the normal functions around his chest area.

His tendons, his blood vessels, and even his capillaries were filled with the death aura flames. The death aura was devouring everything at an insane speed and started spreading outwards. At this moment, Luo Tian could sense an extremely uncomfortable feeling of his impending doom.

Someone at the Profound Spirit 9th rank was simply too strong!

Who knows how many times stronger was Yin Shang’s death aura flames attack was when compared to his undying guards.

The death aura flames started dissipating before Yin Shang appeared in the air. He had a cold expression on his face while his lips had a sneer of disdain. He then shouted: “So what if you’re at the Profound Spirit 5th rank? In front of this King, you’re not even comparable to a tiny ant!”


“A useless thing that failed to appreciate my kindness!”

His tone was extremely cold while filled with disdain and pure arrogance.


Luo Tian fell down heavily as he destroyed a house in the process. He was now buried in ruble while the death aura on his chest was still continuously spreading about and invading his body like crazy. “No way, this is not doable. He’s too strong and I’m not his opponent at all with my cultivation level…”

“What should I do?”

“How should I do it?”

When Luo Tian entered the Profound Spirit realm, he realized the difference in strength of each level was quite huge. Just a level higher is capable of crushing someone a level below.

With his Profound Spirit 5th rank strength and his level 2 Berserk that multiplied his attributes by four times, it still wasn’t enough to get near Yin Shang.

How was he supposed to kill Yin Shang?!

“Cultivation level!”


“The difference was too f*cking huge!” Luo Tian was feeling so much anger right now. He originally thought that with his Profound Spirit 5th rank strength, he would be capable of killing Yin Shang. He never expected that reality would be so different, and the words he had previously spoken had now become a complete joke.

A really funny joke!

“Brother Luo…”

“Little handsome brother…”

“Kiddo Luo…”

Tang Jiu and the other two felt their hearts had risen to their throats. Seeing the cloud of dust where Luo Tian had landed a few hundred meters away, they had no clue if Luo Tian was dead or alive.


“Dark King, Dark King, Dark King…”

All the undying guards were stimulated by this and chanting broke out through the entire Dark Mountain Corpse City.

The evil sect members behind the Dark King looked on with shock on their faces, and several of them started flattering him. “Lord Dark King truly possesses divine might! That kid couldn’t even handle a single move, hahaha…”

“Lord Dark King’s powers are too strong.”

“An insect at the Profound Spirit 5th rank dares to jump around in front the Lord Dark King? He’s simply courting death, hahaha…”

Yin Shang had a smug look on his face as he said: “He dares to oppose this King? No matter if he’s human, a demon, or a ghost, this king will disperse their soul so that they can never enter the cycle of reincarnation. Those that offend this King will only have one ending – death! Hahaha…”

“Dark King, Dark King, Dark King…”

All the undying guards and those evil sect members started chanting loudly.

Not too far away…

Qin Yue’er rushed over to the collapsed house like she had become crazy. There were tears in her eyes as she loudly shouted: “Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t die? Didn’t you say that you would bring me away from here? Didn’t you say you were going to battle it out with me for three thousand rounds? Didn’t you say…”

“Get up!”

“Get up!”

“Luo Tian, get up!”

Qin Yue’er’s cries were heart wrenching, where one could feel the extreme pain she was feeling.

Tang Jiu and Bai Mei followed behind her quickly.

“Hey kid, you can’t have forgotten the things you’ve promised me right? Kid, you should get back up now.”

“Brother Luo, get up! Get up!”

The three of them were all crying out as they rushed over like they didn’t care about their lives anymore.



The louder their cries were, the louder the undying guards and Yin Shang was laughing.

“You still went to get up after receiving the Dark King’s blow? Quit dreaming!”

“That kid has already died and probably lost his soul as well, hahaha…”

“Those three idiots; did they think that by shouting louder would wake up a dead person?”

All kinds of ridiculing laughter and insults filled the city.

The three of them continued rushing towards the rubble where Luo Tian was buried, ignoring all the mocking being sent their way.

Yin Shang’s lips started curving up as he ferociously laughed: “All guards listen to my command: Block their route and kill them all for me! Hahaha…”


All the undying guards roared out in unison while slamming their spears down.

Immediately after…

Countless undying guards quickly surrounded the three of them.

There were simply too many undying guards left. Even though Luo Tian’s undead demonic beast army was able to kill off some of them, the amount was less than one percent. His undead demonic beast also hadn’t made an appearance for that long before they were completely annihilated by Yin Shang’s move.

There were still over 30,000 undying guards here and their morale had soared to the skies. The strength they were now exuding was a level higher than before!

For the time being…

Tang Jiu and the other two were stopped in their tracks. When they managed to kill an undying guard, another one would take its place causing them to be unable to advance.

Every time Qin Yue’er managed to break out of the enclosure, she would then be pushed back to her old position. Her whole body was now covered in wounds. Seeing the collapsed rubble not too far from her, Qin Yue’er once again screamed out: “Luo Tian, quickly get up! Get up!”

In the midst of dark nothingness…

His spiritual intent lightly trembled.

Right after…

A huge amount of killing intent surged out of his sea of consciousness. This was killing intent from a grim reaper’s path of slaughter!

It started destroying the death aura engulfing his body.



The collapsed rubbles started shaking before exploding outwards. Deep within the hole covered in debris, Luo Tian’s entire body was covered in a deathly aura flames making him look especially terrifying to behold.

At this moment…

Everyone had stopped what they were doing and looked at him.

Luo Tian picked his ears and said in an impatient manner: “You guys are too noisy. It’s so noisy that I can’t even sleep a bit longer, and it’s irritating the hell out of me.”

As his voice faded…

Behind his back was a phantom image.

It was holding a huge scythe with a slight grin, and its eyes were filled with arrogance like it was looking down at the entire world.

A grim reaper!

Its appearance had caused the death aura invading Luo Tian to disappear without a trace. It was instantly crushed so fast that it didn’t even have the chance to fight back!

Right after that…

Luo Tian looked up at Yin Shang on top of the Dark King’s Palace and started smiling ferociously. He then shouted: “You motherf*cker, this daddy will definitely explode your corpse today! If this daddy can’t make you go boom, I will go ahead and take your surname! ¹ F*cking hell, I’m getting super pissed right now!”

After saying that…

Luo Tian glanced at Tang Jiu and said: “Ninth brother, I need you to resist for half an hour!”

“Half an hour is more than enough!”

Tang Jiu nodded seriously and asked in an uncertain manner: “That’s fine, but why do you need half an hour?”

Luo Tian rose into the air and smiled ferociously as he roared out: “I’m going to turn this city into ruins and I’m going bombard all the undying guards into residual waste!”


¹ – The act of taking your opponent or enemies surname is similar to becoming their dog/slave.

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