Undefeatable – Ch154

Chapter 154 – Leveling Up At An Unbelievable Rate

Yin Shang’s cultivation level was too high.

There was only one method to kill him – raise his own cultivation level!

This was a crazy idea and would be impossible to achieve for normal people.

Breaking through from the Profound Spirit 5th rank to the 9th rank in half an hour?

Did you slam your head into a door recently?

Or did this person escape from a mental asylum?

This was an impossible thing. If breaking through to higher levels were that easy, then there wouldn’t be people in this world who have been unable to break into the Profound Master realm their whole lives.

But Luo Tian was different.

His way of leveling was completely different to the people of this world. He possessed the Undefeatable system, and leveling only required enough experience points. There was no such thing as bottlenecks or comprehending the secrets to the heaven or earth. His method was very simple – just keep killing!


The Dark Mountain Corpse City was a place with excellent conditions to his requirements.

There was close to 36,000 undying guards remaining right now, and each of them was Luo Tian’s bundle of experience points. This was a considerable amount of experience! If Luo Tian was able to destroy them all, it’s possible that he might be able to break into the Profound Spirit 9th rank. This was the crazy idea he had!

Bombard all 36,000 undying guards into residual waste!

Tang Jiu looked at Luo Tian in a serious manner.

Qin Yue’er was also looking at Luo Tian.

It was the same with Bai Mei.

Their gaze was very unique like they were sizing up a strange monster in front of them.

Finally, the three of them said in unison: “Damn lunatic!”

Tang Jiu chuckled excitedly before saying: “Fine, even if I have to die, I will give you half an hour.”

He believed in Luo Tian unconditionally!

He was betting his life on Luo Tian.

The Great Tang dynasty’s Ninth Prince, the Sea Cloud Sect’s elite inner court disciple, had put his entire faith onto some rural villager?

There was no other reason for Tang Jiu to believe in him except for his name being Luo Tian.

Just that name was enough!

Qin Yue’er wiped the tear on the side of her eyes before giggling charmingly. “You bastard, this sister will also help you hold them off. If half an hour isn’t enough, this sister will block them for an hour. It’s only an hour and it’s not considered lasting that long, hee hee…”

Somehow, that last sentence of hers didn’t seem like she was talking about holding off the enemies for Luo Tian anymore.

That ambiguous and coquettish expression of hers was making Luo Tian unable to hold down his lust!

Bai Mei then cleared his throat before shouting: “These old bones of mine can resist for a short time so you guys fight to your heart’s content!”

Immediately after…

The four of them started laughing.

Their laughter was filled with an abnormal excitement.

Luo Tian started moving through the air and landed amidst the densest area of undying guards. He then sent a spiritual transmission to the other three: “You guys must be careful. Once I break through to the Profound Spirit 6th rank, Yin Shang will definitely notice it and then come after me. You all need to keep yourselves safe as the priority and avoid going head on against him.”

Tang Jiu smiled faintly and said: “Hey idol, go do your thing and we’ll handle the rest!”


Luo Tian didn’t continue being long-winded since time was extremely precious to him right now.

His eyes then glanced over at Yin Shang standing high up in the Dark King’s Palace. Luo Tian’s thoughts became fierce as he mumbled: “You damn dog thing, just wait for this daddy to explode your corpse!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s arms tensed up as he shouted excitedly: “Level 2 Berserk!”


Four times the attributes exploded forth.

“What’s that kid doing?”

“Maybe he suffered some brain damage?”

“Was he beaten by Lord Dark King to the point of losing his mind? He’s trying to commit suicide?”

Yin Shang maintained his cold disdainful expression. His eyes merely flickered at Luo Tian’s direction as he sneered: “Let’s see what a little ant like you can do!”

“Myriad Thunder Roar!”

“Level 3!”


Above Luo Tian’s head were large swaths of storm clouds forming. Lightning started flashing through them creating loud booming sounds. Under the enhancement of four times the attributes, these storm clouds looked especially menacing.

“Bombard this place for me!”

“Boom~… boom~…”

Countless columns of lightning started descending like crazy within a hundred meters from him.

Only ashes would remain from wherever the lightning landed.

Level 3 Myriad Thunder Roar’s power was extremely strong. And when dealing with these undying creatures, it had a similar effect of adding oil to a fire.




A crazy amount of systems alerts sounded off!

His experience points were soaring up into the sky! When Luo Tian looked at his experience bar, excitement showed on his face as he again shouted: “Myriad Thunder Roar!”


“Why is this kid going nuts? He can’t beat the Dark King so he’s taking it out on the little soldiers?”

“Hahaha… I’m gonna die of laughter! This kid is too damn funny!”

“Lord Dark King, I think the kid has lost his mind from your single punch. Could it be that he doesn’t realize an undying guard is basically just a Gu insect? Lord Dark King can create as many Gu insects as he wants.”

Yin Shang lightly smiled with an expression that all of this was a joke to him. He then coldly said: “He wants to kill my undying guards? If he likes it so much, then I’ll let him kill to his heart’s content!”

Yin Shang waved his arm.

His cold voice then penetrated every corner of the city: “Kill him for me!”

In an instant…

All the undying guards in the city rushed towards Luo Tian.

It was like a tide of bodies.

Luo Tian started laughing like crazy inside, “Hahaha… Yin Shang, this daddy thanks you for the gift! Hahaha…”

He didn’t expect Yin Shang to have all the undying guards focus on him solely.

Wasn’t that practically helping him level up faster?

Luo Tian almost couldn’t close his mouth from laughing. He continued heading towards the densest area of undying guards and everywhere he went would become a field of lightning. Wherever the lightning field struck, one could say not even grass would regrow there. Things didn’t even turn into ash because they were directly obliterated into nothingness!

In less than five minutes…


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. Your current level is Profound Spirit 6th rank!”

“I’ve leveled up!”

Luo Tian was hiddenly excited as he said to himself: “I’m only three more levels to the Profound Spirit 9th rank. There’s still about twenty five minutes left so I have to quickly make more breakthroughs. Just you wait Yin Shang; your time of death isn’t too far off, hahaha…”

Once he leveled up…

The aura around Luo Tian was clearly different.

A Profound Spirit 6th ranker was obviously much stronger than a Profound Spirit 5th ranker.


“How can the kid make a breakthrough while killing? His cultivation has reached the Profound Spirit 6th rank already… Could it be that he wants to make more breakthroughs in the middle of a battle? Isn’t that asking for too much?”

“It was just a coincidence.”

“So what if he has reached the Profound Spirit 6th rank? He’s still not qualified to carry the Dark King’s shoes!”

“That’s right; he just made a breakthrough out of sheer coincidence.”

Yin Shang narrowed his eyes. Looking at Luo Tian’s actions, he kind of felt like things didn’t seem right.

But he couldn’t put his finger on what felt out of place.


At this moment, he didn’t bother to get involved. These undying guards to him were merely low rank Gu insects so he didn’t really care about their lives.

Ten minutes went by.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. Your current level is at the Profound Spirit 7th rank!”

“What the hell?!”

“What’s going on? Did that kid make another breakthrough?”

“He broke through two levels in ten plus minutes. His breakthroughs are like buying cabbages at the market stalls, he could buy as many as he wants?!”


Incomparable shock!

Everyone’s gaze changed to one where they couldn’t believe what was happening.

What the hell was this kid? How could he make a breakthrough in such a short time?

They couldn’t understand at all!


At this moment, Yin Shang thought back to the news where his corpse sea was annihilated at the Nineteenth Level of Hell. His brows started forming a frown as his eyes widen in anger. His body then exploded forth with incredible killing intent!

Tang Jiu’s face remained calm as he glanced at Qin Yue’er with a smile. “I’ll go ahead first!”

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